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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Homeless in KL - Does the Malaysian Government care?

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

If I had not reached the Puduraya KL Bus Terminal in the wee hours yesterday after returning from my trip to Kepala Batas, Penang , I would not have realized that there are just so many homeless people left to fend for themselves here in this nation's capital city!

There were rows and rows of homeless people sleeping on the concrete slabs meant for the seating of in transit bus passengers heading to destinations peninsularwide in the daytime and also in the evenings till midnight.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I took in that depressing vista of so many poor people sleeping all over the place. Some were even sleeping on the floor, some were hunched over the tables in the hawker centre @ food court. Most of them looked like the person featured here.

I didn't know that there are so many vagrants left to roam the city streets at night and that the Puduraya Bus Terminal transforms into a shelter for the homeless at night!

When I reflect back on all the broadcasting of a prosperous and blessed nation as the main media broadcasting television stations and the relevant ministries show our country to be a fast developing , rich country, I do wonder if any of the government cabinet ministers have ever done as the late Sultan Alaudin Ri'ayat Shah of the Sultanate of Melaka did before ?

Has any of the relevant government departments or agencies ever gone on a surveillance mission after hours around the city?

I don't think so. I think that all these while certain authorities such as the Royal Malaysian Police Force who do have a beat station there in the Puduraya Terminal themselves and manned by two women constables , the night I was there , do know about this sorry and sad state of affairs but didn't and haven't informed the Ministry concerned about this!

What's the point of trumpeting our achievements and intended plans to send astronauts to outer space costing us billions of precious taxpayers money when we have so many Malaysian homeless poor suffering right here on Malaysian soil right before our very eyes?

Imagine if the agencies concerned were to conduct an operation to evacuate the poor destitutes from their predicament and send them to welfare homes and centres?

Would it even cost a wee fraction of all the unnecessary expenses being carried out today by the ruling government just to pursue vain glories of having done this, gone there, planted a flag in the extremes of this planet's polar regions, jumped off at the same extremities, built the longest this and that but fail to help save so many unfortunate souls alive amongst us?

What's the point of us celebrating our 50th Independence when so many poor folks are still enslaved by poverty amidst this pretentious society of the couldn't give a damn, wealthy?

I am just a common citizen sharing aloud my points. What has the relevant authority done for these people?

I wonder whether his mother would have even thought that her son would end up like this?

When he was born and been a baby, surely, there would have been so many to kiss and cuddle him, shower him with so much love and care.

Wonder where life went wrong for him? Who screwed up his life or did he self inflict this sad and dreadful situation upon himself? Would we ever know?

Whilst awaiting daybreak, I sat sipping a hot cup of Nescafe black, no sugar @ have my own Equal sweetener, had myself serenaded by this travelling street musician who came striding out of the dark and sang a few off key but still entertaining songs.

It is a dark, different world out there in the streets of downtown KL, far from the glitz and flashy neon lights of the rich and infamous in uptown Jalan P.Ramlee and Bukit Bintang, where the affluent strut their stuff and party themselves crazy!

Seems that when everything else goes to sleep, a whole different set of gloomy characters come into being around such a place as Puduraya and its surroundings. Life ain't that pretty and glamorous these parts of 'Kay El' for some.

I do hope that the authorities will read this and go do something for those poor and suffering homeless folks here in KL.


Najmuddin Yusoff said...

sad, but true...

mahaguru58 said...

I wanted to close my eyes and open up to see them all gone but there they were, all sleeping pitifully like that, in this nation's capital city.

Yet there are oh so many rich, wealthy, powerful fellow Malaysians.; living all around these poor destitute's in palatial mansions, air-conditioned comfortable bedrooms, oblivious to the existence of these forgotten souls suffering day in day out in our midst.

I can't comment further. It's so depressing.