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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Resolution of the Forum on Islam and Current Challenges

I attended the Forum on Islam and Current Challenges organized by the Muslim Youth Brigade of Malaysia @ ABIM and the Organizations of Defenders of Islam @ PEMBELA that was held at the Masjid Al-Falah, USJ9, Subang Jaya on Sunday, the 12th of August, 2007 with Brother MENJ, our Muslim Bloggers Alliance’s Secretary General.

The President of TERAS Pengupayaan Melayu, Haji Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid presided over the forum and in between introducing the speakers , gave us impromptu speeches about why Muslims need to come together and fight against the ones trying to instigate social unrest amongst us and interfere in Muslim affairs here in this land under the pretext of fighting for the rights and freedom of the people.

Amongst those who spoke were Haji Nahar from JIM, MACMA President Dato Hj Mustapha Ma, Former Bar President Lawyer Zainur Zakaria, Azalina Jailani @ Lina Joy's uncle Haji Mat Kandar, Lina Joy's mother Hajjah Kalsom binti Omar, Senior Lawyer Pawancheek Marican, ABIM President Yusri Mohamad and former Istana Negara Islamic Affairs Advisor Dato' Abu Hassan Din Al-Hafiz.

Here are the resolutions adopted by the Forum’s participants.

1. Being firm and steadfast in affirming the position of Islam as the official religion of Malaysia and preserving the sanctimony and purity of its teachings.

2. Respect the rights of the Non Muslims to believe in and practice their chosen faiths in peace and harmony according to the Federal Constitution.

3. Negate the understanding that the concept of the supremacy of the Rule of Law as defined by the liberal secularists of the West be accepted and practiced in full and overruling the Syariah and Justice of Islam as those being proposed by the proponents of the Article 11.

The concept and principles of laws must take into account the historical cultures, religion and local laws to avoid conflict amongst society in the nation.

Enforced implementation of the Western liberal secularists demands upon the Muslims who have their own Syariah Laws is contrary to the principle of pluralism of the law.

4. Defend the position and jurisdiction of the Syariah Courts as allocated under the Article 121(A) and Schedule Nine of the Federal Constitution.

Any conflict of law related to the Faith of Islam is only to be deliberated before qualified Judges of the Syariah Courts who are experts and specialized in the Syariah Laws.

5.Oppose the demands of certain parties who are demanding that the Civil Courts be given the authority and jurisdiction over cases which concern the Islamic Faith. Even Civil Court judges are of the opinion that such matters relating to the practices and faith of Islam best be judged by their counterparts in the Syariah Courts.

6. Defend the special rights of the Malays and those of the Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputera’s as guaranteed by the Federal Constitution.

The pursuits of certain parties to realize the concept of ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ must not neglect the terms of the ‘Social Contract’ that have been agreed upon by the founding fathers of this nation pre-Independence.

7. Oppose the demands by certain parties to pressure the government to permit the setting up of the 'Truth and Reconciliation Committee' to investigate communal strife of the past allegedly to heal the psychological health of the ethnicities.

Such psychological health healing of the various ethnicities are the responsibilities of the respective races and can only be achieved if all communities practice high spirit of tolerance and are willing to put the past behind them.

All communities must work towards building a better future for all peacefully, harmoniously and remain united.

8.Stand firm and resolute in ensuring that matters concerning the rulings and Aqeedah of Islam which require specific expertise of the scholars in Islam be handled by them.

Freedom of expression must not be made as an excuse to proselytize beliefs that run contrary to the teachings of any faith or religion.

The concerns and worries of the non Muslim communities regarding deviation’s from their respective faith’s as reported by local mass media recently proves that the standpoints of the Islamic organizations in stressing the importance of exercising reasonable control and monitoring of religious practices through enforcement of the relevant existing laws of the nation.

9. Oppose any concepts and understandings of total freedom according to Western ideologies as being pushed by liberal secularists who are all for the freedom to apostate from Islam.

Understandings of these elements who advocate apostasy as a right deny the basic tenets in Islam that places Ubudiyyah ( Surrender of self to Allah) as a basic responsibility of every Mukmin @ True Believer.

Such a view of the secular-liberalists regarding the freedom to apostate can influence, confuse, mislead and deviate the faith and creed of the ignorants amongst the Muslims.

10. Call upon the Muslims of Malaysia to increase and improve their efforts in understanding Islam, fortify their faiths and protect themselves and families from getting involved in sinful activities and deviationist practices that are getting out of hand today.

Enforcement laws to stem and eradicate the sinful activities amongst the Muslim community that have been passed and interred in the state and federal laws must be put to practice and enforced.

11. Reiterate that any efforts by anyone to insult Islam or any other faith and its adherents is a provocation that can’t be accepted and can bring about severe consequences to social integrity and national unity.

12. Oppose the tendencies of certain elements to push Malaysia as a totally secular nation, sidelining Islam as the official religion and its relevant departments and agencies in the administrative system and laws of this nation as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

~@~ ~@~~@~~@~~@~~@~~@~~@~~@~~@~~@~

Well, that about wraps up this article. The need for Muslims here in Malaysia to come together and close ranks is more urgent today than ever before.

Muslims are those who are on the true path of worshiping Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, True God Almighty and have nothing to be shy about in being upfront about being those who are truly Believers in Allah, ar Rahman, ar Raheem.

Those who wanna play footsie with Muslim's Iman and Aqeedah can just forget about ever getting their wishes come true for from now on, all of us in PEMBELA and ACCIN will be going all out to see to it that none gets away with their mischiefs.

May Allah SWT bless and protect the Mukmins from the fitnah caused by the evil that djinns, satan and humans do.

More so from the devils amongst the Ummah, masquerading as 'muslims' but being more 'kaffir' than our declared and clear enemies.

Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen.


Trashed said...

Unfortunately, this news report goes contrary to your wish.


ACTION should be taken against state Pas Youth leader Azman Shapawi Abdul Rani for insulting Islam Hadhari. State Welfare and Islam Hadhari Committee chairman Datuk Rosol Wahid called on authorities to take appropriate measures after Azman Shapawi
claimed, in a ceramah, that those who promoted and supported Islam Hadhari were as good as apostates.

Rosol read an excerpt from the speech: "He who believes in Islam Hadhari is an apostate to Allah's religion and you can quote me on this. You can call the religious department (JHEAT) and the Syariah court."

"Such statements are inappropriate, and I hope JHEAT will investigate to avoid confusion. The statement was ill-intended and will disunite Muslims," said Rosol in reply to a supplementary question by Alias Abdullah (BN-Alur Limbat).

Earlier, to the original question by Alias on the number of mosques used by Pas to spread their propaganda, he said as of June 30, this year, the state government had identified 14 mosques used by Pas to preach anti-government sentiments.

mahaguru58 said...

Well trashed,

People in power almost always do not have it in them to be magnanimous.

Absolute power gets to their heads and they forget their roots.

Same with any government on Earth.

What I wish for and hope to achieve is something that many will say is but a dream.

Well, if we don't even dare to dream, what hope is there for mankind to achieve anything worthwhile?

Is my wish to see a united Muslim ummah a bad thing?

Surely, better things can come with a consolidation of the hearts and minds of fellow adherents of a faith than to have them squabble among themselves as we see happen all over the world?

If only the recalcitrants amongst the UMNO and PAS members have the courtesy to sit and discuss about where they need to compromise instead of hurl curses and insults at each other and ironically, fellow Muslims, maybe...just maybe, we might see a better future for all in this land.

Till then, I will continue to do what I can to voice out my ideas and thoughts on such a dream here.

Insya Allah.