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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Malaysian Space Program a prime symbol of BN's theatrics!

I would like to draw your attention to the wasteful practices of the current Government of Malaysia, especially where it concerns the ongoing 'Angkasawan' program which is being touted to herald the entry of Malaysia as a space exploring nation, on par with the world's well developed nations like the United States of America, Russia, China, France and other European countries.

Why do I say wasteful?

Well, what do you call burning millions of ringgits just to send to space a passenger whom they trumpet as being an 'astronaut' from a country that is a developing nation?

What benefits is Malaysia going to reap from sending to the International Space Station a doctor cum part time model?

What is he going to provide to the millions of poor suffering Malaysian citizens still languishing in the estates and kampongs as a result of the stark contrast between the privileged ones in the cream of Malaysian aristocracy and the ones who worry about where their next meal is going to come from?

Talk about creating such a wasteful distraction to guile the common folks into forgetting for a while the mountains of scandals and corruption cases piling up and 'disappearing files' from public scrutiny and debate!

Talk about creating a diversion to entertain the Malaysian population who are already besotted with artistes and entertainers funded by the deviationist concept of 'Islam Hadhari' conjured up by the nation's # 1 distractor, the current PM, who thinks it's okay to splurge on a journey to outer space , and waste away all the millions of ringgits to fund the space trip.

Money which could feed and provide so much to all those poor citizens of this nation that is so prone to be like the proverbial cockerel that loves to crow out loud whilst its tail feathers reek of shit!

Do we need to spend so much of the Malaysian taxpayers money just to feed the ego of the elite few amongst the Malaysian apple polishing cabinet?

What benefit does this space program have in store for the poor folks in the rural areas of this nation and also the suffering souls in the country?

Looks to me like our boys in Putrajaya are on a mission. A mission to divert the people's attention from the many serious problems affecting the wellbeing of this country's future.

The judiciary is being 'fixed' up by the rich and powerful. Corrupt politicians and top officials are 'teflon coated' right down to their body cells as not a case filed against them seem to stick to any of their butts!

There is a plethora of 'angels' filling up the rank and file of our esteemed Malaysian Government Cabinet under the most exemplary super duper leader that this country has ever seen!

From the looks of things, this government is not only going to take us into space, we are gonna see 'kerbau's flying over the moon very soon!

Just watch out for the shit that's gonna make a splashdown the minute the people of Malaysia finally wake up from their stupor of inhaling in too much bad gas from the gaping mouths of our titled nincompoops orchestrating the biggest cover up of the century!

Malaysia truly Boleh! Wow!!! Fly me to the moon!

Mamula na na na na na know how the lyrics go....


bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Salam 'Aidil Fitri kpd Tuan sekeluarga dari bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca a.k.a. sang kutu sekeluarga.. من العائدين والفائزين

mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Tuan Bakaq.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kembali kepada tuan sekeluarga.

Mudah2an Berbahagia hendaknya bersama anak isteri dan keluarga tercinta.

Dah tua tua ni tak le seghairah dulu nak beraya ke mana mana.

Tak leh dah nak bedal minum ayaq oren F&N mcm dulu dulu! :P

Cumanya berdo'a agar umat Islam Malaysia dapat sedaq diri skit dari dok kena perbodoh dengan imam Hadhari dan kuncu kuncunya!

Berhati hati semasa memandu jika balik kampong dan bawa berhenti berehat kalau mata mula mengantuk!

Minal Aidil Wal Fa'izin.

Hasrul Halid said...

Andai langkah membekas lara,
Andai kata merangkai dusta,
Andai tingkah menoreh luka,
Izinkan saya bersimpuh-sila,
Menghulur tangan di bulan mulia..
Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri
~Hasrul Halid~

mahaguru58 said...

Madah diungkap pengganti diri,
Tanda berhemah didalam ucapan,
Selamat Berhari Raya Aidilfitri,
Semoga segala amalan diterima Tuhan.

Teruskan perjuangan Hasrul dimedan penulisan.

Semoga diberkati Ar Rahman.