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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bloggers and Blog Commenters need to exercise decorum!

I would like to draw the attention of fellow Bloggers and those who choose to remain anonymous yet go in and comment in blogs as mere commenter's.

Blogging and commenting is all fine and in fact encouraged to promote better interaction between members of society and the worldwide internet users.

The problem starts when some Bloggers and commenter's start using foul words and expletives in speaking their mind online.

Bad language does no one any good and in fact it destroys any credibility one might have or has built up all their life.

No one benefits by indulging in such vile behavior and expressions which makes decent folks who are their fellow bloggers or blog readers to cringe and stop reading the offensive material for very obvious reasons.

Only those who are mentally disturbed and vile beings relish reading such filth and choose to feed such offensive material into their sick demented minds.

When you curse someone or some faith for the crimes of others , it doesn't bring about any instant remedy to whatever you are not happy about?

Sure, expressing oneself exactly as one feels is said to be the trend nowadays where good behavior and fair speech seems to be no longer the norm because mankind looks to be gradually going to the ways of those who are foul and uncouth.

Even cabinet ministers and senior politicians here in government seem to relish being foul mannered in both their actions and speech.

Our current Minister of Information, Zainuddin Maidin seems to love badmouthing and insulting bloggers as being this and that. UMNO's Head of Information Muhammad Muhammad Taib seems to be trying to outdo the said minister by coming out with his own offensives against bloggers especially against Raja Petra Kamarudin.

Malaysia Today anonymous commenter's seem stuck in their rotten mindset of using cuss words and expletives in insulting Islam, Muslims and anything else under the sun as they please.

So, where is this unhealthy fixation with using the 'F' word for every other sentence that these sick folks taking our society to?

Mankind needs to exercise proper decorum in order to be regarded as worthy of being the vicegerents of Allah the Almighty here on Earth or if they choose to carry on with their foul manners, end us being worse than animals.

Animals don't go around creating mischief and heartaches for their fellow creatures. It is the sick and depraved amongst us who do just that.

I hope that the insulting ones will stop doing all these nonsense and behave as decent beings worthy of respect and accorded proper acknowledgment for their thoughts and views which surely can be channeled through to the rest of the world through better choice of words and expressions.

To all those who are calling bloggers all those insulting terms, I warn you that you will get your retribution, if not from the people, you will surely be held to task before the Almighty Allah!

To the voters of Malaysia, would you still vote for these uncouth foulmouthed people in the coming General Elections?

We need decent persons running this country. Make sure that all the corrupt and foulmouthed ones go into oblivion and are made to pay for all their insults and sins.

You have the power to exercise your right to have a fair government. Vote wisely.


The Malaysian. said...

Fully agree with you on this one bro.

mahaguru58 said...

Thank God that there are still good natured folks like you amongst us bro.

Just wish that the Bloggers concerned will take heed of this plea and return some sense of good authorship in their writings.

Same call goes to the commenter's.

Rauff said...

Pasal tak letak nama tue ler semua blogger di cap pengecut. Isk~.

mahaguru58 said...

Hehehehe...Mahaguru58 tak pernah gentar menamakan mereka yang diperkatakan Rauff.

Cumanya kekadang terasa berat nak sebutkan identiti orang orang yang bermulut cabul kerana tak kuasa nak promosikan mereka yang merosakkan suasana menjelang ulangtahun Kemerdekaan negara.

Sila semak semula artikel ini. Saya dah taipkan nama pemfitnah pemfitnah tersebut.

Mahaguru58 cuma gentar terhadap Allah sahaja bro. Yang lain boleh jalan.

Biar mati bergalang tanah ; dari hidup berputih mata.

Lagipun, apa gunanya menggelar diri sebagai Bloggers kalau takut dilambong kata oleh sebilangan pencaci yang tidak berakal serta keliru?