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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini - Beacons of Information.

The emergence of Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today as alternative sources of information to Malaysians who want to learn about the real deal regarding the events taking place here in Malaysia is something that truthseekers really appreciate and are thankful for.

We didn't have much choice before the emergence of both alternative media except to rely on what the mainstream cuckolded print and broadcast media fed to us.

The mainstream media rarely published news and reports that exposed all the shenanigans that goes on in government and hide such proof of abuses and wrongdoings that take place in the various ministries.

Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today have exposed so many evidences of official crimes such as corruption cases, abuses of political power, criminal breaches of trust by elected officials, cover ups of serious crimes, cronyism, nepotism, and many other injustices that would have never seen the light of day in the 'mainstream media'.

Cases such as this would usually be swept under the carpet so to speak and never become available to the public's knowledge.

Both Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today give Malaysians a platform to voice out their opinions freely but sometimes idiots and haters amongst us abuse the privileges given and spew out racist and religiously laced venom against others especially against the Malays and Muslims in both sites.

It is for these reasons that both alternative media come to be known as anti-Islam and anti-Malay for the crimes of their anonymous commenter's.

Yet, if we are to be fair, we should acknowledge the good that both alternative media present to us in terms of coming to know about the truth behind many crimes left unmentioned by the mainstream media.

If only the owners of both Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today could keep out the malicious comments touching on the sensitive issues of race and religion and let through only reasonable and rational viewpoints, both alternative media would be accepted as shining beacons of truthful information that we can all trust.

The mainstream media kowtowing to the ruling coalition that has been ruling this nation with an iron fist since Independence, has sadly been reduced to being nothing but propaganda mouthpieces who paint rosy pictures and sing praises of the powers that be, conveniently ignoring or refusing to see the obvious abuses taking place right before their very eyes.

I applaud both Steven Gan and his dedicated team at Malaysiakini and Raja Petra Kamarudin running Malaysia Today for being steadfast in their crusade for sharing the truth here in Malaysia with their readers.

If there are any Malaysians who deserve to be heralded as the heroes of this nation in terms of fighting for justice and freedom of the media, these two gentlemen will be clear winners.

They just need to make sure that venomous anonymous hate spewers are kept out from desecrating their noble causes.

If they can both see to it that such hatred comments don't make it to their comments sections, then both Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today will forever be heralded as the two main alternative media platforms that freed us all from being victims of an unjust mainstream media.

Knowledge is power and the people of Malaysia and the whole wide world deserve to be kept informed rightfully of the truth and nothing but the actual truth!

We do not need to be fed propaganda because the internet has emerged to be a source of information that breaks free from government control or manipulations that was enjoyed by tyrants and despots of the past.

Today, there is an available option. An option to show to all visual proof in vivid living colors and audio exposing all the crimes of the power brokers, abusers and corrupt devils masquerading as the people's saviors and exemplary leaders of the nation. A case in concern is this expose:

I pray that truth reaches the hearts and minds of all Malaysians so that they will be able to decide the future of this country by electing only the ones who deserve to be ruling over us all. Ameen.

To both Steven Gan and Raja Petra, I wish you both the best and hope you will be successful in your noble aspirations to open up the eyes and minds of all true Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

Hate comments in MT have been exposed many times to be work of cyber troopers planted by those in power to give them exactly the reasons/excuse needed to discredit these alternative news site accordingly.

mahaguru58 said...

I do not dispute your statement that the hate comments might be the work of cybertroopers as we hear.

We do have to be realistic in acknowledging that there do exist haters in the general Malaysian public who abuse the privileges provided by MT and Mkini.

These are the ones adding fuel to the fire.