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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spare a thought for Nurin's family! Stop hurting them further!

I call upon all those who have received the email containing the leaked post mortem photos of the brutally murdered child, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, to please stop hurting her family further.

If you have received the said email, please do not forward it to anyone else and delete it from your inbox.

Spare a thought for her poor suffering family especially when the killers are still at large and her family subjected to such torment from the mass media and uncaring idiots amongst us.

I don't know which irresponsible idiot from those involved in the post mortem of the poor child has so thoughtlessly done such an injustice to the memory of that poor girl.

Only the hospital mortuary staff and the investigating forensic police team would have access to such photos. Surely, they should know better than to do this dastardly act of further adding hurt to the family of Nurin by this criminal act of disseminating the sensitive post mortem photos of the sexually assaulted and mutilated child.

Will they share with others such photos if Nurin was their own daughter?

Hasn't Nurin's family suffered enough? What kind of a sick, depraved society are Malaysians turning out to be?

What bloody hell kind of government do we have which trumpets to the whole wide world of a 'civilizational concept' of Islam 'Hadhari' when clearly the social and moral problems plaguing this nation has deteriorated to the lowest levels of human decency under this administration of the dumbfounded 'Imam Hadhari'?

All such abuse and mismanagement of the legal system of this country under such a misleading program of the proponents of this clearly useless interpretation of an already perfect and complete faith of True Islam by the legitimate and authorized Last and Final Prophet of Almighty Allah by the bida'ah spewing executive ruler of this country has successfully given birth to the worst kind of criminals this country has ever seen!

Sexual crimes are at the peak of moral decay in Malaysia and all the bloody useless ulamaks of this cockeyed administration are to be blamed for the rot taking place in Bolehland!

Instead of helping to ease the suffering of Jazimin and his remaining family, the vicious imbecile of the hospital mortuary staff or the investigating police team has gone and done this abominable crime of spreading Nurin's post mortem photos that reveal the depravity of the still at large murderous paedophile and his accomplice!

What the hell is happening to my country? Where has human compassion disappeared to from the hearts and minds of this nation's population?

May justice prevail upon the murderers and the perverts we have roaming at will in Malaysia. The thing is , even the bloody judiciary is proven to be rotten at the top as proven by the VK Lingam -CJ video expose recently!

Ya Allah! Please save us from the corrupt ones running this government and the criminal swine out there raping, molesting, torturing, mutilating and killing the innocent children and women of this land. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

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