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Friday, October 19, 2007

CARGAS CAFE- Bayan Lepas's Killer Fried Chicken, etc! Best Penang Food!

I stopped over at my family's restaurant in Bayan Lepas during my Hari Raya trip recently.

My late stepfather A.Moosa had opened this restaurant way back in the 1960s when I was just 2 years old and I remember being with my mom and my four younger siblings as the years went by.

Times have changed and so has our family restaurant. My two younger brothers, Omar Khan and Nasirudin are now running the business which has been renamed as 'CARGAS CAFE'!

These two brilliant chefs have turned my late stepfather's business into a roaring success and have even been featured in the Star's Sunday Metro 13th May, 2007 edition here.

I am proud to see my two brothers successfully expand their business to this stage and how they have progressed in the food business.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala grant them both everlasting success and watch over them and their families. Ameen.

The photo above is courtesy of Sunday Metro, The Star Online.

It's so pleasing to see one's flesh and blood come to this fantastic level of achievement and their being featured in our nation's top newspaper for their culinary skills.

Bravo Omar and Din for your success in coming up with your mouth watering, delicious finger licking scrumptious 'CARGAS CAFE' 'Killer Fried Chicken and the best tasting stingray fish curries this side of Bayan Lepas!

Din was busy with his cooking work when I stopped over for my Hari Raya get together with my brother and I was simply amazed to see my kid brother being the big boss there and have so many workers busy helping him out at the kitchen!

Omar and Din had extended the restaurant to such a stage that they had bought over the next door sundry shop and expanded the business successfully together. Alhamdulillah!

I saw several Chinese customers with plates of white rice heading over to the kitchen to intercept the 'Killer Fried Chicken' of CARGAS CAFE as the counters upfront were fast running out of the famous fare that had the Sunday Metro of the Star newspaper feature them in their 13th May, 2007 edition.

I am so happy for my two brothers and wish them well. If you are living in Penang, go and try the best tasting delicious fried chicken and stingray fish curries you have ever tasted at CARGAS CAFE! You will surely become a fan!

Customers queuing up for their food! They don't mind following the queue because when they reach the Cargas Foods, it will be well worth their time!!!

Feel free to contact my two successful brothers above if you wish to hold your feasts there!

CARGAS CAFE! Simply Diff'rnt! As they saying goes, you won't know it till you taste it yourself!

Go for the best culinary experience you can taste if you are ever in Bayan Lepas!

You'll just love it!

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Click here to read their comments.

Bon appetit! Selamat menjamu selera!


Kata Tak Nak said...

I didn't know about this restaurant. Thanx for the info. Looking by the crowd it must be good. I will definitely give it a try coz both fried chicken and gulai ikan pari are my favourite. I don't really go for fish but ikan pari is a different ball game together.

Izham said...


Selamat Hari Raya Eidil Fitri to youy and family.

You should have posted this blog before Raya. I was in Penang for more than 1 week and would have visited this restaurant had I known earlier. Well, at least this gives me an additional incentive to go back to Penang in the near future! I will make sure to drop by ath this restaurant.


mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum dear gentlemen,

Salam Aidilfitri to you both and thanks for your feedback.

Actually, I have not been returning to Penang Island much and usually I end up making a monthly trip just to Kepala Batas on the mainland to check my diabetes condition and purchase my monthly herbal prescriptions.

I only managed to stop over at my brother's restaurant this Raya and was pleasantly surprised to see them doing so well with their food business.

Business is so good for the fellas that even I found it impossible to go get a table as the crowd was simply too thick and I'd have to make a beeline to the kitchen and intercept the delicious 'killer' fried chicken and 'gulai ikan pari' if I wanted a taste myself.

We were hardpressed for time as we were returning home to KL that day itself and I decided to take a few snaps and put it up here in my blog.

So, those of you lucky ones staying there in Penang or around Bayan Lepas, do enjoy yourselves with the tastiest dishes these brothers of mine are cooking up!

Satisfaction guaranteed as proven by the huge crowds of Penang's food lovers and those from outstation areas.

Jalan jalan cari CARGAS CAFE Bayan Lepas! :)

If you meet my brothers, Omar Khan and Nasiruddin, tell them that you are my blogger mates!

Mahaguru58 homies!

They might give you a discount! :D

Shafveen said...

Food = 9/10 really nice @ Cleanliness = 5/10. need improvement !!,@ Service on food- 7/10 – because of crowd, @ Service on drink – 8/10 – fast service, @ space -9/10 – 2 shop lot combine , @ Overall – 7/10= But Great place for food at bayan lepas area!!!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thanks for the feedback Shafveen.

Hope my brother reads this.