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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blaspheming Allah's Messengers - Misdeeds of the Damned!

Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Two American animators who have found their calling to be among the world's latest blasphemers of Allah's Messengers and they are supported by all the sickos of the present world under the platform of free speech and expression.

Their production called South Park thrives on portraying Prophets of God, in the revered personalities of Muhammad Sallahu Alaihi Wassallam and Eesa Alaihis Salam @ Jesus Christ the Messiah in unsavory caricatures.

To us Muslims, such blasphemy is a blatant insult upon our blessed Prophets and thus , the Muslims as a whole take grievous offense at such perpetrators.

These scum of the earth who go about deriding our beloved Prophets just seek to draw attention and are instigators of social unrest in the world.

This seems to be the modus operandi of lowlifes who try to seek publicity for their wicked selfs by doing something outrageous so as to make money out of their foul productions.

Those who aren't true believers in God Almighty and fail to revere and accord due respect to our beloved Messengers of God, will try to pass this off as another episode of Muslims and also those of the other faiths such as the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Taoists, etc as being overly sensitive and intolerant!

I for one wish that all those who insult any of God's Messengers and Prophets to receive their due retribution immediately by way of anything that will teach them a lesson and suffer the consequences of their blasphemy!

I join all those who condemn these blasphemers in asking that the governments of this world take these criminals into account and mete out the appropriate punishments against them.

This is among the reasons why society today is going to the dogs so to speak. Respect and reverence for the holy messengers of God are no longer being upheld by those who claim to lead civilized life's!

Even dogs are better than these devils who take pleasure in hurting the feelings and provoke peace loving believers into taking action against them and in return call those defenders of honor and integrity as fundamentalists and religious fanatics!

Damned be those satans in human form! May they contract HIV and rot away eaten alive by all viruses imagined!

The Malaysian Tamil 'Makkal Osai' newspaper who published the offensive caricature depicting 'Jesus Christ' with a cigarette and a can of beer in each hand must be severely dealt with and the newspaper banned and legal action taken against the editors and culprits responsible for such a blatant act of blasphemy!


The Conductor said...

Truly rude and blasphemous!

To mahaguru58, maybe you forgot, but i suggest you provide this link under this post.

mahaguru58 said...

Not that I forgot, but I didn't want to add more hits to their crap video!

We Muslims are forbidden by our faith to go insult any other deity or object of worship by our Creator.

These animals aren't true Christians for as far as I know true worshipers of any faith are also forbidden by their teachings to go insult others.

panda_head_curry said...

Not sure why you assume Parker and Stone are christians (or subscribe to any particular religious framework). Religion, particularly those based on the Abrahamic framework is losing popularity these days, particularly in Hollywood. Hollywoodians prefer to believe were were put here by space aliens.

I recognize that clip, it's from the "Super Best Friends" episode aired quite a long time ago. A Justice League of America analog but with prophets and gods from world religions.

It's not just muslim icons that get the South Park treatment. They essentially deconstruct pretty much everything, other religions, races and Babara Streisand, pretty much anything, anyone would hold sacred.

Which is why it has a cult following and MANY PEOPLE CHOOSE NOT TO WATCH IT (hint).

If you DO CHOOSE TO WATCH IT AND GET OFFENDED, there's nothing much you can do.

Unless you're going to do a Rushdie against Stone and Parker, there aren't any laws in the US that would "punish" them for their "wrong doing".

Now if you choose to rile youself up further and expose yourself to more islam-bashing by Trey and Matt, watch the "TEAM AMERICA" puppet extravaganza. You should be able to get that anywhere in Low Yat or Imbi.

BrightEyes said...

Lol. But I thought Agni (Hindu God) was the master of flame. :P

Just this Monday, a Tamil daily put the sayings of Jesus Christ in their "Famous Quotes" section, with a picture of Jesus carrying a beercan. Some M'sian Christians were not amused... even though the paper has apoloogized, they want the gomen to take action.

Amusing to see such overreaction from folks... Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, etc. etc. and etc...

Trashed said...

I agree totally with your statement "These animals aren't true Christians for as far as I know true worshipers of any faith are also forbidden by their teachings to go insult others. "

Having visited some other sites such as your comrade-in-arms Menj's website, I see a lot of vitriolic writing, insulting the icons of other religions, compared to your holistic approach. To those writers, I would recommend them to visit your website to get them back on the true path.

Mereka dah sesat.

mahaguru58 said...

Mankind today is supposed to be better informed and much more civilized as we have come to learn so much from our predecessors.

Yet,I am sad to see human beings today carry themselves in a manner so revolting and unbecoming of so called civilized people.

As for my friend and comrade in arms, he and I are two different individuals though our objectives are the same.

He has his own approach whereas i have mine.

I love interacting with people on a personal basis hence my way is different from others.

Let's just pray that Allah the Most Compassionate will grace us all with good mannerisms and behavior befitting our positions as the Children of the Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam and our Mother Saiyidatina Hawwa Radhiallahu Anha.


Keith said...

As a Christian I believe strongly in forgiveness. Archbishop Murphy Pakiam has said he was amused at the suspension of the paper saying "Christians believe in reconciliation and that the paper had indeed appeared to have sincerely repented of its mistake."

I do not wish any ill on the paper or those responsible, if God wishes to punish them he will do so on his own accord. We must strive for an independent media, and not support government intervention in these cases.