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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nathaniel Tan 's forum on Blogger's Liabilities at SCAH

Saturday, 28th July, 2007.
Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur.

I attended Nathaniel Tan's small get together with fellow Bloggers today at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, in Kuala Lumpur with my missus this evening.

I saw amongst the small audience, fellow Bloggers such as Zorro, Julian Hopkins, Hafiz, Ronnie Liu, etc.

I came to meet in person fellow Blogger Sagaladoola for the first time and was quite surprised to learn that he wasn't an Indian chap as I figured him to be all these while!!! Hehehehe!

Am not going to disclose to you who he is in the photo below without his consent. :)

Lawyer Sivarasa Rasiah was answering questions from the floor and had Politikus besides him and also a personality whom I had been admiring all these while for his courage and sincerity in standing up for the common man, in the person of Brother Arulchelvam of the JERIT movement!

Brother Arulchelvam was the one who was arrested in the Kg.Berembang Malay squatter village demolition protest and he has been quite involved in many citizen protests just like our nation's # 1, dare to say no protesting Opposition politician, the ever getting into trouble Tian Chua!

These fellows have hearts made of steel. about courage of convictions.

These gentlemen are true Malaysian heroes of the common folks and although many might say that they are rabble rouser's and troublesome protesters, just try to imagine the scenario if these brave Malaysians weren't in the picture?

Democracy is a process where at times, people like Tian Chua and Arulchelvam come to be a major practitioner of the practical part of striving to keep democracy alive.

If the powers that be had their way without any check and balance, chances are that injustice will go unchallenged and the citizens will have no voice to speak up for them and the mighty will just 'bulldoze' away as they please, the very vestiges of the foundations of this nation.

Lawyer Sivarasa had his hands full answering the many questions coming to him from those present who had questions spewing out like buttered popcorns just sprouting out of everyone's mouth every few minutes.

Zorro asked about the consequences of anyone saying anything that sounded like a question? Sivarasa explained that if it was just a simple. clear cut question, asked without malice , then one should not fear any repercussions from asking.

I added on to Sivarasa's reply by sharing my point that the question must not be missing the question mark @ '?' which if missing will expose the questioner to libel action by the party concerned.

Sivarasa had to leave by 5.45pm as he had another appointment to go to and after he left, the guests were invited to have some drinks and local delicacies by the host Nathaniel and his beau Li Tsin a.k.a. Politikus.

Nat's parents were there as well and they thanked us for supporting Nat through our blogs etc.

Nat gave me a large parcel of SUARAM booklets to share with friends and I have them stashed in my car, to be handed out to fellow bloggers whom I get to meet.

I am thinking of sharing them with my Muslim Bloggers Alliance members.

We left after that and here I am sharing this with you late in the night. Hot off the Blogosphere!

Here's a group photo of us.

L to R : Julian Hopkins, Li Tsin @ Politikus, Nathaniel Tan, myself.

1 comment:

Sagaladoola said...

Hehehe, I saw "me" !

Thank you for non-disclosure (not because I fear people know who I am) but to capitalise on the advantage of it.

Nice meeting you too....