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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Anwar's Dilemma - Is it safe to expose the videographer?

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I am sure that no one in his or her right mind would want to be in Anwar Ibrahim's shoes right now.

Why do I say so?

Well, for starters, what bloody guarantee of safety is there for the person who took the video showing senior lawyer VK Lingam fixing up the judiciary top posts?

As we all know, this nation's government has yet to reach that state of providing witnesses protection against repercussions that could well endanger the life's of the informant and his or her family and close relatives.

All that bullshit that Nazri spewed out recently about providing protection for the whistleblowers is just that.

Full of unwarranted crap that only an idiot will want to be so willing to believe and risk the personal safety of the one who shot the video.

Hell, even Altantuya Shaariibuu got blown to bits and to this date, her killers are masked from public view and squirreled in and out of court incognito.

One wonders if those 'ninja's are really the UTK chaps being hustled to and fro the lockups?

That's how the system works in Malaysia, our gone to the dogs Bolehland!

Over here in Bolehland, crooks are protected and witnesses are beaten to a pulp as what took place to Anwar Ibrahim and many others whose only crime were to stand up to the bloody corrupted ones in office and tried to expose them.

Surely Anwar Ibrahim who has had personal experience of being screwed by the law and presented with the infamous black eye by the then Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Rahim Noor, will think very seriously and look into all aspects of the consequences that his exposing the videographer's identity will have for the person.

Isn't it bloody obvious of how 'swift' the BPR is in threatening arrest of Anwar Ibrahim if he fails to kowtow to their immediate demand for the original copy of the videoclip that reveals the identity of the person who took the video.

Nothing less than a Royal Commission that guarantees the immunity of the whistleblower will be sufficient to warrant the revealing of the remainder of the full videoclip and the identity of the one who took the video.

Either way, Anwar Ibrahim and his close associates who have access to the full videoclip and know the identity of the person who took the video are being pressured and pushed into a legal corner from where there is no escape.

With the way things are known to take place in the justice system of this land, there is virtually no guarantee that instead of the crooks and corrupt ones getting punished for their scandals, it will be Anwar and the whistleblowers who will be thrown into the slammer!

No matter who calls the shots in the ACA or any other investigating authority, it is common knowledge that there will be ricocheting bullets mysteriously coming after the ones who try to seek justice here in Bolehland.

The last time Anwar had his brush with the law, he was awarded a black eye and slammed into prison for 6 bloody long years and almost died in prison due to attempted arsenic poisoning.

God knows what they have in plan for him this time around?

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala protect the righteous ones from harm and see to it that the culprits screwing up our judiciary are exposed and brought to justice...if it still works!

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