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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Walk for Justice by Malaysian Bar Council Pt.4

We were nearing the JPM's Complex after facing occasional hiccups in the form of the PDRM's top brass who tried to stop the lawyers from marching on but being lawyers who know their legal rights and what they can and cannot do, simply brushed aside the stumbling blocks and pushed forward.

Such steadfastness of purpose on the part of our Malaysian Bar Council members made me feel proud to walk with them.

I used to think that the Malaysian Bar Council were just capable of arguing their cases in court but to see them, coming together for the sake of our nation's judicial integrity and ready to march in the hot blazing midday sun fully suited up as they usually are in the legal arenas of our justice system, just made me feel so charged up to get to march with our black & whites!

Rocky Bru had asked for us bloggers who are supporters of the march to come in the same colors as our legal eagles but I felt that it would not be right to have someone mistake me for a lawyer as well which I am unfortunately not!

I would love to be a true bona fide lawyer and fight for justice for all Malaysians, regardless of creed or color.

I chose instead to come as myself. Zainol Abideen @ MAHAGURU58, a Muslim Malaysian Blogger and President of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance Protem Committee.

The protesting lawyers were all fired up and now and then we heard slogans being shouted through the loud hailers and the marchers promptly responded with their loud voices asking for justice to be done!

Putrajaya was reverbrating with our voices and we marched on determined to reach our goal- the PM's Office Complex.

Every now and then, the loud unamplified booming voice of Keadilan's Gobalakrishnan would be heard shouting non stop his battlecry, driving the lawyers on and responding to his call.

Finally, we arrived at the roundabout of Dataran Putrajaya, right before the assembled and ready to kick ass, FRU stormtroopers who were armed to the teeth and brandishing M16 submachineguns to face us, the protesters joined with the nation's lawyers spearheaded by the Malaysian Bar Council.

It was quite a sight to see the FRU barricading the entrance to this nation's administrative base in the form of the Prime Minister's Office Complex, a most imposing, magnificent sprawling expanse of the very government institution that calls the shot, here in Malaysia.

This shot showing myself and MENJ, taking pictures of this unique situation in the annals of this nation's history is courtesy of fellow blogger Tony Yew's collection. That's us kneeling in the foreground, trying to get the FRU and the PMO's Complex into focus.

Continued after this.