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Friday, October 05, 2007

Rasa Sayang atau Benci? The MALINDO factor.

I just don't know why the heck we have morons in government , both here in Malaysia and across the Straits of Malacca in Indonesia?

If we are to reflect on the wordings of Rasa Sayang , it is meant to reflect 'Feeling Love'. That's it.

Doesn't make no difference whether the theme song of our Ministry of Tourism now has its roots here or over there in Indonesia?

As usual, we have clowns both here in the Malaysian Peninsular and over there in Jakarta blowing hot and cold over an issue that is simply stupid and unwarranted.

Try to come to terms that we are all from the same region and we share similarities in culture and social habits.

So what if we share the same songs? Even Dick Lee sings a rap version of 'Rasa Sayang' in Singapore and acknowledges it to be a Malaysian folk song!

Malaysian or Indonesian, it doesn't matter. We are all from the same 'Rumpun Nusantara' aren't we?

There is so much to gain and nothing to lose if we complement each other with the sharing of traditions and good values by emulating good useful pursuits such as giving true meaning and life to the disputed song by putting it to practice instead of engaging in petty quarrels over the ownership of the said song?

Has anyone patented the particular folk song?

Come on! Show proof of ownership and get back to work!

'There's so much more better things to do like swindling away billions and millions in the name of development!'

We the people won't fall for your petty distractions!

As if both nations got nothing better to do?

Stop wasting our time and resources by bullshitting about a bloody song for God's Sake!

We have poor people suffering in both countries and risking limb and life in trying to make a living and here we have moronus maximus trying to create a storm in a bloody teacup!

What a load of crap we have for ministers both sides of the straits! Wise up guys!

Both Malaysia and Indonesia could do better and try to compete with Singapore in improving life for their respective citizens and race against each other to be on par with the island republic in all areas, don't you think so?