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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Al-Arqam @ Rufaqa Corporation. Their Delusions and visions.

If we are to survive living in these turbulent times where all kinds of challenges test our patience and our will to carry on with our life's, we have to equip ourselves with knowledge and rationality in figuring out as to what's right, what's wrong and what's totally fictitious and meant to distract us from what's actually being planned to take us all for a ride to a state of imagined paradise?

Paradise for some might turn out to be a living hell for others.

It's all a matter of perception and delusion that at times can come across as the absolute truth for some when they are brainwashed day in, day out by cleverly worded emotional rousing speeches by those who themselves imagine their self’s to be the saviors of this world.

There are many cases around us where such delusional individuals have come up with grandiose plans and visions for themselves and in doing so, inadvertently drag hundreds of thousands if not millions of the clueless ones with them to the land of the lost causes.

Take the deviant Al-Arqam Sect for the matter. They started out with good intentions to lead the wayward amongst the Malaysian Muslims back to the true path of Allah the Almighty and the Sunnah of the Final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Ustaz Haji Ashaari Muhammad was a religious teacher. His delusional claims to be the ‘Chosen One’ to lead the wayward Muslims of the Last Ages here in Malaysia to success can be traced back to info shared here.

It is natural for any weak clueless ones in any faith to rally around anyone who claims to know the future and displays signs of leadership and extraordinary 'prowess' especially in spiritual knowledge which the deviant will 'share secrets' with those who have no foundation in religious matters.

I don't have to reinvent the wheel here by rewriting what's already common knowledge as to the history of the now banned Al-Arqam sect as there are many sources for you to read up about them online.

One of them which exposes the sect to be nothing but a deviant movement is here. All relevant fatwa's banning the deviant sect is there. You can download the fatwa's from there.

The Al-Arqam (now Rufaqa ) movement attempts to take over the Malaysian Government by way of a popular uprising against the ruling BN coalition but have discovered again and again that such uprisings will never happen here in this 'tidak apathy' stricken nation!

Malaysians are just not passionate about anything.

This is probably due to the fact that the majority of the Malays are very docile accommodating beings who seldom get riled up to do anything against anyone because of their natural inclinations to live and let live.

So, Al-Arqam got itself banned when it got too big for its breeches so to speak in 1994.

Ashaari and his top followers were bundled off to a rehabilitation centre where they pretended to repent and make confessions that they admit being deviant and all that.

The reality is that deviant sects are just like the proverbial lallang @ roadside elephant grass. No matter if you burn them to the ground, they will prop up again and grow back with a vengeance!

Al-Arqam resurfaced as the repentant and purely business oriented organizational network labeling itself as the Rufaqa Corporation.

Even I got fooled into thinking that the deviants have truly repented but I did have my reservations about endorsing them in full, even then.

As I feared, the Al-Arqam folks have not repented in total, not just yet. They are too far gone to be able to reverse their deviant spiritual ego trip!

Different mode of attires and appearances but same old beliefs and wayward creed.

I guess that the Aurad Muhammadiah doctrine has been so deeply infused into their DNA that they will remain as diehard Ashaari followers even if the Abuya breathes his last one of these days?

I figure that you know who are the diehard Al-Arqam members just by looking at the photo here?

No more serbans but a unique banded songkok and normal Baju Melayu's to complete the total makeover.

These charming young followers of Ashaari weren't born yet when Al-Arqam reached its peak of influence back in the 80's but here they are all looking so pretty and colorful.

These are the members of the Mawaddah all female nasyid group of 'Rufaqa Corporation'.

Good natured young women but destined to be taken for a ride to be amongst the numbers of the polygamous Al-Arqam movement now rebranded as Rufaqa Corporation.

Guess you can't eliminate Al-Arqam in total, eh?

Well, the rest is history and we all know that only those who are either too obsessed with Ashaari's ideals will follow him blindly no matter where he takes them?

Do your comparative read up on them here, here, here and here.

Just be advised that you must take precautions against believing any of their teachings as they are so cleverly designed to draw the ignorants ones deep into their midst without the fools realizing that end result!

There is also another innovative concept introduced to the Islamic world by none other than our present Imam Hadhari.

These Last Ages are surely interesting to see so many 'false prophets' crop up exactly as Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam prophesied.

That is another topic to be written and exposed to be what it is, soon. Insya Allah.


Sayyed Al-Khiyyath said...

salam... it seems that the article that you wrote is bias and calling people to adhere to the Islamic Priciple are considered "devient". Ensure, before make such comments, do understand the main objective and teaching. I believe we are all Muslim and you i believe are a muslim too. People make unmarked comments without reading Ustaz Ashaari's book nor refer to any of his students. And can you tell a person who is deviated from a picture. Its all abt the heart. you have no right to jugde the person by its attire. Have you open up thier heart and see what is thier believe? then how can you judge? be reasonable.

mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Brother Sayyed,

As a follower of Ustaz Ashaari , naturally you will rise to the defense of your Abuya.

I can't expect those like you to immediately acknowledge what we are saying and see what we object to or even want to realize the khurafat that the teachings of Ashaari takes Al-Arqam's followers to the fringes of Bida'ah al Lawwamah.

When our Ulamaks issue forth their Fatwa's making it HARAM for Muslims to follow and practice your 'Aurad Muhammadiah' ; they do so only after carrying out the most thorough examination of your teachings and they give their decision based on facts and not fiction!

When one is brainwashed into hero worshipping a deviant as being 'maksum' and accord to him , unmerited status of being a 'Wali' and delude oneself to thinking that Ashaari Muhammad is one who has certain 'karamah' and goes to the extent of drinking water from washing of his feet, what does that tell us about Al-Arqam's followers?

I was being kind in not going all out in exposing the deviance of Al-Arqam due to the fact that I acknowledge the good parts of Al-Arqam in terms that are beneficial to the Ummah as in terms of their steadfastness in wanting to be self-sufficient in business ventures, manner of dressing- upholding the commandments to cover the aurat, religious (albeit adding on bidaah practices and performing khurafat acts)and the general accomplishments in business networking, breaking new grounds in usage of modern science and technology in carrying out missionary activities ( including unfortunately spreading of the banned Aurad Muhammadiah teachings),etc.

That's the reason why I have not really gone all out to show the world about your group's faults and instead choose to highlight your group's plus points instead of your group's main screw ups.

I have been to al-Arqam's communes way back in Penang and other Northern States and have even joined them in prayer only to find several acts of khurafat that are not taught in Islam being practiced by its members.

As a Da'ee, I try my best not to judge anyone before getting to know what they are and where their practices run contrary to what Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has actually taught us?

We do not have to get personal but when you come up and accuse me of being biased, then brother, you are just asking for it!

Would you be happy if I start a systematic exposure of all of Al-Arqam's deviant practices for my readers and all the Blogosphere to read and learn about?


Dear readers,

Sayyed al-khiyyath's blog is at

See the header?

Our Al-Arqam's leader dreams of sitting in the Prime Minister's Office as shown by the header image here.

It's not a crime to aspire to be somebody great but the manner by which one leads the ignorants to the Hellfire of Khurafat and Bidaah is surely not one to be emulated or supported hence my expose about the deviance of Ashaari's movement.

Those Al-Arqam's followers who are not happy with our exposes are free to take it up with our Ulamaks in JAKIM.

As Muslims, we follow Allah SWT and Rasul SAW.

Any new teachings such as the one by Ashaari and the latest false prophet of Islam Hadhari wont be accepted by any true Muslim!

As long as I live, I will oppose both deviants : Ashaari and Imam Hadhari until they truly repent and return to the fold of Islam, proper.

This is my promise.

Wabillahi taufik walhidayah.

Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

Sayyed Al-Khiyyath said...


MAy you all in good health n iman. From here, i see your point. alot of things that i would like to comment on, in the end it might falls on deaf ears. so i'll save the time. I'm open to discussion without biasness.

We have to keep it clear, to catogories which is aqeedah and which is furu'. most pple mix these two things up and happyly issues thier own version of fatwa.

i've seen n read it before. they are not ulama'. most of the issues brought up, are really old old old issue, such as Aurad Muhammadiah, tawassul, Maulid, tahlil, Sufi, tasawuf, Awliya'ALLAH, karamah and ect2..

certain accusations are merely fitnah from unnonymous source. i've heard, read these things before. Some claimed that ustaz Ashaari so call has or had "10 wives", some pple claims his students believe he is a "so call prophet", some even said his students claims him as a "deity"-- Nauzzubillah min dzalik!

Certain issue are controversial and inneed of explanations and clarifications with open heart not with hatered. there are two side of a coin. we adhere to theaching of the Quraan and As Sunnah of the Prophet and his family and the companions.

We have the "God given rights" to accept nor rejects the teaching of Abuya or other tasawuf Teacher in the path. but do not takfeer or tabdee'ah others who are in Path to Allah, which you might not understand yet... mAY ALLAH guides us.. Ameen

Katalah apa yang engkau hendak katakan

Katalah apa yang engkau hendak kata tentangku,
Aku tidak berkecil hati,
Kalau akulah yang benar
Ia menguatkan aku lagi,
Kalau benarlah aku membuat kesalahan
Aku boleh membetulkan diri
Aku bersyukur pada-Mu Tuhan

Di samping berterima kasih padamu kawan
Kalau engkau yang bersalah
Aku doakan kamu
Agar engkau diampunkan-Nya
Aku dapat pahala atau penghapusan dosa

Setiap kata-kata tidak percuma begitu saja
Semuanya Tuhan akan kira
Akan diperhitung diakhirat sana
Bahkan akan dibalas Syurga atau Neraka

Bantulah aku menjaga lidahku
Jangan sampai dia mengata
Kejahatan dari lidah terlalu banyak, wahai Tuhan!
Perpecahan terjadi dari lidah
Badan binasa terhadapnya juga

Orang teraniaya lantaran lidah
Orang tidak percaya kerana lidah
Orang hati sakit kerana lidah
Orang dipenjara kerana lidah
Orang berdendam kerana lidah

Aduh! Jahatnya lidah
Lebih jahat daripada ular yang berbisa...

---Sajak Abuya---