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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Neothinker- An American Muslim Castigating Obama and Tancredo

Well, here's an American Muslim lambasting his fellow countrymen who happen to be a Congressman @ Tom Tancredo and a Black Senator @ Barack Obama , running for President for their stupid idiotic statements recently about wanting to nuke the Masjidil al Haram in Makkah al Mukarramah and the Masjidil Nabawi in Madinah al Munawwarah if Pakistan doesn't kowtow to American demands in pointing out the whereabouts of Syaikh Osama bin Ladin, the Head of the Al Qaeda!

I am sure we all know as to why the US has still not been able to get Osama bin Laden because I think George Wacko Bush Jr doesn't really wanna go bomb out his business partner.

Osama and Bush Jr. were business partners before and things sure must be very chummy between the two because if the Americans really wanted to get anyone today with all their thermo imaging space technology, they can easily pinpoint and take out anyone here on Earth if they really wanted to?

Neothinker here speaks his mind as a free American citizen exercising his rights under the First Amendment and he doesn't pull any punches. Comments piling up at his site are just like the cyber snipers mushrooming all over the Blogosphere where idiots incapable of decent dialogue rant and rave as well as spew expletives at him like the bloody spineless cowards they are all over the internet.

I for one think Neothinker has a point in castigating these two American idiots who happen to be in politics just as we have our fair share of foot in the mouth diseased monkeys in our Parliament.

Must be the genes carried by the wind, eh?

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