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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Single Multiracial, MultiFaithed BN Party? Good luck!

Whilst the notion might be good and come across as something noble, the realities facing us here in Malaysia will not allow this to happen.

Why do I say that?

Well, let's be realistic. Do you even for a second see UMNO making way for any Non Malay, Non Muslim from their coalition partners be the President of the coalition?

Not even Deputy President.

If that ever happens, then you can bet that the Malaysian Government will be wrought with internal strife and politicking at a level never seen before in history!

Who would not want to be the nation's premier?

Being the Prime Minister of Malaysia, will mean that you and your entire family are set for life.

Name me any ex-Prime Minister who had to worry about where his next meal is going to come from?

As it is, there's already so much internal warfare raging on in UMNO, MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and even in all the other smaller political parties making up the Barisan Nasional coalition government.

Datuk Kayveas, President of the People's Progressive Party, but only made a Deputy Minister, is always at loggerheads with the MIC top leadership for obvious reasons.

Only the other day, Datuk Sothinathan, an MIC Vice President launched caustic attacks against Kayveas for comments made against the MIC.

With even same raced, same faithed, same coalition party members going all out to bite off each other's head for petty reasons, does GERAKAN want to see total mayhem break out amongst themselves with this proposal?

Good wishes doesn't naturally end up as reality. Facts not fiction, rule the day here in Malaysia.

Even if the Barisan Alternatif headed by PAS were to ever win the General Elections here based on power sharing between all Muslims based on the Islamic concept of Musyawarah and Adil, do you even dare to envision a Chinese or Indian Muslim being voted by PAS members to be their President or Mursyidul Am?

You'd be fooling yourself if you are so imaginative to think that the Malays in PAS would consider such an option?

Both the BN and the BA might want to fool their supporters with such lofty aspirations but the grassroots are just too deeply entrenched in racial and religious foundations to uproot their base and pass through the portal of an equal and fair to all utopia that GERAKAN has wished aloud.

Kit Siang would love to see that happen though but I dare say that this dream will not materialize just yet. Not within my lifetime, for sure.

Malaysians aren't that independent and dynamic to have it in them to go make those fundamental changes to our social and political frame.

Be real. Don't try to pull wool over the people's eyes.

You guys ain't exactly exemplary role models of true democracy and champions of democratic fairplay to all Malaysians as you try to make us all believe.

You may talk the talk but hell, we have yet to see you all walk the walk!

Damn, these modern quips are starting to infiltrate my views and mindset! Hehehehehe...

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