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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Malaysian Universities Campus Politics - No less intimidating!

Yee Yang Yang, a Malaysian Chinese student at Universiti Putra Malaysia, has found it the hard way that campus politics is just as dirty and intimidating as the real political climate of Malaysia when his hostel room was broken into by campus security - (read) -Special Duties Unit who stole his laptop, mobile phone, MP4 player, pendrive, and certain personal documents recently!

As shown on video below, the culprit @ notorious for his intimidating highhandedness in the person of the 'Special Duties Unit' Supervisor Zamali Haji Samsi is shown in the video here demonstrating his arrogant manner in denying the student his right to have his laptop and personal property returned to him immediately!

With such kind of abusive and biased treatment being meted out to these UPM Chinese students by the clearly discriminating campus security, is it any wonder that these students will grow to hate the Malays as a whole for the inconsiderate few amongst the campus security personnel here?

I wonder what the university administrators are doing by allowing such blatant thuggery take place here against their fee paying students who are in fact their paymasters?

Yes! Those students aren't studying there for free, are they?

All the fees being paid by such students and all the rest are pooled into paying the salaries of the lecturers, administrators, campus staff plus those arrogant campus security personnel themselves!

These are university students we are talking about?

What the hell is wrong about them learning to prepare for the realities of life once they graduate?

If they have certain tendencies to be politically inclined and support whatever bloody party they want, its their business and their rights!

It makes no difference to the way things are being run here in this nation as far as the political scenario is concerned.

The BN has had its way all these 50 years and continues to terrorize the Opposition in real life as witnessed by the latest incident involving the shooting of two PAS supporters by the undercover FRU Police special unit personnel at the stopped BERSIH Fair Elections rally in Batu Buruk, Kuala Terengganu!

The universities are the preparation grounds for the nation's bright sparks and young minds to learn to take over from the incumbents running the government and also the opposing political parties.

When you do such things to intimidate them and confiscate their personal laptops and properties, what message are you giving to those students?

'That this current regime is no different from any dictatorial tyrants out there in the world because they will stop at nothing, not even murder to hang on to their power and positions at all costs?'

I feel ashamed to see my fellow 'Muslims' behave so arrogantly especially now in the holy month of Ramadan which clearly doesn't seem to mean much to those despots terrorizing the young students of this nation!

In case, the university's administrators forgot, these are our students, our Malaysian students who have every right to be allowed to study in peace and accorded due respect and honor to be left unmolested and undisturbed to carry on with their academic pursuits!

The more this nation's administrators are focused on race and skin color, the more befuddled will they be in not doing their jobs to the letter and cause our country's higher learning institutions be dismissed off as nothing worthy to be proud of as they will be seen as not qualified to be noted amongst the top universities of the world!

The international academic world will condemn our universities to be nothing but training camps for future blind supporters of the reigning regime and nothing less than that.

Its a shame to the reputation and integrity of the academics of this country to see such discrimination allowed to be taking place there in UPM!

Is the BN condoning such highhandedness of the campus security there? I have yet to see the Minister for Higher Education address this matter? Where the hell is he?

Busy campaigning?


Rauff said...

Too busy with nothing perhaps.

Sagaladoola said...

My writing on this:
Malaysia Gemilang: University, A Fascist Place ?

mahaguru58 said...

Greetings Rauff and Chris,

It worries me to see such thuggery being perpetrated on our university students , no matter what race or religion they are from?

These aren't Mat Rempits or Bohsia's who are a menace to our society!

These are learned students who are just exercising their rights to study and put to practice the fundamental rights to knowledge and freedom of expression and thoughts which are what universities should allow them to develop their critical thinking!

To have an idiot like that nincompoop go about confiscating laptop's belonging to the student and stealing his properties will surely disturb his focus and studies!

UPM is getting out of hand as far as intimidating its students are concerned!

I for one see this as a blatant act of racial discrimination. Period!

Sagaladoola said...

Hi mahaguru,

It is good to know that you are speaking on behalf of a minority race in Malaysia for a good cause.

Actually, Harakahdaily posted that there are some other students of Barisan Mahasiswa Bersatu (of Yee Yang Yang) being harassed as well.

Its chairman, who is a Malay, is being harassed as well. It is indeed terrible.

I urge all Malaysians to view this a class struggle (instead of a race struggle) against Fascism.

From what I can see, some Malays in UPM wants some change too. They want democracy too.

Such confiscation should not be done.

However, I see that some of your points are right that certain authorities are trying to do something like this, to divide us, common Malays, Chinese and Indians, and conquer us.

And the people who divide us not only comes from the elite Malay groups. There are elite Chinese and Indians as well.

It is a struggle against these divisive elites. I am sure everyone knows who are these elites.

Keep up your good work !