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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hukum Sula @ Capital Punishment for Sex Offenders.

I believe that just like me, many folks all over the world and especially around Nusantara are still very angry and can't wait for Allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin Jazimin's killer to be caught and brought to justice!

No court of law can compensate for the sick pervert's brutal murder of the little girl after sadistically torturing her to death and mutilating her in such a way that even an animal won't do what he or she did to Nurin!

The most appropriate capital punishment for such an animal is the ancient punishment called 'Hukum Sula'. To have an idea of what this punishment is , click here. Be warned.

It's not for the faint hearted. Watch only if you are up to it.

I obtained the link to this clip when I googled for it.

This is the general idea. As much as Nurin's killer had tortured her to death, this is the most appropriate retribution for such a heartless beast.

Mete out this punishment to the killer when he or she is caught and see whether any other sex offender dares to go disturb any other child or innocent woman?

I am running a poll on the type of punishment that befits the crime of Nurin's killer and the overwhelming votes are all for this punishment. Death by impaling. Hukum Sula.

I say let's teach sex offenders a lesson to stand as a lethal punishment for their beastly crimes.


Keith Richard Radford Jr said...

The 1-2-3's of sex offenders by Keith Richard Radford Jr.
The 1,2,3's of sex offenders.
1. The recidivism rate of sex offenders is under 5%
2. 90% of all sex crimes are committed within the family.
3. 92% of all sex crimes are perpetrated by people not on the sex offender registry.
If the bulls eye is 5% of the target and the bulls eye scores no points, what justifies the billions of tax payer dollars for the project?
Keith Richard Radford Jr

Keith Richard Radford Jr said...

Since when do scientist or people of faith have the corner on what is right for mankind?
Science and Religions have both made mistakes which have cost them and mankind dearly. Without inclusive to all, choices offered to all, there can be no peace, unity, or care for mankind.
Look we went over to Iraq to install the perfect government, which became the perfect failure. We now want to give in to more diversity.
In California there is a ballot which if you seem too effeminate, as a male or too masculine as a female you will not be able to work. Discrimination divides us all. United States needs to pass on the need for control of its people concerning sex and get to the matters that matter.

Who are they kidding?