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Saturday, September 22, 2007

PDRM! Hunt the killer! Stop threatening Arwah Nurin's Parents!!!

If there is one thing that we can expect from the Malaysian authorities, it is preposterous statements and idiotic conclusions about any one incident or tragedy like what Malaysia has seen.

I am referring to the Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan's threat to take action against the murdered Nurin Jazlin Jazimin's parents for criminal negligence as reported here!

What utter stupidity or plain lack of compassion is this?

The family is already devastated in losing their beloved child but here comes our nation's topmost police officer threatening to add further to the family's misery!

Bravo Tan Sri! You are truly an inspiration to the sick, murdering @#$%^&*! out there who will now feel enamored to go about looking for fresh new victims to rape, sodomize, torture, mutilate and kill as they please!

Words fail me in trying to remain calm during my fast here reading such crap coming from you, of all people?!

If you have forgotten who the hell you are, let me just remind you.

You are the one whom we all place our trust in making sure that all the sick, demented beasts out there are hunted down, shot and killed if you will, in keeping this nation safe from such unthinkable harm!

Yes, we can't be going around carrying weapons for use in case ourselves and our families are in any danger, can we?

We, the common citizens aren't allowed to pack a pistol, revolver or whatever firearm or even a bloody keris for the matter to protect our families can we?

What do we have to protect ourselves with?

Only our faith in Allah and our trust in you and your Royal Malaysian Police force!

That's all we have.

Yet , here you are threatening those devastated parents of the late Allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8 years old at time of death, with further trauma and heartaches of facing legal action?

Why don't you just throw the whole lot of them into prison?

That would really make their day, won't it?

Talk of the state of the police force here in this gone stir crazy nation?

Criminals get away with murder whilst the suffering parents of that innocent, mutilated child face imprisonment!

I just don't know what the heck we Malaysians are to do with the likes of you and the equally dumbfounded ones we have in government, infamous for their matching cock and bull statements and screwed up opinions?

Looks like we are doomed into either fending for ourselves and our loved ones and do whatever the hell we have to do or just do like what some nations are forced to do when faced with anarchy and lawlessness in their lands.

Set up vigilante forces and hunt those sick b@$#@*%! down ourselves?

I implore the Malaysian authorities to stop spewing such vile threats and go address the main problem of tracking down those young Malay couple in their 20s that you say are seen in the CCTV recording after their dumping of the duffel bag and said to be Nurin's killers and leaving in their Silver Perodua Kenari from the crime scene!

That is what the PDRM should do instead of adding salt to the bleeding hearts of the poor murdered victim's parents!

You guys have children too, don't you?

Imagine what you would do if it had been your child killed after being tortured, dishonored, humiliated and mutilated like that?

I know that you guys in the police force are expected to be tough guys and all that machoism stuff, but please have a heart and lay off making such stupid inhumane threats against Jazimin and Norazian!

No more! Leave them alone! Console them if you can but please stop adding to their miseries!

They are suffering enough! Damn it!


Kris said...

why am i not surprise with this idiotic response from PDRM? *sigh*

the last pic puts tears to my eyes...

Rauff said...

the thing that should be looked into right way is the Lingam Video. The IGP should take his own gun and swallow his bullets for thinking such a thing.

Rauff said...

BODOH. What made him even think remotely of such a thing?

nurunnajma said...

aku takde mood nak berbahasa dalam bahasa selain dari bahasa Melayu sbb org yang buat konon2nya 'pengajaran' untuk ibu n ayah nurin tu org Melayu!

apahal la...sian kat makbapak arwah adik tu,,diorang lagi tgh sedih, nak terima hakikat yang arwah tu mmg anak diorang pun susah,,pastu datang pula mangkuk nak bg ugutan2 camtu..dah lepas tu lepasla..
kalau hang nak buat polisi baru lepas ni suka hati hang la lepas makbapak arwah tu dulu..kalau hang da bitau awal2 kat makbapak nurin tu sblm anak depa tu hilang takpa la gak....isk! aku ssh btul la nak terima..apsalla bodoh sgt..sblm ni, klau hang buat report tu lepas kes nurulhuda blhla nak ckp macam2,,nak bg denda tak..
depa tu blum lagi kebumuikan anak depa masa hang pi announce segala bullshit yang hang ckp tu..bukan aku nak protes kerajaan, tapi..oii mangkuk! pikir ar dulu...
skrang ni baik hang hentikan segala mengarut yang hang nak sebar untuk takutkan makbapak budak2 lain,,lagi elok kalau hang cepat2 cari lakhnat yang buat macam tu kat arwah adik nurin...!
aku tulis ni sambil menangis..aku da tak sanggup nak bayangkan cam mana adik nurin diseksa..

Ya Allah..lindungilah anak2 kami..sesungguhnya Engkau sahaja yang berkuasa mutlak menjatuhkan hukuman kepada org yang menzalimi mahluk Mu yang lain...Amin.

mahaguru58 said...

I have a confession. I have been crying every time I have been writing about Nurin.

I am a father myself and I just can't bear to stop my emotions getting out of control whenever I recollect how she must have suffered at the hands of those beasts!

I can't get her out of my mind. She's too young to have died like that!

c said...

i am a singaporean... crimes happened everyday... even in so called safe city like here..But there will always be bastard out there looking for easy prey...I hope the malaysian authorities will wake up and do something about the rising point pointing fingers...
I hope the bastard get caught soon...It makes my blood boiled when innocent get victimised like that,,especially children.

mahaguru58 said...

I agree with you 'c'.

I worked and lived in Singapore from 1980 to 1986.

I know that Singapore is not that different from Malaysia and that you have your fair share of crazies out there.

I recall a similar case of a murder that took place in one of the HDB flats and the killer had chopped up the victim into parts to fit the suitcase and had left it in the void deck of the flat.

Society is getting crazier by the minute and we really need to start galvanizing our neighborhood watch all over the world, so to speak but more so here in Bolehland which is becoming too dangerous for families to live by the day!

The way things are going and the inefficient police protection for us, common citizens, I see no other ways to go about protecting our loved ones than to go on the offensive against the murderous bastards!

I was fasting during the day hence I had no choice but to stem the rage I felt thinking of the killer of Nurin who is or are at large!

Take care of your loved ones and see to it that if it comes to a situation where you have to take action against any predator out there, go for the jugular without hesitation!

Let's rid Malaysia and Singapore from the bastards!

I say let's teach them a lesson by imposing God's Laws on the murderous beasts!

Public stoning is the only answer!

Collective public punishment just as Almighty Allah prescribes so that others like them will think twice before they even consider harming any other person to satiate themselves!

Aiyu said...

Y'know... you people are so stuck in your angers that you're all forgetting something vital. I'm sure the IGP is saddened by this case as well, so how bout you guys try understanding the reasons for his threat against Nurin's parents in the first place?

Looking at all signs, she didn't exactly have the luck of having particularly bright people as parents. I mean, for god's sakes, the father's a mere cab driver, living in a (low-cost?) 2-bedroom flat with FOUR children (what the hell are you doing having FOUR children if you're poor in the first place?!), and the children have names that're typical of idiotic Malays who simply create meaningless names for their children (Jazshira, Jazrina, Jazlisa? huh? ok, Nurin's name is good, but those...?).

Adding up to that is the fact that KL isn't exactly the safest city around (hello? the father who's a cab driver should know better?), so what the hell were they doing letting their daughter wander around elsewhere at night in the first place?! Accept it, we can't change the fact that human beings are made of both good and bad elements, so the least we could do is to take all precautions to safeguard the safety of ourselves & our loved ones. There are also reports stating that Nurin didn't have a BCG shot scar, speaks volumes about her parents ignorance doesn't it?

The bottomline is: her parents were partly contributory to her death. Yes, it's sad but true. As to the psycho who did this, I'm sure he isn't perfectly sane in the first place, so even if they do catch him and have a trial, he's more likely to end up in Tj. Rambutan than alam barzakh first.

I choose to believe that as much as her circumstances of death was devastating, it was important for it to happen in the sense that we needed a rude wake-up call to authorities on the true state of safety in this country, and also for them to enforce stricter laws. Things always happen for a reason, so let's not let her sacrifice go to waste.

Remember people, getting all hacked-up and emotional isn't gonna get you anywhere but to the shrink lol... and look on the bright side, Nurin's better off being in heaven than living with such parents who couldn't even take care of her properly in the first place. Peace~

mahaguru58 said...

Easy for you to say so Aiyu!

If the same thing happens to you or someone close to you, hell, I'd guarantee that you'd be singing a different tune!

Do not look down on Nurin's parents or be a blind supporter of the idiotic threat to jail them instead of going after the killer!

We feel strongly about the case as it is a brutal crime and no amount of faultfinding is going to reverse the facts that a child died after being mercilessly being tortured and sexually assaulted to death!

If you had been the victim, your tone would be absolutely different!

I am not wishing you to suffer the same but it would be best for all to stop making 'ad homineum' attacks against Nurin's father!

The man's suffered enough!

Aiyu said...

Actually, rather than end all my sentences with exclamation marks (which depicts the extent of your anger upon reading my comment), I choose to use my head over my heart at times like these :) Remember, Nurin's murderers were most likely "things" (they don't deserve to be called humans) that use their heart over head. Oh wait a minute, some may even say they don't have a heart, so lets just say they followed their arse.

But I digress. You've misunderstood my point in reasoning out the IGP's reaction to the case. Since when was I a "blind" supporter of the IGP anyway? o_O I said the parents were PARTLY contributory. The thing is, you can't clap with one hand. It takes two to tango, so we have to acknowledge that BOTH Nurin's parents and the murderers were responsible for this, considering that Nurin was merely 8 yrs old, so she didn't have the full thinking capacity to care for herself. I've already pointed out that Nurin's murderers were most likely PSYCHOS, which means that you can't expect rational reasoning from them (this crime was insane enough as it is), and since God has already taken the liberty of creating such people and placing them everywhere on earth, the best we could do to adapt to such a situation is to protect ourselves as much as we can, in addition to the participation from the police force and existence of the law. Hence, the reason why my dad gave me a pepper spray and portable alarm when I had to travel back and forth from school on my own last time. And they also kept reminding me of being wary of strangers and being constantly alert of my surroundings when walking alone. But of course, when I started venturing out on my own, I was a lot older than Nurin was. For a kid of merely 8, any smart parent would be chaperoning them when going places rather than letting them walk alone, at night on top of that. See the difference between parents who care and parents who don't care?

And frankly, the fact that you've mentioned several times "how would I feel like if it was me" and "you're not wishing for me to suffer the same thing" already shows that the thought has crossed your mind to wish for it to happen to me, but you held or changed your thoughts coz of your inherent self-righteousness. True, I'd be singing a different tune if it happened to me, but the point is, it hasn't. It hasn't happened for a reason. And I take the responsibility to make sure that it NEVER WILL.

And btw, I've had friends who have been victims of sexual assault who have come confessing to me, and it's always that as much as they wanted to make themselves out to be 100% victims, I could always see how they were partly responsible for the circumstances as well.

My point is just this, it's not so much about blame and playing victim as it is about taking responsibility. You people are so hacked-up on blaming the murderers and police that you failed to see that Nurin's parents had a responsibility to play too (the murderers' parents pon satu. dah tau anak sendiri psycho hantar lah pegi jumpe shrink). The IGP was merely pointing that out. So how bout you see his threat in a different light, that it's not so much about imprisoning Nurin's parents as it is a warning to ALL parents to take care of their children properly and be responsible for them, if not, don't bother having kids!

As a conclusion, I'd like to reiterate that it has never been my intention to pick a fight or argument with you; they're pretty pointless anyway considering that there's no absolute right or wrong in this world, only different subjective point of views. So again, I was merely reasoning the IGP's point of view; I mean come on lah, if he were an idiot he'd be washing toilets rather than being able to manipulate his way to that position.

That said, I place my trust in the higher powers (God included) that poetic justice will find it's way in this case. Let's learn from this incident and not have such things happen again in the future.

And to you Mahaguru58, if you could just open your mind to the many different point of views in this world, and you'd be amazed at the things you could learn :) I acknowledge you as someone who is learned and intellectual, though I see a lot of ego, pride and self-righteousness in you as well. Just coz you hear someone else's p.o.v, you don't have to say it's right or wrong or agree or disagree, just say "ok, I hear you there, interesting point you have there." Habis cerite.

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

Well said Aiyu.

I concur with your points that I am deeply concerned with this case to the extent that I didn't realize my emotions getting the better of me by ending up all my replies to you with those exclamation marks. Hehehehe.

I have always been myself and never put up an act of being holy moly.

The blogosphere knows me as one who speaks his mind without fear or favor.

I learn from all sources out there including yourself.

I wish you no harm as well but just feel that we need to have better leaders in this country who will not issue forth statements that cause more harm than good.

Nurin's parents aren't exactly faultless, that's a fact but then we aren't in a position to dictate to them as to how they should live their life's or the number of kids they should have?

Thanks for reminding me of my bloody ego. It's well and alive, I can vouch for that ..hehehehe.

What are we without our ego's?

We will be angels if not for our ego but that defeats the purpose of Allah SWT creating us as humans in the first place.

I would like to apologize to anonymous you for my blowing my top there!

Shows my human reality, doesn't it?

Thank you for being my 'thermostat'.

Appreciate it.

Wabillahi taufik walhidayah.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta'ala wabarakatuh.

Anonymous said...

AIYA it's our fault lar cause we never bribe enough for them to get an education.... !!!! after M stepped down the whole country is going to hell!!! makan money no work done at least before makan money got progress.!!1 name me one project since M stepped down that has worked ? name me one project which has failed i can't name one cause all the bloody projects have failed .!! then at the end of the day government will ask us the rakyat to blame ourselves. Government never holds responsibility for nuts!! crime is rising despite all the expensive effort.... THE PROBLEM IS THAT OUR PARLIMEN NO MORE SMART PEOPLE ALL FULL OF IDIOTS WHO NEVER THINK BEFORE THEY ACT OR EVEN SPEAK!! do you all remmeber what thye said about snatch theft? they said it's the problem of the rakyat for not preventing!!! it's time for a change and we all know it~!!!!! be it anyone as long as malaysian AND HOW THE HELL CAN THAT BLOODY WOMAN IN PARLIMENT SAY THAT ONE DAY EVEN A REMPIT CAN BE A PRIME MINISTER do you want a rempit in parlimen?

mahaguru58 said...

Phew! That's quite a mouthful Fuga but thanks for clearing the atmosphere for a second!

BTW, could you please update me as to who it was saying that a 'mat rempit' can be this nation's PM one day?

We are in deep shit already since the old dictator left ; we'll be a nation gone to hell if what you say that some bloody cocked up minister said about a 'rempit' running this nation?

Sheesh! What will they think of next?

Pa'chik said...

so, it's her father's fault for being poor?
it's her father's fault for wanting to live in kl
it's her father's fault for letting her out to pasar malam
it's her father's fault to have four childern with just 2-bedroon flat...

Ho ho ho...
it's never be the police's fault for fail to make kl a safest city.
never be the police's fault for failing to capture the culprit
never be the police's fault for unable to uphold the law...
never be the police's fault for more likely to take care of pubs and clubs... where they can get their easy money,

if they really work, they surely can find the culprit. Let say that 'Abang Kucing' in kampung baru, it's been three months... where the result? If they'd set up a surveillance team, monitoring the place, i guess, that 'Abang kucing' is surely enjoying being raped in prison...

We are not talking about professionals here, just a bunch of stupid criminals with a crazy sex fantasy... what is so hard? and let say, if they can find the mattress and hair after 5 years of the so called incident... hahaha.... surely they can find a person if they really work...

by they way, about negligence, like i've always said to friends before, that 'budak botak yin' is the perfect example of negligence... why police only want to charge on the myanmar that did the police job... I say... press charges on IBU YIN!!

As for bapak nurin... they already get the punishment for their act, the failure to take care of their children.. what else do we want?

and AIYU, i hope this case will never happen to you and your family!!

mahaguru58 said...

Well said pa'chik!

Looks like the PDRM are in for a royal ribbing from all quarters but if you read what Nazri has to say about the IGP's plans to prosecute Arwah Nurin's parents as an example to other parents, it sure is going to raise temperatures in an already seething nation!

You seem a rational guy with good views. Why aren't you blogging?

Anonymous said...

Siapa sini biasa duduk flat? Ingat senang ke nak kurung anak-anak jangan keluar pijak tanah. Biasalah tu budak-budak pergi pasar malam kat area rumah sorang-sorang. Cuba kita tengok hari-hari berapa ramai budak yang naik basikal sorang-sorang pergi sekolah? Nanti kalau ada budak naik basikal kena culik dan seksa macam Nurin, adakah kita nak ambil tindakan undang-undang kat mak bapak dia sebab benarkan dia naik basikal pergi sekolah sorang-sorang? Biasalah, kita fikir ianya selamat sebab ramai budak naik basikal. Begitu juga parents Nurin, mereka fikir selamat sebab ramai orang di pasar malam. Sepatutnya kawasan kejiranan kita selamat. Salah siapa bila ia adalah sebaliknya? Perangai sadis macam ni adalah hasil buku lucah kemudian tape lucah kemudian vcd lucah kemudian dvd lucah dan sekarang ni cameraphone/youtube lucah.
Bila kita import kemajuan barat, dia punya kesan sampingan pun datang sekali, satu pakej. Penyelesaiannya Islam semata-mata. Cerita panjang pun tak guna. Pasti akan ada Nurin yang lain, berdoalah agar bukan dari keluarga kita. Personally, bapak Yin should be put on trial but not Jazimin. Now that's careless.

mahaguru58 said...


Memang tepat rumusan abuhanaan.

Pihak berkuasa dinegara kita seolah tidak terpikir untuk menangani punca kepada masaalah peningkatan jenayah seksual yang sadis dan kejam sebaliknya menjadikan keluarga mangsa sebagai kambing sembelihan mereka diatas kelemahan mereka sendiri didalam membanteras jenayah dan menjejaki pesalah sebenar!