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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bloggers - Are we a boon or a bane for Malaysia?

This post is dedicated to all those who are Bloggers here in Malaysia and also to those in the government who have been passing off unsavory comments against Bloggers in general without due cause for the 'crimes' of a few!

After all, are those who accuse Bloggers of being rumormongers and useless 'liars' totally free from sin or mistakes?

We can do the same and accuse all government ministers of being rotten to the core and corrupt just because one or two of them have been proven to be so, can't we?

Nahh...that would be unjust. We Bloggers aren't that stupid to generally paint all ministers as being corrupt. No sirree. We know who is good and who's rotten.

We only go after the ones whom we know to be the bad boys in office, and Alhamdulillah, so far, we have been proven right.

Anyway, my main objective is to watch out for Islam and the Muslims. To me, these two come first. After that, my fellow Malaysians and my nation. I am being frank here. Straight out.

Bloggers. A new term for those of us who use the internet to write and publish our thoughts and viewpoints for the worldwide readers in the Blogosphere.

We have our supporters and our enemies, both declared and silent.

The reality is that people have now come to trust blogs more than the main media.

This blogging phenomenon has come to be a boon for those of us who cherish being able to share views and news with a wider audience and readership transcending all previous borders and editorship of the mainstream media.

News Editors called the shots, deciding what goes into print or gets broadcast to the public and what is to be filtered out?

They were the media moguls who used to dictate what people were allowed to know or learn about anything especially about matters that involved the government.

With the advent of the internet and the Blogosphere, that monopoly on news gradually has been chipped away and today, the mainstream media are being given a run for their money , so to speak by independent blogs run by those whose only overhead is a personal computer and an internet connection.

Digital cameras, mobile phones, wireless broadband connections and all other latest gadgetries have successfully enabled independent writers and citizen journalists to make inroads into the previously exclusive stronghold of the newspaper reporters and journalists, and to provide the alternative news feed by way of blogs to all who have a personal computer and internet connection.

So, after Bloggers have come to be a source of alternative news source, exposing practically each and everything that comes into their knowledge, many parties especially the ruling government starts to feel hot under the collar at this latest annoyance.

Gone are the age old privileges of keeping the mainstream news media toe the line from publishing anything that might affect or expose any official wrongdoings or slip ups, which used to be censored from public attention so far.

To the general public, Bloggers have come to be a reliable source of information especially the alternative news portals and also independent bloggers who publish proof of their reports and articles by way of relevant documents or visual proofs.

Naturally, such a development will not be welcomed by the powers that be for it undermines their exclusivity and exposes their situation to be what it really is, bringing disrepute to those concerned and removing the veil of secrecy and officialdom to be bared before one and all, online and in reality, be exposed to the whole wide world!

This is what pisses officials off and as a kneejerk reaction, naturally they will use whatever means at their disposal to discredit the Bloggers as unreliable rubbish writers, etc.

The average internet user has now come to subscribe to a daily habit of scouring blog portals such as the Petaling Street Project, which is a repository of the latest blog postings of Malaysian Bloggers who are registered with it.

Every new posting such as this one, will immediately be pinged to the PPS, which in turn is visited by millions of Bloggers worldwide from all nations on Earth to catch up with what's the latest feedback from Malaysia?

Such is the growing impact and influence that Bloggers have come to and are playing in the world of communication especially to those of us who use the internet to keep in touch and in track of all that takes place here in Malaysia and in the rest of the world.

I have to admit that there are some Bloggers who fail to keep to the unwritten code of ethics and accountability behind instigative posts and insensitive comments or statements that hurt and libel others without due cause.

Another thing I find distasteful is the usage of expletives by those who seem to have nothing else in their cranium but such foul words spewing forth at every sentence!

It is people like these who taint the good that the majority of Bloggers worldwide, have done in spreading good, useful information to all.

Exercise decorum always except when you are really mad and need to let others know who you really are, another foulmouthed dingbat blogger! :P

I am sure that's not what you want to be known as, do you? Well, I really hope that you are not!

Bloggers need to know that they are in a way, independent publishers who have a moral and social responsibility to stick to the truth and not fabricate or victimize anyone through baseless reporting through their articles.

To do so, will only open themselves up to legal repercussions and they will be hauled before the courts and if found to be guilty, will face both fines and even imprisonment.

No blogger should think that he or she can get away with irresponsible reporting or slander.

If a Blogger posts something that is the truth, then naturally, the repercussions will be felt by the one or ones concerned and thus the Blogger needs to be protected by the justice system for being responsible enough as a caring citizen to expose wrongdoings and be accorded adequate protection by the authorities.

Instead of lambasting Bloggers as this and that or accuse ALL Bloggers as being 'monkeys', 'gobloks', anti-establishment, anti-government or anti any particular government official, the best thing to do would be to carry out an investigation if what the Blogger has exposed is important enough to merit further scrutiny?

After all, isn't the government held responsible to ensure that the administration of the nation is carried out according to the highest standards of governance and responsibility?

Isn't that what is entailed in the swearing in ceremonies where elected officials and ministers are sworn in before the Holy Qur'an and the Yang diPertuan Agong ?

To serve the people of this land to the best of their abilities and to remain true to their oath of allegiance to the King and country?

So, instead of going about on a witch hunt of the entire list of Malaysian Bloggers and lump us all together as being troublemakers and pests, the authorities would do better if they can appreciate the wonderful selfless work that Bloggers are putting in, giving precious and valuable feedback regarding all things that matter to us and work hand in hand with Bloggers in turning Malaysia into becoming the best nation this part of the world and keep alive the Spirit of Merdeka!

Free from corruption and wrongdoings that all claim to be working towards in conjunction with the trumpeted slogan of wanting to make Malaysia 'Cemerlang, Gemilang and Terbilang'!

Mere rhetoric won't make that slogan come true! You have to put those words to practice and be aware that God Almighty, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala is watching over us and knows who's right and who's wrong?

As far as this Muslim Malaysian Blogger is concerned, my conscience is clear and I intend to keep it that way, as long as I shall live and remain Blogging. Insya Allah!

I say that we Bloggers of Malaysia do more good than bad. Those who are evil and out to create mayhem, will soon find out the results of their ways. Life is short. It's gonna come kick ass very soon if one refuses to be a boon! :)

Viva Bloggers of Malaysia! Write the truth and make us all proud. May the truth be with you!

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