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Monday, August 13, 2007

Negarakuku - Do we ignore Namewee's insulting ways ?

Do we ignore the insulting manner by which this Wee Meng Chee produced his videoclip that he purposely inserted excerpts of this nation's National Anthem interspersed with his attacks against Islam, the Malays, the government, etcetera under the excuse that he was just voicing out the truth about how things are here in Malaysia?

Can he be allowed to get off scot free after insulting us as a whole in the name of free speech?

When one breaches the norms of social harmony and goodwill long been enjoyed by us citizens of Malaysia, do we have to be so bloody stupid as to accept the metaphor of 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil'?

Where does this kind of irresponsible behavior lead to?

What if a Malay Muslim Malaysian counter produces an equally offensive videoclip attacking the creed, culture and ethnic identities of the Non Muslims here in Malaysia?

Would the proponents of the 'I may not agree with what you are saying or expressing ; but I will defend to the death of your rights to say or express it' remain true to their standpoints?

Is it okay for anyone to just go about doing something like what this Namewee has done and has caused so much heartaches and distress to us, his fellow Malaysians?

Is it alright to go cause so much hurt to all those that he has insulted and posted the offensive material worldwide , to as an after thought after getting so much heat and repercussions from all quarters here in Malaysia, to apologize and expect everyone to forgive and forget what he is guilty of?

Can this fellow be left unpunished for his crime?

Where do you stop? Where do you draw the line? What's sacred anymore?

Just because we are living in this age of science and technology, do we have the rights to abuse such facilities and denigrate the very symbols and identities of this nation?

What bloody hell kind of mindset is that?

From the way, the idiots out there defending this unrepentant numbskull are going about today, lambasting, ridiculing and insulting us Muslim Malaysians, here and in the rest of this world, are we expected to let it be and not react?

Hell No! Just wait for retribution to come your way, either through the authorities of this government as enshrined in the Justice system or those from the Almighty!

Muslims in Malaysia have had enough of your shenanigans.

Only thing is that as true Muslims, we aren't gonna be as the swine expect us to retaliate. We are above such lowlifes as far as our adab and ikhsan is concerned.

We will go about it as Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala commands us and as per what Rasulullah SAW enjoins us as per his Hadiths and his Sunnah. Insya Allah.

I for one call upon the Malaysian Government to enforce the laws against those who have insulted our National Anthem according to what the law calls for.

I am sure that most true Malaysians will be in support of the authorities in this.

Teach the fella a lesson. Period.


Miss Pedantic said...

Hi, I'd just like to say that I respect your opinion, but at the same time I think you should understand Namewee's motives behind the video:

1. If his intention were to "attack" Islam, Malays and the government, his message would have been much more vulgar and direct. If you understood the Chinese in the video, you would have understood that he was singing with a sense of humour.

2. His opinions aren't anything new, everything he said is what people talk about in everyday life, its not like his messages were aimed at influencing public opinion.

3. Malay Muslims already think badly of non Malays, its no secret either. =)

4. This isn't even just about free speech. In what way is he a lowlife? Have you ever considered that just as much as you have your own opinion of what a true Malaysian is, Namewee also, I'm sure, believes that his perspective is just as fair.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way. Perhaps next time instead of punishing someone whom, while different from you, represents a part of society who's patriotism is just as strong as yours, if you truly think that Namewee's intentions were ill advised, perhaps a more positive and diplomatic approach would be more constructive.

mahaguru58 said...

Well dear miss,

They have crossed the line of fair comment, my dear.

I don't know about others, but I for one say 'Enough is enough!

Let the laws be enforced!

He's lucky to be a Malaysian.

If he was a Singaporean, his butt would have tasted the cane by now!

I for one salute the Singapore Government for their authoritative style of government.

This is why Singapore progresses while Malaysia and its idiots like Namewee degresses!

What a stupid idiotic way to show one's patriotism!

Patriotism my foot!

Tell you what miss. I advise you to stay clear of this issue.

Don't feel like venting my anger at you for the sake of that chap!

Hope you understand. Thanks.

Miss Pedantic said...

Singapore has advanced because they don't have racially biased politics, but thats another story altogether.

And the law was set up by people just as flawed as you and me. This is a matter of subjectivity, or being right or wrong if you ask me =)

Watermelon said...

WHY patriotism always raise up where these kind of issue raise up? Not putting the flag up means the person doesnt love Malaysia? funny funny!

So "let's the laws to be enforced", and why everyone trying to say a word on this? Isn't it not enough?
If we want the laws to be enforced, just stop talking about this issue, and dont try to comment in a blog. that can make the matter worse.

By the way, to make this clear, I am not against any Muslim or Non-Muslim.

purple girl said...

Grow up ! Its just a song. Why do you seek to bully the young man ....

Siapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas.

mahaguru58 said...

purple girl,

I am old enuf to be yr father ! Don't u be telling me to grow up.

Its youngsters like u n that idiot who need growing up!

Just a song, eh? Well, go n keep doing it.

U'll be singing duets with the wacko in Sg Buloh, soon.

Smart asses! Jackasses, from the way, clueless idiots go about these days!

Sheesh! Budak budak zaman ini memang kurang ajar!

The Conductor said...

I got three letters for the rapper;

BrightEyes said...

>> Would the proponents of the 'I may not agree with what you are saying or expressing ; but I will defend to the death of your rights to say or express it' remain true to their standpoints?

Of course I would. Thats why I was against reporting your friend Menj to the cops, during that time when he posted that fake article about the destruction of a certain Semitic religion in Malaysia. And thats not the only instance he's insulted nonMuslim faiths.

I believe that Menj has the right to make a fool of himself, and likewise, I believe Namewee too has his right to make a lousy rap song based on the Negaraku.

Of course, when people start saying out "Find and kill so-and-so" or "burn the (insert ethnic group here>)now!"... then they've crossed the line.

Anonymous said...

Insulting Muslim prayer calls and tudung clad women just a song? UMNO/BN and Islam are two different things, OK. One of them is sacred and worth dying for.