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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cat Stevens to Yusuf Islam - Listen to him tell his amazing story.

There's just so much to learn from Cat Stevens life that pretty much is an amazing spiritual journey of one who had reached the pinnacle of success in the British music industry yet had taken out so much from him internally.

His internal sufferings drove him to seek relief in the main scourge of mankind -alcohol and other substances.

A near drowning off Malibu, California and subsequent miracle of getting saved by a miraculous wave that pushed him back ashore after he prayed to God asking to be saved and given a second chance in life, changed his destiny from that moment on.

Listen to him tell his story. Subhanallah.

Here are some of his songs after becoming a Muslim...and what a great Muslim he has become!


Aiyu said...

Sometimes, I wonder how does one draw the line between spirituality and religiousness...

Cat Stevens has always come across as a very spiritual and philosophical person to me, judging by the contents of a lot of his earlier lyrics. After he converted to Islam, his lyrics took on a heavily religious tone. And also, it was a bit disturbing to see him imitate Arab culture with his excessive beard and clothing etc. He's toned down a lot these days though... I hope he's finally gotten the wisdom to realize that you can be a good Muslim too despite wearing western-style clothing and a clean-shaven face heh :P I wonder what difference would it have made if he had sought a deeper spirituality in Buddhism for example or anything else apart from Islam. Would he have gone off to shave his head and make a pilgrimage to Tibet by foot instead? o_O

In the end, no matter what religion one believes in, if the desire for self-betterment is not present in oneself, then there's nothing much that religion could do for that person. As for Cat Steven, I felt as if it just boiled down to one thing: Islam was merely the mechanism, while it was his profound desire of a deeper appreciation and understanding of life that lead him to where he is today. Whatever it was that he was searching for in his "dark" days, I'm glad that he finally seemed to have found it, for not everyone could achieve such heightened level of awareness in their lifetime. Well, this is just my perception though :)

yesil said...

thanks very much for that post and comment.