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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bashing Malaysia, bashing the BN Govt and bashing bloggers - The Difference.

I am sure that there are many of my fellow Malaysians who would agree with me that there exists in our midst, certain idiots and nincompoops who pass themselves off as 'know it all's' and from day one in setting up their blogs and websites come across as critics extraordinaries!

Yup! These are the experts in everything who can do a better job than any individual here on Earth for the way they criticize and castigate practically each and every one else but their 'perfect selfs'.

I am not much into the category of naming such idiots or making 'ad homineum' attacks against their person for you can figure them out for yourselves!

The advent of the internet has brought out the good, the bad and the absolutely 'uglies' amongst human society, across the whole wide world.

The internet can be a boon to those who use it positively and also vice versa when the demented ones with nothing but total negativity and blackened hearts sit before the computer and spew forth their venom against their chosen target or victim for the day.

In my 3 years of blogging, I have been personally attacked by such useless anonymous cowards for no rhyme or reason except that they couldn't stomach or get to understand what I and like minded individuals try to share with our readers.

A close friend of mine faces similar attacks almost daily for one reason only - that we defend Islam and the Muslims against concerted attacks by the Islamophobes and the way we respond.

MENJ is a young Islamic internet activist who doesn't give no quarter to such vile, uncouth online cowards and has been blogging way before me. He has his own style and approach which differs from mine.

I am more into face to face interactive dakwah and lately have been actively writing online.

I prefer to engage in decent communications and interactions as using foul harsh words and expletives is really not my taste or habit.

Personally, I try my best to avoid wrestling with such online swine for it serves no purpose but to rile us up and its not healthy to do so, especially with such spineless trolls who do not have it in them to engage with us man to man or whatever?

I hold fast to the hadith of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam that we must try our best to guard our tongue from speaking of what's not good and to be patient as long as we can when facing such unnecessary adversaries.

All these personal attacks against our persons is uncalled for and reflects upon the gutter mentality of such cowards.

I know that its not easy for us to remain patient and sometimes we do feel so enraged that if the idiot was ever before us and having the gonads to say that to our face, we'd do the natural thing that any offended party will do-kick and smash them down to nothing!

All these is part and parcel with the world of online interactions. Not many amongst the blogging community dare to reveal themselves or are willing to be responsible over what they say or publish!

Personal attacks against a blogger just because you do not agree with him or her is one thing but lately, I am concerned over the rising number of such swine who start bashing the nation for the crimes or abuses of the BN government.

It's one thing to criticize the government for they are the ones running the show and making decisions while riles up the criticizers in the first place but some idiots out there today have started attacking Malaysia whilst remaining here as citizens and enjoying whatever the country has achieved all these while.

To me, this is nothing short of committing treason.

Malaysia is where these idiots have been born in. Malaysia is where these ingrates learned to know anything. Malaysia as a nation has done these idiots no wrong.

You want to criticize the government? Go ahead. Be responsible over what you say or share with others...if.. you have any sense of honor that is to back up your statements with your proofs of wrongdoing by the BN government.

That is part and parcel of living in a democracy. There are certain rights for you as a citizen to voice out against the authorities...properly.

Choice of words. Strength of purpose or conviction. Legitimate grounds for dissent. These are all allowed by the Federal Constitution and also by our respective beliefs.

The problem starts when the criticizer fails to differentiate between criticizing the nation as a whole and the BN ruling coalition of political parties headed by UMNO, MCA, MIC and all the others!

It is anonymous hate mongers like these who spoil the good names and reputations of the blogging community as a whole when they fail to be true gentlemen or women in criticizing just for the sake of their own bloody inflated recalcitrant egos!

As long as these foulmouthed naysayers exist and fail to repent, the blogosphere will remain chastised by the powers that be as worthless gossipers and unworthy of attention from the government or the general public.

It is a shame for these folks who might be not that stupid but wasting their life's away by getting mired down in the bog of hate and unnecessary enmity.

When they die, their legacy will be nothing but hatred and a stinking reputation, despised by all who ever had the misfortune to come across them personally or had to suffer reading all their venom and filth from a polluted mindset.

To such people who seem to love nation bashing, I say this' Wise up and stop the nonsense. Learn to differentiate between criticizing the BN for their decisions and policies and spare the nation for the mistakes of the current government.'

And for God's sake, stop making personal attacks! Discuss and debate if you must by engaging with us in a manner befitting our self instead of calling us this and that. It speaks volumes about your persons.

Not something to be proud of or be able to tell your kids and grandchildren...that is if you make it to that stage at all.

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