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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini - Beacons of Information.

The emergence of Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today as alternative sources of information to Malaysians who want to learn about the real deal regarding the events taking place here in Malaysia is something that truthseekers really appreciate and are thankful for.

We didn't have much choice before the emergence of both alternative media except to rely on what the mainstream cuckolded print and broadcast media fed to us.

The mainstream media rarely published news and reports that exposed all the shenanigans that goes on in government and hide such proof of abuses and wrongdoings that take place in the various ministries.

Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today have exposed so many evidences of official crimes such as corruption cases, abuses of political power, criminal breaches of trust by elected officials, cover ups of serious crimes, cronyism, nepotism, and many other injustices that would have never seen the light of day in the 'mainstream media'.

Cases such as this would usually be swept under the carpet so to speak and never become available to the public's knowledge.

Both Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today give Malaysians a platform to voice out their opinions freely but sometimes idiots and haters amongst us abuse the privileges given and spew out racist and religiously laced venom against others especially against the Malays and Muslims in both sites.

It is for these reasons that both alternative media come to be known as anti-Islam and anti-Malay for the crimes of their anonymous commenter's.

Yet, if we are to be fair, we should acknowledge the good that both alternative media present to us in terms of coming to know about the truth behind many crimes left unmentioned by the mainstream media.

If only the owners of both Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today could keep out the malicious comments touching on the sensitive issues of race and religion and let through only reasonable and rational viewpoints, both alternative media would be accepted as shining beacons of truthful information that we can all trust.

The mainstream media kowtowing to the ruling coalition that has been ruling this nation with an iron fist since Independence, has sadly been reduced to being nothing but propaganda mouthpieces who paint rosy pictures and sing praises of the powers that be, conveniently ignoring or refusing to see the obvious abuses taking place right before their very eyes.

I applaud both Steven Gan and his dedicated team at Malaysiakini and Raja Petra Kamarudin running Malaysia Today for being steadfast in their crusade for sharing the truth here in Malaysia with their readers.

If there are any Malaysians who deserve to be heralded as the heroes of this nation in terms of fighting for justice and freedom of the media, these two gentlemen will be clear winners.

They just need to make sure that venomous anonymous hate spewers are kept out from desecrating their noble causes.

If they can both see to it that such hatred comments don't make it to their comments sections, then both Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today will forever be heralded as the two main alternative media platforms that freed us all from being victims of an unjust mainstream media.

Knowledge is power and the people of Malaysia and the whole wide world deserve to be kept informed rightfully of the truth and nothing but the actual truth!

We do not need to be fed propaganda because the internet has emerged to be a source of information that breaks free from government control or manipulations that was enjoyed by tyrants and despots of the past.

Today, there is an available option. An option to show to all visual proof in vivid living colors and audio exposing all the crimes of the power brokers, abusers and corrupt devils masquerading as the people's saviors and exemplary leaders of the nation. A case in concern is this expose:

I pray that truth reaches the hearts and minds of all Malaysians so that they will be able to decide the future of this country by electing only the ones who deserve to be ruling over us all. Ameen.

To both Steven Gan and Raja Petra, I wish you both the best and hope you will be successful in your noble aspirations to open up the eyes and minds of all true Malaysians.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cat Stevens to Yusuf Islam - Listen to him tell his amazing story.

There's just so much to learn from Cat Stevens life that pretty much is an amazing spiritual journey of one who had reached the pinnacle of success in the British music industry yet had taken out so much from him internally.

His internal sufferings drove him to seek relief in the main scourge of mankind -alcohol and other substances.

A near drowning off Malibu, California and subsequent miracle of getting saved by a miraculous wave that pushed him back ashore after he prayed to God asking to be saved and given a second chance in life, changed his destiny from that moment on.

Listen to him tell his story. Subhanallah.

Here are some of his songs after becoming a Muslim...and what a great Muslim he has become!

Azan - Nikmatilah halwa telinga alami.

Betapa syahdunya jiwa mukmin melihat video ini. Hayatilah maksudnya.

Hidupkan laungan azan dengan nada yang murni dan lagu yang elok. Ajarlah anak anak anda cara cara melaungkan azan.

Fadhilat melaungkan azan amat besar bagi si muazzin. Kaji semula kisah Saiyidina Bilal Radhiallalahu anhu.

Ketika Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam naik ke langit tujuh diperistiwa Israk Mikraj, Baginda Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam mendengar tapak kaki Saiyidina Bilal Radhiallahu anhu di Jannah.

Betapa mulianya darjat sang Muazzin. Semoga diberkati semua muazzin didunia dengan pahala dan ganjaran yang setimpal dengan jasa mereka. Amin.

Myopia of our Malaysian Government Ministers

If you are to believe that everything is fine and hunky dory with our Malaysian Government as what Nazri Aziz , the Minister in charge of Law and Parliament keeps telling us, then the rising crime in our nation must be a mirage!

The Malaysian Bar Council marching in Putrajaya last Wednesday demanding a clean up of our Malaysian Judiciary must have been a figment of our imagination.

Nurin Jazlin Jazimin's brutal and cruel sadistic murder must have been our daydream, etc.

Nazri Aziz needs to be more gentlemanly in his role as this nation's Law Minister. He is not to delude himself that everything is perfect and the sun is shining brightly all the time.

His recent statements and outbursts reflects badly on the state of government Abdullah Badawi is running.

We are not living in the Stone Age where knowledge can be manipulated as they please. This is the Age of Information where almost everyone save for the ostriches in our Malaysian Cabinet choose to bury their befuddled heads into the sand and stick out their butts to reflect the classic 'See No Evil ; Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil' mindset.

No sirree.

If our current Malaysian Government expects the people to respect them, then please treat us with respect in the first place.

The Rights and Freedom of the people of Malaysia are trampled upon and idle threats are issued forth by those who were trusted by the citizen voters of this country to do a good job.

The way some of our government cabinet ministers expose their lack of leadership skills and integrity only goes to show that they should not have been voted into position in the first place.

A country bumpkin has much more better commonsense and good values than to go insult the people's intelligence with all kinds of namecalling such as a few of the dimwits in the cabinet have done!

Malaysians ought to wake up to the realities before us and check the achievements or abuse of power and position that these fellas have done.

I know that its hard for many to imagine any other party to run the show but Malaysians ought to know that they can have a better government if they are willing to go change it themselves.

If in the next GE, these same dimwits are re-elected by the voters to continue insult our intelligence for another bloody 5 year term, I say to all such foolish Malaysians -You deserve to be screwed by them till eternity!

Disasters after disasters are now taking place here in our nation as a result of mismanagement of this country and its environment by the current BN government.

All they are good at is giving 'cock and bull excuses' to warrant the rape of the environment.

50 years of uncontrolled illegal pig farming in Melaka has resulted in the ecological destruction of many parts of that historic state.

What has any Malaccan State Official done to stop the rot and the stench so to speak?

They amass wealth beyond their means. They live in opulence whilst the poor people of Melaka live in stinking shitty environments.

The truth of the matter is that the BN Government has been having it their way and they have grown so egoistic that they can be so bold as to insult us as they please knowing that there still exist idiots amongst the voting public who will without fail keep voting them into power to continue their dictatorship over this land that once was called Malaya - the Golden Chersonese.

Today, all the gold has ended up in the BN politicians coffers and overseas Swiss Bank accounts.

Why do you think that they are so vicious and heartless when any by-election takes place and why they will spare nothing to ensure that they get to keep their grubby fingers and clamp down onto the State and Federal Seats of Political Representation?

Not because they care and give a shit about you and me!

It's all about them. About power, position, wealth and ability to do as they please.

You say you do not know about any of their wrongdoings?

Man, you too must be myopic and living in a fantasy. Bolehland.

Slap yourself awake and read all about it online.

You don't have to run riot on the streets. You don't have to do anything just yet.

You can do your thing by registering as a voter and exercise that right of yours to have a better government who will do as they say and not fool you as they please all these years.

Get wise and do just that. When the GE comes, remember that the fate of this nation is in our hands. Vote right.

That depends whether the bloody Opposition can get their lineup ready to rumble in time failing which we are stuck with the ones bullshitting to us since day one. Damn!

There goes my nation. To the dogs and swine. Stinks to hell.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Nurin Jazlin's Murder-Police Arrest 5 suspects in Shah Alam

Breaking news!

Police Arrest Five To Assist In Nurin Murder Probe

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 28 (Bernama) -- Police arrested five people, including a woman, in separate raids in Shah Alam last night to assist their probe into the murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8.

They are between 27 and 33 years old.

Police also seized two cars and five mobile phones, Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee said in a statement today.

He said the arrests were made following a public tip-off.

Meanwhile, from information obtained by Bernama, the arrests were the first made since "Ops Sunti" was launched to hunt for the murderer of Nurin since her body was found stuffed in a sports bag in the PJS area, Petaling Jaya on September 17.

The first arrest was made of a couple, both 33, in Persiaran Bistari, Section 7, Shah Alam. They are from Bukit Kuda, Klang.

Following that, a 28-year-old man from Wakaf Baharu in Tumpat, Kelantan was arrested at a shophouse in Jalan Kristal, Section 7, Shah Alam.

It is learnt that the suspect tried to resist arrest and police seized a handphone and a Proton Iswara car from him.

Reporters waiting at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital this morning, saw the five detained being brought to the hospital in two police cars at 9.20am, believed to be for DNA tests.

The four men wore pink T-shirts printed with the words "Lokap Kuala Lumpur" while the woman, who appeared to be pregnant, was in black baju kurung and white scarf, and was handcuffed.

They were later seen coming out of the HKL Forensic Department before being taken away by police, believed to the Petaling Jaya Magistrate's Court to obtain a remand order on them.

Meanwhile, a visit to Nurin's home in Section 1, Wangsa Maju saw the front door locked from outside indicating that no one was in.

Nurin, 8, a Year Two pupil of Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Desa Setapak was reported missing on Aug 20 when she went alone to a nearby night market.

The "Ops Sunti" special team comprises police personnel from Bukit Aman, and Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Sentul district and Petaling Jaya district police contingent headquarters, led by the federal CID director.


I say well done to the Malaysian Police for arresting the suspects.

If they are the ones responsible for the abduction, sexual abuse, torture, molestation and murder of Nurin, I want to see what kind of punishments that this nation is going to impose on them?

Overwhelming number of Malaysians want to see them put to death for the way they have tortured the 8 year old girl to such a horrible death.

Justice won't be served till we see them hang or as we wish to be impaled to death as Nurin died with those phallic vegetables stuffed so mercilessly into her, causing her death!

Let's impose the Hudud on the murderers!

At least public stoning as per what the law of God Almighty subscribes!

American Soldier testifies about murdering unarmed Iraqis.

BAGHDAD (AP) - A third U.S. soldier has been charged in an investigation into alleged attempts to cover up the deaths of Iraqi civilians by planting weapons to portray them as combatants, the U.S. military said Monday.

Sgt. Evan Vela, of Phoenix, Idaho, was charged Sunday with one count of premeditated murder, making a false official statement and obstruction of justice, the military said in a statement. He was placed in pretrial confinement.

Two other soldiers - Staff Sgt. Michael A. Hensley, of Candler, N.C., and Spc. Jorge G. Sandoval, Jr., of Laredo, Texas - were charged last week for allegedly killing three Iraqis and placing weapons on their bodies to make them appear as fighters. Vela is charged in one of the alleged slayings, but the military statement did not specify which incident.

Military prosecutors say the killings occurred between April and June near Iskandariyah, a mostly Sunni Arab city south of Baghdad.

All three soldiers are assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, based at Fort Richardson, Alaska.

In the court-martial, Sgt. Evan Vela, 23, spoke barely above a whisper as he recounted shooting the man on May 11 near Iskandariyah, a mostly Sunni city 30 miles south of Baghdad.

Vela said Staff Sgt. Michael Hensley of Candler, N.C., told him to shoot the man, who had stumbled upon their snipers' hideout, although he was not armed and had his hands in the air when he approached the soldiers.

"He (Hensley) asked me if I was ready. I had the pistol out. I heard the word shoot. I don't remember pulling the trigger. It took me a second to realize that the shot came from the pistol in my hand," he said, crying.

Vela said that as the Iraqi man was convulsing on the ground, "Hensley kind of laughed about it and hit the guy on the throat and said shoot again."

"After he (the Iraqi man) was shot, Hensley pulled an AK-47 out of his rucksack and said, 'this is what we are going to say happened," Vela said, before he was dismissed from the witness stand to compose himself.

Vela told the story during the second day of the court-martial of Spc. Jorge G. Sandoval, of Laredo, Texas. Sandoval is on trial for allegedly killing Iraqis and trying to cover up the deaths by planting weapons at the scene.

End of excerpt.

For all the lame excuses and false allegations that the main director and executer of the American invasion, occupation, destruction and decimation of the Iraqi people whom he claims to have 'liberated' from Saddam's regime, US President George Walker Bush Jr. has clearly outdone whatever atrocities that the deposed and now dead Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ever did!

America invaded and occupies Iraq today under false allegations and false proof of Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destructions which have been proven not to be ever being there in that ancient land of the anbiyas and awliyas.

Today, the whole impotent world watches in silence as America under George Bush Jr. ravages Iraq and its people as it pleases and has successfully murdered over half a million Iraqi citizens and reduced hundreds of thousands of Iraqis into cripples and orphaned millions of Iraqi children.

Mosques have been bombed to bits. Important historical ancient buildings have been blasted to nothingness.

Precious antiquities have been robbed and stolen by the American forces from the destroyed palaces of Saddam and also from the many Iraqi museums.

Now, we hear that the American Senate has approved US President Bush Jr's request to classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist force! How convenient.

Now, the American Colonialists can go bomb another ancient civilization to nothingness. They can go murder millions of innocent Iranians, rape and devastate the millions of Iranian women and children. Kill innocent Iranians and accuse them of being 'enemy combatants' and plant weapons on their dead bodies as 'proof' of 'hostile intentions'.

When we have evidences of American crimes being exposed like this , I wonder why the United Nations or as I prefer to address as 'Useless Nincompoops' for their cowardice in not being willing to stand up to American hypocrisy still shamelessly call themselves as guardians and protectors of the world?

All these happening right before the eyes of the whole wide world!

Do you even dare to dream that the spineless hypocrites we have running the OIC will have the balls to defend their fellow Muslims?

'Wait for the cat to grow horns'!
This is another Malay saying that clearly tells that it is virtually an impossibility to ever expect anything of the sort to ever take place under the current leadership of the OIC jokers, headed by who else but our nation's Imam Hadhari, the world's latest false prophet.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

'Walk for Justice'-Malaysian Bar Protest March -Pt.5

Somehow, the sight of the fully armed FRU failed to stir any feelings of fear or apprehension in this 49 year old self, as I am one who firmly believes in the Will of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and constantly remind myself of the temporariness of this earthly life.

In fact, I am known to go right into the fray and do what comes naturally to me, engage and embrace friends or lock horns with my foes if I needed to.

I always choose the first option failing which, what the heck? Go with the flow! Hehehehe....

Maybe, at the threshold of becoming a senior citizen, fear is not an option for me and I do like the notion of speaking my mind as I see fit due to my having survived life this far.

I do not see the FRU as my enemies for they are just government civil servants employed to do what they signed up for?

I was there as a concerned citizen of this nation and in my capacity as a citizen blogger who cares for my nation.

I chose to walk with the Malaysian Bar Council lawyers in their protest march because I believe that they are right in their demands for a clean up of our scandal riddled judiciary.

I am not anti-establishment. I am just fighting for a good clean, responsible, accountable government.

I am a bloody optimist. I prefer to look at the plus points of anyone or anything but if I see none, I just tell it straight up.

No hero worshiping of anyone but Allah the Almighty. I hope to see a better Malaysia. Period.

See his scowl? That's what he is paid to do. To intimidate and fire that M16 if he needs to, first into the air to disperse the crowd and shoot to kill if he needs to or has received orders to do so.

I figured that since the FRU shot those two PAS supporters in Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu recently, they have no longer any qualms in shooting down protesters if they have to.

Only thing was that yesterday, before them were not ordinary kampong folks from PAS but the nation's top most legal professionals.

The Malaysian Bar Council leadership no less and the attendance of thousands of Malaysia's finest amongst the legal eagles and with politicians and bloggers amongst the protesters would surely destroy this nation's reputation before the whole wide world should things get ugly as a result of any trouble breaking out.

Met Nathaniel Tan there at the march. The man has to really add some meat to his frame. I hope that Nat beefs it up for his health's sake. I am sure Li Tsin wouldn't object to my wish. :)

MENJ took the opportunity to pose with Nat as well.

Back to the protest. The agent provocateurs who would usually spark off incidents to start forcing the protesters and the FRU to engage in battle were obviously not keen to tangle with the lawyers.

As a result, when the FRU and their top brass decided to give way and let the protesters march right up front to the roundabout and remain there in a loud but still orderly manner, things came to a reasonable status quo.

The protesting lawyers vented out their frustrations and shouted out their demands for the authorities to really do something about the judicial abuse and scandals going on in the nation's legal system.

The FRU didn't have to do anything but hold their positions as they are expected to do. The stand off was also cooled off by nature when it rained heavily, soaking and drenching both the protesters and the security forces, easing away any discomfort both parties were experiencing.

We were all soaked but that didn't stop us from giving our full support to the Malaysian Bar members who broke tradition and came out in full force to show the government that they were not happy with the scandals taking place in the nation's top judiciary.

I am sure that now, Malaysians will no longer view the law practitioners of this nation as unreliable and only interested in fleecing anyone unfortunate enough to be embroiled in legal disputes or caught in the legal quicksands of the judicial process of this nation.

I am not saying that you can just trust anybody out there practicing law but at least those who turned up for the march showed that if needed to, the law professionals will rise to the occasion and defend the integrity of the rule of law in this country regardless of the position and office of the offenders!

Afraid that the computer will act up again and make me lose this post. More after this. So adios.

Walk for Justice by Malaysian Bar Council Pt.4

We were nearing the JPM's Complex after facing occasional hiccups in the form of the PDRM's top brass who tried to stop the lawyers from marching on but being lawyers who know their legal rights and what they can and cannot do, simply brushed aside the stumbling blocks and pushed forward.

Such steadfastness of purpose on the part of our Malaysian Bar Council members made me feel proud to walk with them.

I used to think that the Malaysian Bar Council were just capable of arguing their cases in court but to see them, coming together for the sake of our nation's judicial integrity and ready to march in the hot blazing midday sun fully suited up as they usually are in the legal arenas of our justice system, just made me feel so charged up to get to march with our black & whites!

Rocky Bru had asked for us bloggers who are supporters of the march to come in the same colors as our legal eagles but I felt that it would not be right to have someone mistake me for a lawyer as well which I am unfortunately not!

I would love to be a true bona fide lawyer and fight for justice for all Malaysians, regardless of creed or color.

I chose instead to come as myself. Zainol Abideen @ MAHAGURU58, a Muslim Malaysian Blogger and President of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance Protem Committee.

The protesting lawyers were all fired up and now and then we heard slogans being shouted through the loud hailers and the marchers promptly responded with their loud voices asking for justice to be done!

Putrajaya was reverbrating with our voices and we marched on determined to reach our goal- the PM's Office Complex.

Every now and then, the loud unamplified booming voice of Keadilan's Gobalakrishnan would be heard shouting non stop his battlecry, driving the lawyers on and responding to his call.

Finally, we arrived at the roundabout of Dataran Putrajaya, right before the assembled and ready to kick ass, FRU stormtroopers who were armed to the teeth and brandishing M16 submachineguns to face us, the protesters joined with the nation's lawyers spearheaded by the Malaysian Bar Council.

It was quite a sight to see the FRU barricading the entrance to this nation's administrative base in the form of the Prime Minister's Office Complex, a most imposing, magnificent sprawling expanse of the very government institution that calls the shot, here in Malaysia.

This shot showing myself and MENJ, taking pictures of this unique situation in the annals of this nation's history is courtesy of fellow blogger Tony Yew's collection. That's us kneeling in the foreground, trying to get the FRU and the PMO's Complex into focus.

Continued after this.

Walk for Justice by Malaysian Bar Council Pt.3

This photo was taken by Malaysia-Today's Editor in Chief, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, capturing myself walking along with Brother Arutchelvam from JERIT and a Dewan Muslimah PAS sister behind a banner that speaks clearly of our wish!

There were a lot of reporters and photographers covering the event and at times, we had to stop to let them get out of the way as we marched ahead with our stretched out banners.

Obstructions by the boulevard barriers and construction signboards were avoided every now and then as we moved on.

As you can see, we were marching under the hot blazing midday sun, fully heating us up, no matter that we who are Muslims were fasting and bravely striding forward for a cause!

A very important fundamental cause in fact. The cause of none other but to see to it that true integrity and neutrality return to our Malaysian judiciary!

Nothing is more important to a nation than to have a justice system that is above board.

No nation on earth can afford to close one eye on judiciary fix ups, cronyism, nepotism, and whatever bloody 'ism' that does harm to the citizens of its country when it involves matters as crucial as life or death decisions of the judges upon any individual or individuals who have to face legal action in any court of law! Same goes for the many corruption cases gone unpunished which can destroy the very institutions of this nation.

The recent travesties of justice here in Malaysia that saw many high profile cases get discharged or thrown out of court although the entire nation knows of their crimes committed and recorded complete with proof, really led to the decision by the very legal professionals themselves to take matters into their hands and march in Putrajaya demanding that the PM's Office do something to stop the rot!

As usual, Bolehland's Premier is not at home , jetsetting across the globe with his darling, oblivious to all the judicial crisis taking place here while he goes about his affairs overseas.

Never before has the nation seen its legal profession come out so strongly to demand that the Malaysian Government stop the slide in judicial integrity and take corrective actions to sack those found guilty of abusing their positions in the nation's highest legal authorities!

Today, the 26th of September, 2007 and the 14th fasting day in the holy month of Ramadan, 1428 After Hijrah, saw the 3rd protest march by our legal practitioners of Malaysia, having no other option but to demonstrate the fundamental basic rights of every citizen to take part in peaceful rallies to uphold justice.

More after this.

'Walk for Justice' by Malaysian Bar Council Pt.2

When MENJ and I reached the Palace of Justice after walking so far from where we had parked in the hot blazing sun, the lawyers, social activists and members of the public were already swirling out from the compound of the Palace of Justice ready to march on to the JPM's Complex.

You don't always get to see our lawyers taking to the street to protest against the wrongdoings proliferating in our nation's judiciary!

This is a sure sign that all's not well within our justice system as lawyers especially when the Malaysian Bar Council itself have organized and carried out this peaceful march to hand over a protest memorandum asking for a Royal Commission to be set up to fully investigate the recent scandals in the judiciary to the PM's Office!

Malaysia's first blogger to be arrested and held in detention for 'breaching' the OSA, Nathaniel Tan is seen here shaking hands with a fellow marcher.

The spirit of the march was simply electrifying as Malaysians from all walks of life joined the Malaysian Bar Council lawyers headed by its President, Ambiga Sreenevason and other top senior advocates and solicitors, marching together demanding that justice and integrity be returned to the Malaysian judiciary.

Friends and foes walked together in the march, united under a common cause, solely because we all care for our nation.

To be continued.

Malaysian Bar Council's 'Walk for Justice', Putrajaya

PDRM roadblocks caused many of us who were driving to the 'Walk for Justice' Protest March by the Malaysian Bar Council to make a detour every time we came to a road leading towards the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya this morning.

I went there with MENJ who snapped thes photos as I was driving. After the 3rd roadblock, I managed to get through after pointing out to the policeman that I was heading to the Masjid Putra.

I understand that the policemen manning the roadblocks were only doing their duty but to have their superiors order such measures against lawyers gathering to march and handover a memorandum was to me just a tad paranoid.

We are talking about lawyers here not social misfits like the Mat Rempits!

I'm bushed now so am just going to share pictures that MENJ took with me.

I had written in detail just now but the computer crashed and the current Blogger system somehow fails to auto -save hence I had to do it all over again. This is why I am sort of tired and am writing sparsely.

Anyway, I'll let the Malaysiakini video and our pictures speak for themselves.

Good night Malaysia!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

De'mockery'cy of Basic Rights of Citizens in Malaysia

When Malaya achieved Independence from Britain back in 1957, the drafters of our Federal Constitution wrote in several basic freedoms and rights that are universally recognized and acknowledged to be the basic tenets of a democracy.

We saw this freedom to speak and express the citizen's individual opinions in the early days of the nation coming into being during the first and second General Elections.

A clear example is shown here. Watch the video showing how Malayans were allowed to gather peacefully at rallies to hear the various political parties present their views to the people without any hindrances or restrictions.

Such a situation exists no more in present day Malaysia.

Malaysians are threatened and beaten up by the riot squad just for wanting to exercise their basic Constitutional Rights.

Know what rights I am talking about?

Well, here they are :


(1) Subject to Clauses (2), (3) and (4) -

(a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression;

(b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms;

(c) all citizens have the right to form associations

Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression

Compared to what is guaranteed in black & white as in the above article, Malaysians today aren’t being given the right to freedom of speech and expression.

The citizens of this nation are not free to speak their minds.

We are in fact reduced to voicing our opinions online which is the last frontier of free expression.

By free expression, I mean reasonable basic rights to speak our own minds without transgressing against the basic rights of others or breaching national security, etc.

Let’s take the subject of the right to political freedom.

The Opposition are not allowed to exercise the basic rights guaranteed to them as citizens of this country by banning them from airing their views on national television or radio or even allowed to have their own broadcasting stations.

What kind of a ‘de’mockery’cy’ is this when a government that trumpets to all other nations in being fair and just do not actually put to practice in this very nation, a fundamental right to its own citizens including the Opposition in being allowed to speak and express their views freely within the limits of true democracy?

The overwhelming monopoly by the BN Government of the broadcasting mainstream media is clearly going against the very basic agreement of our nation’s founding fathers to practice true democracy as laid out in the Federal Constitution.

When was the last time that all political parties were truly allowed to speak to the nation without hindrances by all of the government’s agencies and intelligence units?

We can only recall such a moment in our nation’s history during the very first General Election and the subsequent one during the rule of Malaya’s First Prime Minister, YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj.

Isn’t it ironic that for all our nation’s advancements, we are nowhere close to practicing the freedom to speak as even a nation as young as Timur Leste which doesn’t even have basic infrastructures to speak of and it’s Prime Minister and President walk around the neighborhood without a security detail?

Right to assemble peacefully without bearing arms.

Every time the citizens of this country especially members of the Opposition try to hold a public lecture or rally, the Royal Malaysian Police deny them the permit to assemble peacefully.

In fact, there have been many incidents where after issuing the Opposition a permit to hold a lecture or a talk, the police are known to cancel such permits at the last minute and send in the FRU to disperse the attendees with unnecessary force and violence.

The latest such unnecessary violence perpetrated upon the Opposition members is the Batu Buruk live shooting incident where two PAS members were shot at point blank by an undercover FRU special agent and were hospitalized in the ICU with gunshot wounds.

A first, as far as usage of live bullets against members of the public by the FRU and setting a dangerous precedent.

This doesn’t augur well for a nation that claims to be a model developing nation!

Development in terms of the build up of its physical infrastructures whilst at the same time demolishing all vestiges of the true pillars of democracy is really not something that we can be proud of?

Tomorrow, the Malaysian Bar Council is organizing a march to the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya, protesting against the shenanigans that have taken place in the Malaysian Judiciary recently.

I wonder if they are going to be allowed safe passage by the relevant authorities and security forces of the current regime?

Will our nation’s lawyers be safe from police brutality as what we have seen take place against any group that are opposing the current ruling government?

That’s for us to see and witness with our own eyes as whether there is a different set of rules for lawyers and a different bash them up decree from the BN higher ups against PAS members?

I just foresee a bleak future for the state of ‘de’mockery’cy that the BN makes out of all the declared rights enshrined in our nation’s Federal Constitution where they say one thing and do another especially deny the citizens of the very fundamental symbols of a democracy, worth its name.

Right to form associations

I will write about this point later. As for now, I am just focusing on what’s going to take place tomorrow at the lawyers march?

You guys going?

Married Convert to Islam's Custody Case Review

'Hubby cannot claim he no longer comes under purview of civil laws after conversion to Islam' by R. Surenthira Kumar.
PUTRAJAYA (Sept 24, 2007)

Excerpt of the Sun2Surf Online report on the case:

'A husband cannot claim he no longer comes under the purview of civil laws after his conversion to Islam', argued the lawyer representing R. Subashini in the Federal Court today.

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar told the panel of three judges that by making such a claim, a convert could leave the other party in a civil marriage in the doldrums by seeking recourse in another court to resolve the dispute between them.

He added that the argument that the syariah court had the power to legislate to dissolve marriages under the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 (LRA) was unreasonable because it extended the syariah court’s jurisdiction.

Malik Imtiaz said the implications from such an argument were unreasonable because it would:

  • appear that the syariah court could embrace non-Muslims,
  • allow for the converting spouse to ignore his or her obligations under the LRA at a time when the party concerned was a non-Muslim,
  • leave the non-Muslim spouse with no meaningful and just recourse, and further
  • run counter to the guarantee of equal protection under Article 8 of the Federal Constitution.

Malik Imtiaz said this Article guaranteed the wife, in this case, the right to procedural and substantive fairness.

He added that the power to legislate must be harmonised with this fundamental liberty, if not, the liberty would be rendered illusory.

Malik Imtiaz was submitting his reply in the legal tussle between Subashini, 29, a Hindu, and her Muslim convert husband, T. Saravanan, 31, over the dissolution of their civil marriage, conversion of their second child, and custody over their two sons.

Saravanan, now known as Muhamad Shafi Saravanan Abdullah, had earlier converted the couple’s eldest child without his wife’s consent.

On March 13, Subashini was told by the Court of Appeal in a majority decision with Justice Gopal Sri Ram dissenting, that she could not stop Saravanan from dissolving their marriage, seeking custody of their children and unilaterally converting their children to Islam.

She was also told that she could instead seek recourse through the Syariah Appeal Court.

In appealing the Court of Appeal’s decision yesterday, Malik Imtiaz said the syariah court’s jurisdiction was circumscribed by the requirement that it be over persons professing Islam, and hence the syariah court can only enforce laws when all parties before it profess the religion.

Malik Imitiaz also rebutted Saravanan’s argument that his wife’s divorce petition was premature as she had ignored the Islamic imposition of waiting for three menstrual cycles to lapse first.

Malik Imtiaz said Saravanan himself had filed for divorce in the syariah court a day after his official conversion, and before the three month cycle had lapsed.

He also said the statement that Islam was the "religion of the Federation" as stipulated in Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution was only meant for rituals and ceremonies, and was never intended for Islamic law to operate beyond the expressed confines of the constitution, in particular against persons who do not profess Islam.

Malik Imtiaz said if the arguments of Saravanan’s lawyer were accepted, this would mean that the state was allowed to legislate Islamic law to be applied on non-Muslims.

This, he added, was totally contrary to the Federal Constitution’s careful scheme to protect the religious rights of all Malaysians, in particular non-Muslims.

Malik Imtiaz said Saravanan’s religious freedom was not being violated because the key consideration in the case were the antecedent rights that were contracted under the LRA when both husband and wife were non-Muslims.

Judges Datuk Nik Hashim Nik Abd Rahman, Datuk Abdul Aziz Mohamad and Datuk Azmel Maamor said they needed time to consider the submissions from both parties.

A decision would be delivered on a date to be fixed later.

Updated: 07:51PM Mon, 24 Sep 2007

Pretty sensitive issue , isn't it?

This could be a landmark case when a married Non Muslim converts to Islam either out of their own religious volition or as an escape out of a 'troubled marriage'?

It must be established as to the reasons behind the conversion of the non Muslim into Islam?

If a married person decides to convert to any another religion besides Islam, there won't be any significant repercussions or consequences to the marriage because most faiths or beliefs are flexible with matters concerning the deity that one worships or believes in?

It's not the same with Islam.

Islam is the worship of Allah the True God Almighty, Most Merciful Most High and submitting oneself to the Final Messenger's Teachings from the Final Testament of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala in the form of the Holy Al-Qur'an Al-Karim and His Sunnah @ Examples of how to fulfill one's obligations as a true Muslim.

When a non Muslim husband or wife embraces Islam out of their true realization of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala being their True God Almighty and Islam to be what it is, the authentic teachings from the Creator Himself, then all their past sins as a Kaffir are pardoned and deleted from their Book of Records.

All marital ties between the convert and his or her Non Muslim spouse are automatically severed and they are automatically divorced from their former partner.

Family ties still remain intact and a Muslim is commanded by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to maintain relationships with his or her parents, children, siblings and family members.

The only severance is between the husband and wife or vice versa.

As a Muslim parent, the father or mother automatically has the right to bring over his or her child into Islam pending the legal procedures of any which country they live in.

Any child under the age of 18 is considered the ward of the parent and in such a case, the Muslim parent has the obligations to see to it that he or she take charge of the conversion to Islam provided that the child is willing to be a Muslim?

It is not easy to choose between one's mother or father?

Thus, it is important for the judiciary to take into consideration all relevant circumstances and background of the individuals who are fighting for the right to convert their child into Islam and depending whether the particular child is capable of rational thought, knowledge about the situation and his or her personal choice?

Religious conversion of any married person is sure to cause emotional stress and all other related problems especially concerning the subject of dispersion of material gains and properties accumulated through the space of time living as husband and wife and further complicated in cases where both parties worked and built up their life's together, struggling to be where they are after all the difficult starting of marriage years?

Islam has all the provisions of fair judgment and Allah the Almighty who creates us will never allow injustice to be meted out to anyone in His Name.

I pray that the judiciary will take all the significant matters involving the rights and welfare of both parties before coming to any decision.

I also hope that there won't be any party out there instigating social unrest and discord over this obviously sensitive and private matter between a former married couple but which is important because it involves the upholding of justice and fairness to Islam and its adherents as well as to the Kaffir in concern.

May the truth and justice prevail. Amin.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hukum Sula @ Capital Punishment for Sex Offenders.

I believe that just like me, many folks all over the world and especially around Nusantara are still very angry and can't wait for Allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin Jazimin's killer to be caught and brought to justice!

No court of law can compensate for the sick pervert's brutal murder of the little girl after sadistically torturing her to death and mutilating her in such a way that even an animal won't do what he or she did to Nurin!

The most appropriate capital punishment for such an animal is the ancient punishment called 'Hukum Sula'. To have an idea of what this punishment is , click here. Be warned.

It's not for the faint hearted. Watch only if you are up to it.

I obtained the link to this clip when I googled for it.

This is the general idea. As much as Nurin's killer had tortured her to death, this is the most appropriate retribution for such a heartless beast.

Mete out this punishment to the killer when he or she is caught and see whether any other sex offender dares to go disturb any other child or innocent woman?

I am running a poll on the type of punishment that befits the crime of Nurin's killer and the overwhelming votes are all for this punishment. Death by impaling. Hukum Sula.

I say let's teach sex offenders a lesson to stand as a lethal punishment for their beastly crimes.

Malaysian Lawyers Proposed March to Putrajaya

I hear that our legal eagles are planning to march to the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya this Wednesday, the 26th of September, starting at 11.00am.

Really? Well, that's interesting.

Malaysian lawyers have not been known to be as their Indian or Pakistani counterparts in taking to the streets especially when this nation is known to be brutally repressive of any shows of democratic expressions.

Are our lawyers prepared to face the FRU?

Our boys in the red helmets are absolutely ferocious when facing human beings but they get a severe case of the shrunken gonads when squealing swine are the adversaries such as the shameful back off at Paya Mengkuang, Melaka where the pigs triumphed over the authorities!

Does the Bar Council have a police permit for the march or are they prepared to dance with the devils especially since the FRU have crossed the line of fire by shooting live bullets into the public?

Err...maybe only when it is the bloody Opposition members especially guys from PAS!

Now, that's a very interesting target for the FRU for they can get away even with murder when shooting live bullets now at PAS members.

Uh huh. There will be no actions taken against any live firing of Opposition members as the BN government will gladly whitewash such 'incidents' as acceptable line of police action.

When Khairy Jamaludin and UMNO Youth members stormed the American Embassy 'protesting' US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice's visit the other day, the FRU didn't as much as disturb a hair of the Son In Law!

Now, what does that tell you?

Double standards?

Nah...there's no bloody standard at all. The BN can go do whatever the hell they want and I can guarantee you not a bloody whisker of any BN member will be touched by any FRU worth his name!

Can't say the same for our Opposition fellas. I wonder how the Malaysian Bar Council members are going to fare?

Those of you lawyers who are going to march there have our absolute support for trying to fight for a clean judiciary but aren't you guys sort of barking at the wrong tree so to speak?

What do you expect to achieve when even a clear proof like that VK Lingam's video is pooh poohed away by our squeaky clean BN government?

Any lawyer care to update me?