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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Altantuya's Killers- New Identities in the pipeline for them ?

I am referring to the never seen before practice of the two accused killers of the Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu, who get to go incognito in and out of court as seen here in their pictures.

What makes these two killers so special in the eyes of the court which allows them to hide their mugs from the lenses of the photographers and journalists covering the case?

Is there a special provision for these UTK personnel to be able to do that and escape detection or is there a 'Hollywood style' different identity , different life in the pipeline for these two accused?

From the way, these two killers are being treated and allowed to hide their faces from the media, I smell something funny going on and in plan.

Why such special treatment for these murderers? Is there any provisions by whoever is in power over the justice system here in Malaysia to allow such murder accused to hide their true faces or is it as I think is being hatched?

Is Malaysia gonna do a 'Hollywood' on this case? New faces, new identities, plastic surgery, and the sort?

I don't know! This is clearly a cause for concern for it is clearly a very special manner by which these killers are being treated and raises speculation as to why they are allowed to do so?

Anyone care to update me with the answers?


buccaneero said...

I don't think so lah...

they r just shy whenever they commit something, just like us...the crime affected others like families, they don't want that to happen to their families

Let it be brother

Topspinner said...

Perhaps committing a crime for VIPs have special priviledges. Perhaps these two guys are scapegoats.

hak55 said...

They are all very well-paid 'fall-guys' but in this case, they are never identified.

For the Atlantuya case, the fall-guys are Malays, in the F5E case, they are Indians and in the PKFZ case, they are Chinese and they always come in twos.

I want to apply to be the next fall-guy, because the money is good and you are never going to be identified, but apparently, they have already got a long list of candidates, all cronies, and there's no way I can get my name on the list.