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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Free Online Multilingual Translator Service-Update

I tried out the service and reversed the translation process and saw my earlier article which I translated using the online translator service and was a bit shocked to see my sentences come out not quite right! :P

Hence, I have deleted the attempted translation. Sorry for that!

Anyway, I still think that this service can be of help for Non Chinese to at least learn the meaning of the chinese scripts which are available.

Nothing beats learning Mandarin the traditional way, eh?


As you can see, I have tried to use the Free Online Multilingual Translator Service by republishing my article on Ramadan- what it's all about from English to Traditional Chinese using their free service.

It's limited to a 1000 characters every translation, so I had to copy paste several times depending on the length of the article to and fro from the original article to the translated and cut the translated excerpt and paste it into the new article I was writing.

God willing, when I can afford to , I'd purchase the full service and translate my writings into the main languages of my readers here.

You can try check it out for yourselves. I hope to hear from my Chinese readers whether I got it right or have screwed up here?

Thank you.

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