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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

UMNO Youth's 'Monkey Business' - Someone Baiting Bloggers?

I received an sms while I was in Penang yesterday, from a fellow Blogger about my name being listed amongst UMNO's hit list as being circulated in the Blogosphere.

Well, that's news to me. I for one don't know whether this is really true or just some spineless cyber sniper's way of instigating trouble between us Bloggers of Malaysia and the powers that be or just plain rumormongering by certain quarters to gauge and see what will our reactions be to such an offensive and yet childish prank of 'name calling' purported to be done by this nation's ruling party's Deputy Youth Chief ?

I am not interested to engage with some lamebrain writer hiding under a pseudonym or cybertrooper who doesn't have the 'male sac's to identify himself behind such a provocative and personal attack against us, bloggers in general!

Did Khairy Jamaludin refer to us Malaysian Bloggers as that?

If he truly did as it is being reported, then it's a sad day for the nation to have a ruling party's deputy leader issuing nonsensical insults such as that! I hope KJ will clarify on this.

I can't believe that an educated young chap such as KJ would be reduced to such petty name calling as he is being reported to have uttered against us?

He's the World Halal Forum Chairman! Someone who needs to be well cultured and decent!

I wouldn't be surprised if it was done by those 'warong politicians' and kedai mamak YB's who are widespread all over this nation, were to call bloggers as monkeys or whatever because those country bumpkins would know nuts between a blog and a web portal?

I still await for proof that KJ did just that! I don't take seriously what ball carrying websites report or castigate against us true citizen bloggers of Malaysia!

To me, those ball carriers do not deserve an iota of our attention because they do not have the integrity to stand on their own and engage in a meaningful discourse or public forum as true gentlemen of a civilized nation.

Does this nation not have a population of mature, civil, decent citizens capable of genuine debate or discussions as per what we would expect from a nation that is about to reach it's golden age of 50 years?

A free democratic nation being independent from the last Colonial Masters in the form of the British Empire back then in 1957 to now being a land where its citizens are dictated to and oppressed by such vile and disgusting purveyors of pretentious and delusional tyrants in the form of the cybertroopers who are out to wreak havoc amongst us Malaysians of this nation?

I am not one who is keen to engage in filth mongering as being propagated by the 'has been's' and the 'wannabe's' of this nation's political theatre.

I have better things to do such as attempting to unify the Muslim Bloggers of Malaysia first and eventually the whole wide world and come to a better understanding between us and look for a common platform where we can engage in carrying out Dakwah al Islamiyah to all Mankind.

I would welcome constructive debate and discussions between us and our libelers instead of wallowing with them who love being so petty and idiotic in issuing illogical assumptions and statements vilifying us Bloggers who love this nation and are just out to speak up for ourselves as rightful citizens of Malaysia.

Lest they forget, we who are Bloggers, are also rightful citizens of this country and who are also amongst the very voters who stood in the hot blazing sun and voted for some idiots who during Election time are so bloody nice to us but after getting elected into power and position, so conveniently forget us common citizens and ignore us for another 5 miserable years!

It's so sickening to have to witness such irresponsible pontificating attitudes of those who hide under anonymity of being webmasters of this site and that ; yet issue unnecessary challenges and spew insults to those of us Malaysian citizens who happen to be Bloggers.

Bloggers are not the enemy here, you numbskull's! Better get your information, objectives and understandings right.

Learn to appreciate valuable feedback and citizen journalism from those of us Bloggers of Malaysia who care about the nation.

To go and spew fitnah against your fellow Muslims and citizen brothers here in the Kingdom of Malaysia, will only see those of you who are the culprits itching for a showdown between the authorities and those of us who are just exercising our rights to speak as legitimate citizens of Malaysia, will be held answerable before Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala for attempting to create animosity and ill will between the 'Ulul Amri' and the 'Umara!

In Malay, this is called 'mengadu domba' @ 'instigating trouble' which is a grievous sin in Islam.

As I have said in my earlier postings, we Bloggers are not the anti-establishment people folks like this or this make us out to be!

It is those who irresponsibly issue inflammatory statements like what I hear and read from sites such as this, that makes me feel so sad to see such buffoonery going on in this nation under guise of taking the citizens who are just voicing out against blatant corruption and injustice to task!

If they are truly Muslims to the letter, then do swear before Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala that we are as they accuse us to be troublemakers?

Swear upon the Holy Qur'an if they are righteous failing which they better repent and ask for Allah's Forgiveness lest it becomes a liability against them that will take them straight to we know where later in the Hereafter!

Na'uzubillahi min zalik! Fear Allah's Wrath and stop libeling us Bloggers just because some bloody spineless cyber snipers took pot shots at your beloved patrons.

I am not interested to engage in useless banter with the likes of paid instigators for I have no political ambitions on my part and couldn't care less as to who is what or holds whatever bloody post here in this temporal life!

All I am concerned about is the welfare and future of my fellow Muslim Ummah and that of my fellow Malaysian citizens, irrespective of creed, social standings or color!

Anyway, sometimes it is pointless to bother about those who are clouded in their judgments and fail to see the right from the wrong.

It is all up to the Will and Taqdeer of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

La haula wala quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azheem! Allahu Akbar! Wallillahill hamd.

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