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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Judge for yourselves! Malaysian Judiciary Kingmakers!

Sometimes it is best to just let the video uncover the story! No need to be beating about the bush with this one.

It comes complete with the transcript of the telephone conversation between Senior Lawyer Dato' VK Lingam and the Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim . has presented to the whole wide world the super duper judicial expose of all time especially concerning the way these judges and senior lawyers go about deciding who goes up and who goes down in this nation's justice system.

Malaysia! You truly amaze me at times. What else is gonna come up?

As the Malay saying goes, " Bangkai gajah tak boleh ditutup dengan nyiru!"

Things like these will surely get exposed as it has because with the advent of high technology in mobile cameraphones, etc...any one with the alertness of mind can and will record such wheelings and dealings and post it online.

I look forward to what is gonna take place as a result of this expose ....or is it going to be swept under the already bulging carpets of Putrajaya?

Maybe they will do a 'Copperfield' on this one too?


ShadowFox said...

They will conduct a witch hunt and then start hunting down socio political bloggers.

mahaguru58 said...

They do not have to hunt us bro!

We are right here unlike anonymous ones.

We are just doing our civic duty as responsible citizens in voicing out against injustice.

They forget that they too will be hauled before the Supreme Judge above all supreme judges in the Hereafter!

Behold then the retribution of God to those who are unjust here on Earth.

Rauff said...

Witch hunt ka, man hunt ka, head hunt ka...go ahead. Dah malu nak tutup pekung sendiri padahal berak bersepah disana-sini. Pelan2 semua akan diketahui, betapa pincangnya kerajaan malaysia skrang ni.