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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Myanmar Exposed! Discover the real horrors of life there!

Myanmar's problems all started when the military junta refused to acknowledge the win by Aung San Suu Kyi to form a democratic government after winning the elections held a few years back.

The tyrants in the military junta led by the 'Butcher of Burma' @ General 'Bulldog Than Shwe' increased the fuel prices recently up to 500% and imposed a daily quota of only 8 litres per vehicle!

If I were to be forced to fill up only 8 bloody litres every other day to keep driving, I dare say that I would be seething with rage very soon and may explode with extreme anger at whoever is responsible for issuing that kind of a stupid directive!

That's not all. See for yourselves in the following expose about how miserable life must be for the Burmese under the regime of the murderers masquerading as a government over there in 'Myanmar' .

This stupid directive by the Burmese military junta has given birth to a notorious black market of petrol sold at exorbitant prices further enraging the people there to insane levels!

Guess how stressed out the people will be and how such simmering rage explodes into unbridled emotions and raging tempers ready to kill or be killed?

When fuel costs so much in Myanmar, not that many Burmese folks can afford to own and drive cars. So, they are forced to depend on public transport.

What kind of public transport? See for yourselves here. Imagine if this is what you have to go through , day in, day out?

Will you remain calm and collected or would you turn into a raving maniac , ready to smash any idiot who crosses your path or at the slightest provocation?

Just...just try to visualize it for a second? Will you be able to stand living there even for an hour?

I guess I now know how it must be for the Rohingya's from Burma who risk limb and life to come seeking respite in our country.

Looking at the carnage taking place back home in Burma, I don't blame them for refusing to return to a sure death back in the Land of the 'Bulldog' Than Shwe.

Damn scary! Law of the jungle, I dare say. Might over the rest.

Much work is done manually over there in Burma because of the costly fuel prices and even if they have the heavy machinery to operate, many tasks such as the one shown here have been depending on raw muscle to move heavy oil drums, etc.

Fancy a career like that? wonder many Myanmar nationals try their best to slip in to our country, in search of a better life?

Well, brace yourselves to witness an unimaginable scene?

For all the money being spent on weapons to kill their own people, the Myanmar regime surely has shamed themselves to be the pariahs of South East Asia!

The people of Burma are forced to risk the danger of drowning when they are forced to rely on 'tube rafts service' to cross their rivers.

Only in Myanmar can you see this ridiculous situation where the people are put in such danger of falling into the waters every single day of their miserable life under the regime of Than Shwe!

The poor tube ferry man must surely ache all over at the end of each suffering day of rowing with his bare hands into the murky filthy river waters every bloody hour of his days, to and fro, across the river for a fare of US$0.05 per trip.

Either that or you have here before you the strongest kick ass tough guys this part of the world!

Would you risk putting your family members into that tube raft without life jackets or any guarantee that the tube might not flip over in the middle of the deep strong flowing river?

When one sees such a heart wrenching scene that these Burmese people have to go through every day of their life's, the more do I appreciate whatever simple pleasures that I have here in my life.

I really pity the Burmese citizens for having the lousiest government in this part of South East Asia!

How the hell do those military bastards sleep? Surely, they aren't fit to be called as humans!

It is for all these sufferings that prompted the Buddhist monks to stage a protest back in 1988 and they were ruthlessly beaten and massacred by the brutal military troops of General Than Shwe.

Reports say that more than 3000 monks were butchered by the soldiers and temples desecrated at will.

This goes to show that the regime of Than Shwe aren't believers of their own faith.

No one in their right mind would desecrate one's own places of worship what more go and kill one's own religious icons as the Burmese monks?

Heartless, brutal savages with not an iota of compassion. This is the horror that millions of Burmese citizens have to face each day of their life's.

The Buddhist monks act as an equilibrium buffering the poor suffering Burmese folks from the savagery of their military forces. The people worship their monks and offer them food daily as the monks go about the country.

Naturally such a connection between the devotees and the monks grow into a bond that ties them closely together and the atrocities perpetrated by the junta upon the Burmese awakened the monks and triggered them into passive resistance that eventually got crushed and brutalized by the military of Than Shwe.

The latest I hear is that the Myanmar regime are now hunting down pro-democracy protesters based on the photos of the protest marchers pretty much like what the FRU here do with regards to the PAS protesters at the Batu Burok tragedy, over in Kuala Terengganu.

Over there in Burma, their SB wear sarongs, which doesn't seem to be a hindrance to their carrying away protesters after smashing them down, blue black, pretty much like our SB did with the Reformasi protesters back in 1999.

This is not play acting. That man is dead and in the other picture is a bloodied protester.

There are hundreds and thousands of people unaccounted for and the thousands of monks taken away by force from the many temples and monasteries of Rangoon are still missing and many news reports claim that the monks have been murdered and dumped into the swamps to rot and decompose away.

I pray that the regime in Burma will be dealt with accordingly by the world's superpowers or by the joint security forces of the UN soon failing which the world can kiss goodbye to a large portion of the Burmese civilian population, who are being hunted down and smashed to smithereens by the Burmese military junta and their Special Branch.

Source of photos : here and here.

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