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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Islamophobia rampaging throughout 'Down Under'.

"Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh."

'May Peace be upon you with the Mercy and Blessings of Allah.'

This is the true meanings of the universal Islamic greeting that is incumbent upon each and every believing Muslim, male and female here on Earth and in the Hereafter.

Does this greeting portray even an iota of any of the root causes of terrorism that our enemies are charging us with just because there has been a few cases of some folks amongst the faith who have either out of sheer desperation been forced to do what they did or out of their own ignorance as to what Islam really stands for?

Ignorance - the Mother of all Non Muslim assumptions against Islam and the Muslim Ummah.


A Non Muslim Malaysian lawyer friend of mine now living in Australia emailed me last night.

In his email he shared with me his worries as to the current Islamophobia rampaging throughout the Australian sub continent as a result of the developments there following the arrests and allegations against several Indian Muslim medical doctors accused of being involved in terrorism.

Here is an excerpt of his email :

"Sorry I had not been in touch with you for a while. The place has become a police fascist state here as you would have read about Dr. Muhammed Haneef.

This whole anti Muslim crusade has gotten beyond control and is worse than what Hitler did to his enemies. These people are not Christians. History will judge them in their true light.

The Chinese here and in Malaysia play a big part in supporting them.

John Howard at one time hated the Chinese. They paid for his election campaign and he is now their friend.

The same in Malaysia where they pay politicians on the one hand and then spread Anti-Malay and Anti-Islamic slogans on the websites of Malaysiakini and other blogs.

I may be in Malaysia September / October for 1 week and hope we can meet."

Your friend.


I have masked his identity to protect him and as a gesture of goodwill to spare him any spam and hatemails that might head the way of his inbox from those Islamophobes who might take offense for his views.

It's sad but true. Islam is being scapegoated for the 'crimes' of those amongst its adherents for reacting as they do out of sheer frustrations against the ones who invade and occupy their lands, destroy their families and homes, desecrate their places of worship of Almighty Allah, God Most Supreme Most High, rob their nations of their natural wealth and bulldoze their rights of sovereignty into the ground under pretext of 'liberating' them from their dictators and oppressors.

See how Iraq has been 'liberated' by the USA and it's partners in crime?

See how Palestine has been 'liberated' by the British and Americans from being subject to weak leadership of their Arab tribal chiefs and sheikh's?

See how Muslims in Afghanistan have been 'liberated' by having their country bombed to bits by the Americans after being devastated by the Russian occupation?

See how everywhere in today's world, Muslims are in the process of being 'liberated' from following their faith by attempts to apostatize them from their creed by all those who think they know better than us as to whether it is us who are the 'heathens' or they themselves who are clearly the deluded ones as far as acknowledging the Almighty is concerned?

The root cause of all these Islamophobia is the failure of the so called Muslim leaders of the 'Muslim nations' to truly submit to the Supreme Constitution revealed to all Mankind by Almighty Allah.

One has only to look here in this nation where the true Syariah Laws of Allah are left incognito whereas self concocted interpretations of such laws are gazetted into authority here by the present government led by UMNO which in turn effectively undermines the true status of Islamic Laws to be the subject of ridicule and contempt by its objectors in the form of Non Muslim politicians from both the ruling coalition of the Barisan Nasional and the Opposition DAP party.

PAS on the other hand has failed in its Dakwah approaches and they come across as an extreme and unrelenting Islamic political party , tough and stubborn in its dealing with all parties in the nation, adding fuel to the inland Islamophobia here amongst the Malaysian Chinese and Indian population, who are already seething with dissent and dissatisfaction being differentiated from the Malays who are recognized as Bumiputera's and them being discriminated as 'Non Bumi's'.

So, who are we to blame as the true culprits responsible for the emergence of this new sense of overall bias and persecution of those whose only 'crime' is to acknowledge that 'There is no other God but Allah the Almighty and that Muhammad the son of Abdullah is the final Messenger of Allah'?

Crimes committed by anyone who is a Muslim in practice or in name only are attributed to be proofs of how Islam which stands for 'Peace' is tarred and feathered as evil and being fought against by those who are ignorant and biased against it due to their ignorance as to its true standings.

It's not easy for people like me to expect things to change overnight for the Muslims by publishing my articles through my writings in blogs and websites on the internet.

Even many of my fellow Muslims are clueless as to what true Islam is about thus my attempt to try and bring together the various Muslim groups to counter this Islamophobia and share the truth with the misguided masses. Insya Allah.

Please try to learn about Islam for what it truly is and not what you imagine or fear it to be.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala bless and guide us all. Ameen.


h@n| said...

We have no power to change this...Even the Saudis are not doing anything. So just pray...

mahaguru58 said...

Well my dear, the Muslims of the world have stopped depending on any particular country since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

As you said, the only thing worth doing is to pray and attempt to unite the masses as one as well as carry out more informative works to teach and share the truth of Islam with all.

Thanks for commenting and wish you good luck in your blogging and studies as well.

h@n| said...

Thank you and welcome =)

john said...

Islamophobia? It is easy to fix this - all Muslims have to do is stop the hate and violence they do everywhere. Simple. Or they can just continue to blame others for not liking them, and make excuses.

You say "Crimes committed by anyone who is a Muslim in practice ..." Does that include the crimes of your dear prophet againt the people he killed, plundered, enslaved, raped and tortured? Read your own ahadith. They explain very clearly why Islam is a religion of violence, oppression and death.

Here are a few links to Islamic text on Islamic sites, in case you care to follow them...
beating his wife..
Attacking a village by surprise to plunder, murder, enslave and rape...
deflamation and verbal abuse of women
Read verse 261, brutal torture by Islam dear leader.

Finally, please consider this incident:

Read your own scriptures. They explain why good people don't like Islam.
Have Muslims no shame?