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Thursday, September 27, 2007

'Walk for Justice' by Malaysian Bar Council Pt.2

When MENJ and I reached the Palace of Justice after walking so far from where we had parked in the hot blazing sun, the lawyers, social activists and members of the public were already swirling out from the compound of the Palace of Justice ready to march on to the JPM's Complex.

You don't always get to see our lawyers taking to the street to protest against the wrongdoings proliferating in our nation's judiciary!

This is a sure sign that all's not well within our justice system as lawyers especially when the Malaysian Bar Council itself have organized and carried out this peaceful march to hand over a protest memorandum asking for a Royal Commission to be set up to fully investigate the recent scandals in the judiciary to the PM's Office!

Malaysia's first blogger to be arrested and held in detention for 'breaching' the OSA, Nathaniel Tan is seen here shaking hands with a fellow marcher.

The spirit of the march was simply electrifying as Malaysians from all walks of life joined the Malaysian Bar Council lawyers headed by its President, Ambiga Sreenevason and other top senior advocates and solicitors, marching together demanding that justice and integrity be returned to the Malaysian judiciary.

Friends and foes walked together in the march, united under a common cause, solely because we all care for our nation.

To be continued.

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