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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Batu Buruk Shooting - Eye Witness Says PDRM are Lying!

Malaysiakini has managed to get an eye witness @ Encik Osman Ismail to give his testimonial about how he saw with his own eyes the FRU undercover policeman shoot at Suandi and the other PAS supporter whilst running away from the scene!

He says he saw it all clearly as it took place before him and that the newspapers and mass media are lying!

He refutes the PDRM's claims that the FRU policeman was assaulted by 20 over PAS supporters and had fired in self defense lying helpless on the ground with just 1 shot which was later changed by the Terengganu CPO later to the actual 4 shots!

Encik Osman said that he saw only 3 to 4 men confronting the FRU guy and that one man had thrown a punch at the FRU guy which landed on his right shoulder and prompted the FRU guy to run away, chased by the couple of PAS fellows!

Encik Osman said that the FRU guy had fired 4 to 5 shots at the PAS supporters whilst running resulting in the two PAS supporters being hit by the bullets and seriously injured!

This is the reason why it is important for us to help share the truth of what has actually taken place there in Batu Buruk and why we can't trust the mainstream news media for the way they lie openly through their teeth, laying blame on the PAS supporters for what is now clearly a well planned agenda to wreak havoc in our nation by irresponsible instigators hiding behind a charade of being the righteous ones?

Here are two comments from Malaysiakini's posting of the 'Riot at Batu Buruk' YouTube videoclip taken from UKOM @ Unit Komunikasi @ the Terengganu State Government Communication Unit who 'happened' to be there?

Commented by Sivalingam on Friday, 14 September 2007
The whole incident looks so ugly. Who is the cause behind citizens being unhappy to the extent that they have to throw stones at the armed forces. We all need to go back to our basics of Chanting Gods names and ask for divine help. There is no hope asking help from materialistic leaders.

Commented by Anak_perelih on Friday, 14 September 2007

Clearly the video shows the word "UKOM".. UKOM stands for "Unit Komunikasi Kerajaan Negeri" which is the state government communication unit

This shows the abuse of the state's machinery for the party's interest as in the beginning of the video it clearly shows "PAS Mengganas".

Another thing is why only reporter from UKOM manages to capture the picture/video, not other reporters even from mainstream media.? and they even captured the video from within the police... why did the UKOM reporter is there if the riot was spontaneously erupted, it must be planned before that the reporter from UKOM is there to capture the video.


Talk about a staged riot! The title at the start of this clip says it all.

This is not healthy for our nation that has managed to progress in terms of racial and religious harmony after all these years.

I call upon those in power to remember Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and that they will be held accountable for whatever that they do here on earth and that not a dot escapes His Observance of all that we do!

We don't need such troubles, not now, not forever!

If it is to be, it will be and that is something that we as Muslims must believe with all our hearts.

Do not cause mischief and hardship for your fellow citizens as we all deserve to co-exist in peace and work together to help improve our nation in all ways possible.

Take a break from following our ego's and uphold the spirit of Ramadan in our hearts!

No more instigations. Respect the holy month and stop your witchhunt's. For Allah's sake!

The thing is that truth will always prevail ...if not now..then later.

Would the instigators be proud of their crimes then? Think!

Enough bloodshed! Go for peace. Insya Allah!

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