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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Al-Fatihah! Nurin Jazlin Jazimin-Lest we forget!


Malaysia mourns the death of an innocent child @ Allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin binti Jazimin, 8, whose dead body was found stuffed naked in a duffel bag, disposed by her killer or killers in front of a shoplot in Petaling Jaya, a couple of days ago.

Nurin had been abducted a month ago from a night market near her home in Wangsa Maju on the 20th of August, 2007 and she had been abused, molested, raped and sodomized by a yet to be identified beast or beasts who are being hunted down by the Malaysian Police.

Nurin was found with two phallic vegetables @ a cucumber and a brinjal, stuffed in her genitals and anus. What kind of sick demented individual would do that to an 8 year old?

Words can't describe the rage I feel to this day when I try to even imagine the tremendous pain and suffering that the poor little girl must have been subjected to?

I don't care what all the bloody human rights advocates say but if I am in a position to face such an animal or animals who killed her, God knows what I would inflict to the beast or beasts in return!

This is the fruit of our general Malaysians apathy towards crime prevention and for failing to uphold the true Laws of Allah, Our Creator!

Whatever laws we have here in this country is a mockery of true justice as witnessed by the way our judiciary have violated our trusts in the man made system here in bloody Bolehland!

Too many life's have been lost due to the inefficient anti-crime measures carried out and the many cases involving travesties of justice in this country.

Too many vicious criminals are being set free, acquitted and discharged by corrupt judges and an equally if not worse corrupt useless BN government!

As usual, the authorities will only react when something as devastating as this murder of an innocent little child has taken place and the killer or killers are still at large!

I am angry!

Damn angry at the incompetence of my fellow Malaysians in failing to realize the rot that has taken place in this nation, in its corrupt government, rhetoric spewing leaders, deaf, dumb and blind useless ulamaks, can't be trusted security forces especially those who are apathetic to the needs to prevent such cases from happening and at times even be the very ones who abuse and misuse the power and position they have been given in trust by the citizens of this country!

From being the lovely little pretty lass we see here in her picture, we are shocked and dismayed to learn that this is her, a month later, changed into a pale, dead, lifeless corpse, humiliated and mutilated beyond description and disposed off in such a disgusting manner!

Look at her angelic, cherubic, sweet, innocent face!

If this was your daughter, would you still remain compassionate to her killer or killers?

Will you still sleep , contented in your soft, cushy, comfortable bed, knowing that your precious one, your innocent, once beautiful, happy, smiling , flesh and blood of yours is now dead and buried, tortured to such a death, incomprehensible for us, the average Malaysians, to even think of such a vicious, foul deed?

I know that I'd spare no quarter in seeing to it that the beast who did this are hunted down..beaten black and blue, chopped to pieces and fed to the hogs, alive!!!

The nation awaits as to what and how the Malaysian authorities are going to deal with the killer of Nurin when he or she is captured by the police?

I want to see just how they deal with such beasts?

Visit here to see her burial report and pictures of the funeral rites.

The photos above are courtesy of mSTAR Online.

May her soul rest in final peace in the Mercy of Allah Ta'ala.

Amin Ya Rahman Ya Rahim.

1 comment:

namelya said...

i can't believe that someone evil more evil than creature will do tht.
we as an malaysian,have to show some gud example to the other country.
wad sort of malaysia people obses with sex,n children tht r not innocent have to be the "mangsa".
in this case we can't blame anyone,expect for the murderer.maybe allahyarham nurin jazlin r very particullar going to pasar malam always.without relizing,suddenly allahyarham nurin has been kidnapped n we thought we gonna see her face tht r beautiful like an angel,her voice tht r soft,bu in the end,we found her as a corpse.with a naked body in sport bag.wad kind of people will do tht?if the police get the murderer,plz i beg to u all,do sumthin bad to him,example,tie him at dataran merdeka,n thrown him trash,let all the people of malaysian known tht,the guy who is tied at dataran merdeka are the murderer of allahyarham nurin jazlin jazimin.