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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Anil Netto exposes PGCC Monster of all environmental screwups!

If there is one thing we can rely on Anil Netto's excellent journalistic exposes, it is his eye for detail!

Unlike the 'tame report' which was published by the New Straits Times featuring the launching of the mega behemoth monster of all screwed up projects being planned there in the former Penang Turf Club lands, the reality exposed by Anil shows us a damn bloody scary scenario for my once pristine home island!

Just read this excerpt :

'The project, which is expected to take 15 years to complete, will be built on the existing 104ha Penang Turf Club land here which Abad Naluri purchased for RM488 million in 2002.

It will house two iconic towers, a performing arts centre, upscale retail shopping outlets, a convention centre, 'high-end condominiums' and parks.'

Such a harmless looking report would just escape people's attention if not for Anil's doggedness in letting the whole wide world know what the greedy fellows have in store for the former 'Pearl of the Orient'?

See that 'high end condominiums' mention in that report?

Well, feast your eyes upon the planned 37 'high end condominiums' which will rise up all over the project , each towering up 40 over stories into the sky, jutting out like tombstones, totally destroying whatever tropical paradise reputation that my island state has been famous for all these centuries since Captain Francis Light duped the Sultan of Kedah way back in 1786 and transformed it into the paradise that it was till the fellow in red tie took over from Chong Eu!

The PM shown here launching the Penang Global City Centre can be assumed to be clueless about the disaster that such a gargantuan project would be unleashing onto my island state if not for the expose by Anil here!

Congratulations Anil! May the people of Penang be well aware what the bloody land pirates are planning to launch a potential mega environmental disaster for the pristine hills of Batu Gantong and surrounding flora and fauna of the forest reserve area.

I hope that the Consumers Association of Penang and the Sahabat Alam Malaysia will take up their cudgels and smash this mother of all environmental devastating project down!

Think of the long term damage such a monstrosity project would cause to Penang Island?

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