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Thursday, August 23, 2007

UMNO Info Chief and KJ! "Who's the 'pondan' now? "

Cartoon courtesy of ZUNAR.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

For all the bloody build up and hype that the UMNO's Information Chief and Deputy Youth Head were spewing out that Malaysian socio- political bloggers were cowards and this and that, the open challenge by Malaysia Today's Editor in Chief Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin has seen the shriveling of the gonads of the two UMNO bigshots, recently!

Hell! Just when I was looking forward to a lively discussion or debate or what the hell ever between those loudmouths from UMNO challenging us Bloggers to this and that, it all seems like the usual run of the mill bullshit spun forth by those who don't know nuts about what Blogging is or even have the courtesy to back up their challenges and insults with having the balls to engage with us Malaysian Bloggers in a proper arena such as the one being called by RPK!

Talk is cheap. Any idiot under the sun can say this and that, talk loud and thump the chests like a bloody gorilla but when the one being insulted comes out ready to rumble, how come those who made so much noise simply cower in fright and hide under so many excuses?

I mean, let's get this stalemate between the Bloggers and the ruling party settled once and for all by going ahead and having this proposed debate , forum or seminar between us at the PWTC!

No more excuses! Doesn't speak well for the two blokes from UMNO to chicken out now!

Let's meet up , Bloggers and UMNO! Man to man!

As decent citizens of Malaysia!

You guys up to it?


Trashed said...

Zam also likened bloggers to karaoke singers.

Someone should also tell him that not all karaoke singers are bad and that people do listen to good singers.

If you have a good quality product (whether blog articles of delivery of a song), people will listen.

mahaguru58 said...

The man never ceases to amaze me with his unministerial speech and mannerisms.

It is unbecoming for a minister to go around insulting others and indulge in name calling.

Speaks ill of his character and does the government great harm in their integrity.

Nevertheless, whatever one says without cause will only return to haunt him or her later in their life's.

The particular minister is only damning himself to obscurity and risk being ignored by the masses!

Remember the Saddam era Minister of Information?

Well, the idiot became just as infamous for the way he went about bullshitting his way during the Gulf War.

His career is forever damned to be the worst example of a blundering fool in human history who ever became a minister of information.

Looks like the name calling minister of propaganda we have here in the nation is just following the way of that fool in Iraq!

As the Malay saying goes ' Kerana pulut santan binasa ; kerana mulut badan merasa'.

Means ' one will get into trouble because of careless speech'.

Let's just see what other idiotic statements are in queue to spew forth from the clown?