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Monday, August 20, 2007

Samy Vellu says HINDRAF's allegations are all lies!

Dato' Seri Samy Vellu lambasted the Hindu Rights Action Force claim's that since Independence, the Indians in Malaysia are being neglected as baseless and that the allegations are all lies!

They should know better than to mess with the Malaysian Indian Congress President who has always bulldozed away all challenges to his being the Malaysian Indians chief representative!

Samy Vellu is right to a certain point when he points out that there have been a lot of improvement by Indians here in Malaysia.

Those who claim to being ignored by the Malaysian Government have only themselves to be blamed.

They choose to live in near poverty levels in the estates and squatter areas whereas if they wanted to job opportunities are always available in the cities and towns of this nation.

Most Indian students excel in their studies and many go on to be successful in their careers.

There are no reasons to point fingers at others and blame the government when many students from the Indian community play truant and get involved in gangs, etc.

You can't expect Samy Vellu to keep spoonfeeding you, can you?

From the way the leaders of HINDRAF are speaking, they seem to expect the government to turn into babysitters for those who are self defeatists and choose to languish in the estates.

I am not championing Samy Vellu or saying that the man is faultless.

He has his shortcomings as do all of us but for HINDRAF to go on and lay the blame on all others except themselves is just quite unbecoming!

Just take a look at the way many prominent Indian businessmen and women are making waves in the country's economy!

Sentul Raya, Brickfields, Jalan Masjid India, etc are full of thriving Indian owned businesses.

Go to each major city and township here in the nation and one can find thriving businesses run by the Indians in their respective 'Little India's' and main business centres.

There are countless professionals from the Indian community, doing quite well in all levels of society.

Indians excel as doctors, engineers, lawyers, police officers, government officers, civil servants, etc.

Those who gathered to protest are usually the ones who have not grasped the opportunity to improve themselves and after failing to make the best of their youth and blew the various opportunities that came their way, chose to gather and allow themselves to be used as pawns by those who have their own vested agendas.

Malaysians can't expect the government or the opposition or anyone else to keep babysitting them.

Life is not such that one can be attended to and waited upon if one so happens not to be born with a silver or golden spoon in his or her mouth.

Do not blame others if you do not work for your keep. Every creature or being has to go find its own sustenance. As humans , we surely have to be more enterprising than to be a constantly whining and complaining creation of God Almighty.

I say, if one chooses to only find faults in anything, I guarantee that they will be successful. They will only see a thousand and one faults in whatever they set their minds upon.

It can also work otherwise. Try looking for the plus points in anything. Then, and only then will all things positive, come to register themselves in the sight and mindsets of anyone.

Learn to make the best of the available opportunities here in this nation and be as the foreigners who come seeking their fortune here from all over Asia and strive to improve their own lot before becoming cry babies and nitpickers.

Doing that serves no one any purpose except heartaches and heartburns. Those demonstrators were lucky that that the FRU didn't get the go ahead to deal with them as they always did with such illegal gatherings.

Imagine if they did! Then, those who got whacked by the FRU will cry out that the Malaysian government is killing them and HINDRAF will have blood on their hands!

Is HINDRAF ready to shoulder the consequences and put those ignorant life's at stake?

Instead of organizing such pointless demonstrations, the people's time and efforts could be channeled to better useful pursuits such as looking for ways and opportunities to improve their lot by teaching them to do business or set up cottage industries.

Go and meet Samy Vellu and talk over things with him instead of resorting to such unnecessary confrontational measures.

Things aren't that bad here compared to the way a nation such as Iraq has been reduced to rubble by the American invaders and lives bombed to bits! Count your blessings and learn to live and let live.

HINDRAF should focus on getting those people to improve their lot through education and seek opportunities to earn a living instead of galvanizing them to march to Putrajaya!

Hell lot of good it did them?

Sometimes, people just do not realize their blessings until they have it taken away from them!

In this matter, Samy Vellu is not to be blamed. He even offers to meet up with them.

Good for you Samy!