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Friday, July 13, 2007

Newsflash- Confirmed Nat's being held in Bukit Aman

Poster from Mob's Crib.

Latest update as from 11.15pm from his sister, is that Nat is now in the Dang Wangi Police Station lockup. Read up from her blog as linked above.

As at 10.00pm just now, Mob1900 has updated his blog that the Police HQ at Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur have confirmed that Blogger Nathaniel Tan is in their custody.

Well, even though it's still bad news to know that Brother Nat is in police custody, I am still glad to know that he is there in Bukit Aman and not missing as we feared being kidnapped by unknown persons.

I call upon all Malaysian Bloggers to keep your attention focused on this case as it involves us , the Bloggers of Malaysia and we must come together as one for the show of support and solidarity with Brother Nathaniel.

Today, its him, being hauled off like that. Tomorrow , it could be anyone of us.

I do not wish to procrastinate as to why Nathaniel is being held because frankly speaking, I do not have any idea as to why he of all people is being subjected to such actions by the Special Branch?

I do hope that our Royal Malaysian Police especially the Special Branch will issue a statement as to why our fellow Blogger is being held?

I won't be here in KL tomorrow as I am leaving for outstation and returning on Sunday.

Those of you who have any news about Brother Nathaniel's situation or hear of his release, please update me with an sms to my mobile at 016-3969881.

My sincere wish and prayers are for the release of my friend and fellow citizen Nathaniel Tan as soon as the SB are satisfied with questioning him or chit chatting about the 'internet' as reported.

Nathaniel Tan may be an Opposition party's webmaster but detaining him like this by the SB raises concern amongst us fellow Malaysian Bloggers as to the exact reasons why of all people , they have to pick him?

What 'national security' risk and harm has Nathaniel Tan committed, I wonder?

There are bigger government bashers and lambasters out there who might be more worthy of our SB's time.

I ask that those who are in charge of this case to spare us unnecessary heartaches and ease our worried hearts by releasing our Nathaniel safe and unharmed back to his soulmate, Li Tsin, as soon as they can.

Please free Nathaniel Tan. I hope that the PDRM will not disappoint me and my support for the Royal Malaysian Police Force all these years because I know many in the force personally and from my experience , most of the chaps are quite decent save for a few who bring disrepute to the force.

Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah? I seriously hope so! Wallahi Wabillahi!

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