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Friday, November 30, 2007

HINDRAF should work with MIC to solve their problems.



Mr.V.Ganabatirau who was arrested detained and locked up and later released at about 4.00p.m has vowed to continue his legal and peaceful struggle against the racist, malaysupremacist and Islamic extremist UMNO led Malaysian government’s 50 years of marginalisation and permanent colonialisation of the mere 8% politically, socially and economically suppressed, oppressed and marginalised for 50 years ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia.

Thank you,
Yours Faithfully,

Legal Adviser


It is headlines and statements like these which are creating an uneasy feeling between the majority of the Malaysian public especially amongst the Malay Muslim majority, the Barisan Nasional Coalition Government of Malaysia and HINDRAF which continues to fan or stoke the embers of racial and religious strife within our nation.

Where is these kind of inflammatory talk leading to? Do we need to see more blood being spilt or this time around, life's lost?

No doubt, we all acknowledge that what HINDRAF is asking for is reasonable in certain areas but to blatantly keep on publishing and posting inflammatory statements and headlines such as above is
surely a worrying sign that HINDRAF is not seeking a diplomatical end to their cause but a purely confrontational approach against the UMNO led, MCA , MIC and other political parties coalition
Government of Malaysia!

Is this wise on the part of their leaders especially learned lawyers who spearhead the abrasive modus operandi adopted by the Hindu Rights Action Force?

Is negotiations and non violent, non confrontational meetings with the BN government out of the question for HINDRAF?

Has Samy Vellu refused to entertain or meet the HINDRAF leaders?

I read today's statements by the Malaysian Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan stating
that he had offered alternative venues such as stadiums, civic halls, etc to the organizers of the rally but they refused on the grounds that they wanted onlookers to join them in the march to the British high Commissioner at Jalan Ampang on the 25th of November, 2007 which ended in tragedy where some HINDRAF supporters and the Malaysian police officers got seriously injured in the skirmishes.

The Malaysian Indians in HINDRAF really need to have a pow wow with the Malaysian Indian Congress and come to a solution that is acceptable to all.

Since the MIC is a senior member of the BN coalition Government, surely they can use their position in the Malaysian Cabinet to see to it that the grouses of the Malaysian Indian grassroots are attended to promptly.

From the way HINDRAF is complaining that the BN Government has failed to take care of their community since the last 50 years , we need to look into what the MIC has not done for them since Independence?

The MIC has been a major partner of the BN Government since day 1 of the coalition government coming into being!

Instead of HINDRAF taking to the streets with its supporters now, wouldn't it be more fitting for HINDRAF to rally its supporters and go see Samy Vellu and the Malaysian Indian Congress for failing to distribute the allocations and budgets shared by the BN Government amongst its members?

Don't tell us that all these years, the MIC has been withholding funds and allocations that surely Samy Vellu and his MIC party must have received for being part of the Malaysian Government?

If the MIC is an Opposition party such as PAS, the DAP or PKR, we can understand that certain funds and allocations for projects in their constituencies would have a funny way of not reaching the coffers or accounts of the Opposition MP's for the projects to be started or launched!

This has been the modus operandi of the BN since they started ruling Malaysia. Ask the Opposition MP's and State Assemblymen or women?

Yet in this case, we see the Malaysian Indians in HINDRAF sort of missing the forest for the trees and chasing after the BN Government especially UMNO and putting on the blinkers on their members and supporters to go on the warpath of confrontational approaches with such inciting battlecries of 'racist Malay supremacists and Islamic terrorists'?

This is seriously unfair and ungrounded for HINDRAF to behave in such a way!

As a Muslim, I have yet to hear of a concerted effort of UMNO's part in victimizing the Malaysian Indians what more of their fellow partner in the Barisan Nasional's senior main ally in the MIC?

How can HINDRAF say that?

If it is true that the Indians have been so marginalized and oppressed in all areas especially in religious matters by the 'Malay racist, supremacist, Islamist terrorist UMNO led BN Government, would they have allowed that tallest Murugan statue in the world in Batu Caves to be built?

Take a tour of our nation's religious establishments through all states. Don't tell me that you won't find Hindu temples all over the country?

I mean, let's be fair. HINDRAF is not being realistic here. They should be liaising with the MIC on all their grouses for the MIC is part of the BN government and whatever that HINDRAF is not happy about with the BN, should be discussed and demanded settlements and solutions by working with the MIC instead of resorting to confrontations with the authorities.

What is the MIC for?

Aren't they the ones who are supposed to be the main government channel for Malaysian Indians to seek and get whatever they want for their community?

Do we not have avenues for finding peaceful solutions to HINDRAF's demands?

I worry that if HINDRAF keeps going this way, we will only see a worse nightmare unfold right before our very eyes here for all Malaysians in the near future.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department for National Unity, Datuk Dr. Maximus James Ongkili, says that HINDRAF has never made attempts to meet the National Unity Advisory Panel to seek solutions over their grouses.

So, HINDRAF, please realize that there are still many avenues for you to seek solutions for your problems.

Try to seek peaceful means to solve your woes, instead of using Gandhi's poster as your chosen symbol but come not an inch to the way and manner by which Gandhi strove for his cause to free India from the British Raj.

You are not anywhere being colonial subjects as were the Indians in India during the British colonial rule there.

You are learned individuals who can go about achieving your goals and aspirations the cultured way instead of having to face the FRU on the streets.

You have studied and graduated as lawyers, become professionals and reached a milestone that oppressed people would never have achieved if you are truly being marginalized by UMNO as you are accusing them of?

I am speaking as a fellow Malaysian Muslim and just being rational here discussing the issue as a Malaysian Blogger. Do not misinterpret that Mahaguru58 has turned UMNO spokesman! :P

Instead of rallying the masses to fight the government, HINDRAF's leaders would do better to rally the Indians to be more self-sufficient and improve their lot in areas of education, small businesses, enterprises and other meaningful pursuits.

Demand for such opportunities from the MIC which in turn will demand it from the Malaysian Cabinet. If you want it, you surely can find ways and avenues to get it.

Surely that is a more suitable way to improve the living conditions for the Indians and other communities here in our nation instead of having to go get teargassed and acid laced baths in the streets of our nation's capital?

I ask that Malaysians from all walks of life use the ballot box if you aren't happy with the government. This is the best way to obtain political power and attain what you wish for?

Anyway, I can only write here what I see as right and hope that things will improve for our nation from now on. If you want to know more, head on over to Malaysiakini for the latest updates.

I am sure that the general Malaysian Indian community are open to seeking solutions to their needs through dialogs and other peaceful means.

Let the MIC do their jobs right and work to solve your problems for you instead of forcing yourselves to resort to street protests to find a way out of your current predicaments.

May commonsense and goodwill prevail over all Malaysians especially in the hearts and minds of our fellow Malaysians in HINDRAF and in the MIC.

It's gardening time for a 50 year old tree called Malaysia

I have seen blood being spilled on our nation's streets and Malaysians getting teargassed and blasted with acid laced water cannons.

All these latest developments doesn't come across as being good for our country and Malaysians in general.

Yet, if we are to become a better nation, a fair place to live and raise our children and future generations, we need to look into why the people have taken to the streets and put themselves in harm's way?

Surely, there must be valid reasons why the Malaysians are starting to get frustrated more and more by each passing day.

We can't wish them away, can we?

Our country is experiencing an upheaval in the grassroots. If likened to a 50 year old tree, the roots are surely spread out by now and should further entrench the tree to grow sturdier and the primary roots probe deeper and deeper into mother earth, strengthening the whole foundation.

Yet today, the Malaysian tree is undergoing convulsions in the soil. The grassroots aren't that happy about the nutrients which are not being distributed equally from the main trunk to the roots and some roots are getting more nutrient feeds while the fine roots are shriveling at the far ends.

This situation is seeing them drying up and thus they are retaliating by causing the roots to buck up and demand more juice to come their way.

Problem is, the secondary roots that are supposed to pass on some of the juices are busy engorging themselves at the expense of the grassroots. Hence, the main tree of Malaysia is experiencing decay at the deepest ends of it's existence.

In case the Chief Gardener fails to fertilize and spray on the much needed nutrient containing juices fairly all around, the 50 year old mighty tree of Malaysia has a danger of toppling over at the slightest storm that may blow its way.

The secondary roots which I state here represents the MCA and the MIC. Failure of such secondary roots to suck and distribute equally the nutrients provided for by the main trunk budget which represents UMNO might see the eventual decay of the grassroots which if left to dry up will see the whole tree shrivel bit by bit till it dries up and dies.

Can we afford to see such a situation befall our main tree of Malaysia? No way, right?

So, Mr.Chief Gardener @ PM Abdullah Badawi, its high time to do your gardening chores. Enough relaxing on the hammock under the shade of the tree. Time to go see to it that the secondary roots are equally treated and taken care of failing which there is a considerable chance of the tree getting a new gardener.

In the meantime, the team of gardeners need to also weed the garden and remove all the lallangs sprouting here and there without fail. You need to trim the hedges and pluck out the parasite weeds from the whole garden.

Failure to do so will see the tree dry up and we might see a new state of existence when creepers climb up the mighty Malaysian tree and eventually the tree will be no more, replaced by a foreign creeper that would slowly but surely take over the entire garden and leave the tree a distant memory.

Try ponder as to what I mean by that?

News about this development of the Malaysian garden is spread far and wide by a bird called Malaysiakini which never seems to tire fluttering about here and there cuckooing to other species that are concerned with the state of affairs regarding this tree.

In the long run, all that the grassroots want is to have the Chief Gardener take care of all the tree's foundation in a fair manner and not just focus on carving his initials into the main tree trunk as a reminder that 'hey PM Abdullah Badawi was here' and leave his memento there for all eternity.

We need to see a thriving growing tree called Malaysia growing high and mighty amongst the forest of existence that we call the planet Earth and the abode of a species called Mankind.

Nothing but diligent care and sincere loving nurturing of all sections of the tree amidst the garden can help save it in the long run. Failure to do so will see the garden become a jungle.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zorro Impersonator has pulled a fast one on me!

To Bernard Khoo a.k.a. Zorro,

My sincere apologies bro.

I have become a victim of an impersonator who has posted a comment here in my blog using your id @ zorro .

I know you personally and was pleasantly surprised to see 'your comment' appear in my comment moderation inbox and also in my Gmail account as I subscribe to their comment notification system as well.

I have always respected you dear Bernard as a fellow blogger and your being amongst the All Blogs senior members.

I had posted 'your comment' as a whole new article and done so as a matter of respect to you.

I have never had to use anyone as my mouthpiece and that posting was done as a gesture of camaraderie, on the spur of the moment.

When I returned home after dinner and saw your email asking me to delete that posting and your denial of being the author of that comment, I immediately deleted the posting and did a background check on the 'zorro' profile.

Imagine my dismay to see a blank profile and realized my being had by that idiot!

My sincere apologies to you Brother Bernard Khoo and to all your readers for the terrible mistake that this impersonator of yours had caused me to make.

This is the reason why, I am now going to strictly vet and double check any comments from now on coming my way and delete anonymous comments or by those who have nothing but a blank profile to show as to who they are or claim to be.

I also would like to tender a sincere apology to Malaysiakini for unwittingly causing them to be a fellow victim of this 'zorro' impersonator.

To the impersonator using the 'zorro' id, I ask that you stop doing this nonsense.

Bloggers like us here in Malaysia are doing our fellow Malaysians a selfless service in disseminating information that the mainstream media does not show or highlight like the BN Assemblyman assaulting the PAS Assemblyman at the Kelantan State Assembly as I have shared here in my blog.

By your masquerading as 'zorro', you have inadvertently caused us unnecessary harm and mischief by raising doubts about our integrity.

Be aware that each and every deed that we do is being recorded by the Malaikats Raqib and Atid and what you have done is very wrong.

I pray that you will receive your rightful retribution soon.

Bernard! Sorry once again.

I produce herewith the profile which the impersonator has used .

Ketuanan Melayu and other issues. A Response to tiching99.

I am responding to a very interesting heartfelt comment from a Malaysian Chinese, currently working and living in the United Kingdom, who wrote to me expressing his distress and dismay after reading my earlier post where I state that the concept of Ketuanan Melayu here in Malaysia is a thing to be accepted and submitted to by each and every citizen.

I can understand his worries and even fears of Mahaguru58 being a bloody racist which I am truly and surely not.

Read my replies to him and also learn as to why I said so in the first place.


Dear tiching99,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for putting across your comments in a manner that speaks volumes about the kind of person that you are.

It is this kind of comments and discussion that I so love and welcome even if it is a comment that does not agree with the way I have wrote my viewpoints here with regard to the state of affairs concerning the realities of the unspoken Malaysian social contract or accepted 'way of life' of this land.

I would be lying if I just wrote rosy pictures of how things really are in the 'Kingdom of Malaysia', wouldn't I?

Now, would you be pleased and satisfied if i had written that Malaysia is a land where meritocracy is practiced by the day in every aspect of our life?

Would you be satisfied if I had said that any Malaysian regardless of creed or color can become the Malaysian Prime Minister?

I would be a liar and a fool , right?

So dear tiching99, please understand my points and realize that no matter how beautiful the scenario would be for those like you if such a thing ever happens, the harsh reality is that as long as the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, things here in Malaysia are going to be the same as long as UMNO calls the shots and the other members of the BN Coalition parties concur and submit to this agreement, failing which, God forbid, Malaysia will come apart at the seams.

Reality sir..reality!

Not wishing to be a source of bad news to you but just stating the facts of life here as it is and as I assume, will always be.

No one is labeling you as anything for working in UK. I'd do the same if I could. Make hay while the sun shines, they say.

Malaysia is our home sir despite the occasional hiccups that take place within our lives.

It ain't Paradise but sure beats living in any other strife torn war zone, doesn't it?

All these disparities dissipate into thin air when one has attained a considerable income through one's own enterprise and when one is rich and wealthy, all these nitty gritty day to day struggle for existence becomes a distant memory for many, especially the rich and wealthy Non Muslim Malaysians.

You think Michelle Yeoh worries as to where her next meal is going to come from?

You think Ananda Krishnan loses a wink of sleep worrying about HINDRAF, etcetera?

Hell no!

It's all up to us, each and every Malaysian to go strive and earn our keep.

As for those who use the race and religious card to make their money, well..they will have to answer to Our Maker later when they face Him on Judgment Day.

You talk about eliminating 'Ketuanan Melayu’. Easier said than done sir.

Not one ethnicity here on Earth will ever do such a thing. Pure fallacy!

Removing their ownership and control of power in government? Not even in liberal countries such as Sweden, Denmark or any other European country!

You might quote one or two examples of how some individuals from Asia have made it in some big corporations in the West or how some Chinese or Indians have been elected as the Mayor of a county or Governor of a state in the United States of America or in England, etc.

That doesn‘t mean that he or she will make it to the office of the President of the United States of America or even as British Prime Minister. Mark my words. Not in a million years.

People will always remain as they are. Deep down in everyone’s hearts, racial discrimination thrives albeit secretly. Outwardly, they might come across as being nice and diplomatic but when push comes to shove, their true colors will erupt and avail themselves to the whole, wide world.

People are naturally inclined to trust their own race and own faith. Yet we also have come across many beautiful examples of human beings who love just about everybody, animals, insects and plants that they come across as living angels with not a morsel of evil in their selfs save for delusions as to who is their true God that they must submit to and worship?

Basically, each and every human being will naturally prefer to favor their own kind, won't they?

Facing up to such realities is what makes one wiser by the day and not beguile ourselves to a life full of fantasy.

I would like to draw attention to your statements regarding how dismayed you are that I too seem fixated on the concept of the Malays being superior to other races in Malaysia based on the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ principle.

All this time, I have been aware that a percentage of Malays are fervent supporters of Ketuanan Melayu, but I always assumed that they would be uneducated or poor and were merely misinformed about the alleged "threat" to the Malays. However, to read that you, a seemingly educated and progressive Malay, are of the opinion that I will never be your equal, is extremely depressing.

You are a bit mistaken there dear tiching99.

I am not a racist. I am a Muslim. Being a racist would mean that one is so fixated on one’s origins and one’s preference to put one’s own race before any other in each and every aspect of one’s life.

I am not in any way a true blue racist sir. I am a Caller to Islam. In Islam, there is no race based, ethnic oriented way of thinking and if you would care to read up on the Last Sermon of the Final Messenger of God, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam reiterating the equality of us the Children of Adam before God except for the matter of Faith in God and one’s own deeds and misdeeds, there is not an iota of discriminating anyone based on the color of one’s skin or the origins of one’s lineage.

I do not even differentiate between any person except for learning as to whom to befriend and worth getting to know better and staying away from those whose hearts and soul are blackened by extreme hatred and animosity based purely on the difference of race and creed.

My insurance agent for so many years is my friend Ramakrishna from AIG’S ALL CARE AGENCY, a devout Hindu. I still give him my business because we both worked in AIG before and also because he is my friend. The man is as Hindu as he can be but still, I have never shied away from acknowledging him to be my friend and have kept him as my agent even when there are hundreds of thousands of Takaful Insurance agents around!

Hell, if I wanted to, I could just pass on over my business to MENJ’s dad, a Takaful agent. MENJ and I are quite close as he is the Secretary General of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance of which I am the founding Protem Committee President.

I am no racist sir. Just stating the facts of life here in Malaysia as it is.

If there’s any discrimination going on in my life, it would be in staying away from misled folks who do not know how to differentiate between right and wrong, fact and fantasy, realities and illusions or assumptions, in which category you clearly do not fall into and should not worry too much about.

I am honored to get this comment from you which reaffirms my belief that there are many Malaysians out there who are still good enough to befriend and discuss these issues in a manner befitting our existence as true blue Malaysians, where some of the nicest people I have come to know belong to.

A comment of yours that needs to be responded to is in this paragraph as shown below:

It is encouraging that you are a fervent champion of the democratic process. However, if a democratic change in government resulted in the abolishing of Ketuanan Melayu, would you accept it as the will of the people? Would your brothers and sisters? Would the 14-million odd Malays? Distressingly, your article has led me to believe otherwise.

I for one sir have no problems in accepting anyone as my fellow brother and sister in Islam as long as they believe in God as I do and observe all the principles of faith and do good deeds.

Having said that, I still regard each and every human being as my brother and sister in the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Mankind as we are all the Children of Adam and Eve.

The only difference is the matter of Faith and Religious Practices.

Although I accept that each human being is a brother or sister to me, the glaring difference in religion remains a barrier that dissipates into thin air once he or she testifies that ‘There is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the final messenger of God’. Period.

I am a Program Consultant for the Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Global Hanyu & Culture Center here in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia sir.

If I am as you fear a racist championing 'Ketuanan Melayu' to the letter as you imply, would I be promoting the learning of Putonghua Hanyu Mandarin, the standard language of billions of Chinese from mainland China in the first place?

No way, right?

I know how to differentiate between a rich traditional social and cultural heritage that is the key to better understanding and business bridge building between Malays and Chinese, sir than to dwell in the petty differences that are usually the result of ill informed uncultured folks and destroy any chances of networking amongst us Muslims and Non Muslims in seeking a better future for all!

Fear is good tiching99. It helps to stop us from taking things for granted especially when it concerns the basic foundations of living together in a multi ethnic, multi faithed nation such as ours.

Realizing the do’s and don’ts when touching on subjects as sensitive as socio-political-religious matters helps keep us on our toes and to realize that in a world as diverse and as interesting as ours here in Malaysia, sometimes such a kaleidoscopic way of life and our various ethnicities and traditional values is what makes us to be so special in the eyes of the world.

When certain quarters amongst us choose to rock the boat and attempt to sink us from within, don’t you think that such unfounded causes and fears need to be corrected by straight talking articles and viewpoints such as mine?

I am for all Malaysians to enjoy a better way of life. Street protests and hooliganism has yet to prove to be the panacea for all their ills.

Sometimes, the source of treatment is right smack in their own self’s. Nurturing the right mindset and knowing what one needs to do to improve one’s lot within the framework of national interests and guidelines is all that it takes.

Having unfounded fears being stoked day in and day out by those with vested interests and foul agendas only serve to drive us further apart and will in turn also start to consume them from deep within.

Living in hatred and animosity towards others only adds to their current miseries in terms of adding on unnecessary mental stress, physical dangers and even imprisonment or worse getting shot and killed on our nation’s streets.

Failure to learn as to how best to go about seeking whatever it is that one is unhappy about just shows to us and the whole wide world, the lack of rationale behavior and commonsense in the movement that tends to destroy more than what it intends to acquire and to build up especially in the life’s of such desperadoes who took to the streets on the 25th of November, 2007, here in Kuala Lumpur and at Batu Caves, Selangor.

Go see for yourselves, the various videoclips and articles plus news reports that are being posted in Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today.

Although both alternative web news portals publish many articles and news reports that are deemed as sensitive by the government's mainstream mass media, you would be able to learn a more balanced viewpoint and editors there than in any other major news papers or broadcasting stations.

Don't worry tiching99. We will still remain as good natured well balanced Malaysians forever.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BN State Assemblyman assaults PAS Assemblyman in Kelantan!

KOTA BHARU, 27 Nov 2007.

The dignity of the Kelantan State Assembly was violated by BN (Paloh) Assemblyman Dato' Nozula Mat Diah assaulting PAS Assemblyman Mohd Zaki Ibrahim (PAS Kelaboran) in the State Assembly session yesterday!

This outrageous act of gangsterism was caught on video and broadcasted live on the PAS Web TV that has never failed to broadcast each and every Kelantan State Assembly session unlike the BN's failure to show us the Malaysian citizens the monkey business that takes place without fail in Parliament!

Will you see this criminal act by one of the BN's Assemblyman being even mentioned by the nation's mainstream mass media or broadcast every few minutes by RTM as they did with their propaganda clip showing the Batu Burok incident where agent provocateurs succeeded in turning a peaceful BERSIH rally into one of this country's most tragic incidents where two PAS members were seriously injured by live shooting from an undercover FRU agent!

No sirree! The cat will grow horns before RTM has the balls to show the nation this blatant act of gangsterism by one of the BN UMNO's ' KURANG AJAR' idiot who does not deserve the honorific of 'Yang Berhormat' being addressed to him by the Kelantan State Assembly Speaker!

'Yang Berhormat' my foot! Such a belligerent moron does not deserve to be allowed to escape prosecution!

This incident started when Dato' Mohd Zain Ismail (BN-Bukit Tuku) wasn't satisfied with the answer given by the Chairman of the Committee of Trade, Industry and Human Resources, Zulkifli Mamat with regard to a question about the progress of the Afta City Rantau Panjang projectand told that the project has been called off.

"The problem now is that the state government would like to correct the statement that a state exco was present in the officiating ceremony of that project. We would like to correct the statement containing the accusation from YB (Nozula).

We do not want the elected Representative to bring idle gossip and table it in this Assembly. Is rectifying an incorrect statement wrong?" asked Zulkifli followed by the thumping of tables by several Assemblymen.

The words of Zulkifli enraged Nozula who got up and retorted that zulkifli's answer was stupid and considered the state government accusing the BN Kelantan Opposition as dumb and ignored the Speaker's call upon him to sit!

"Let me speak after this!" demanded Nozula in a rough manner ignoring calls by the Speaker to him to sit down.

Things heated up when Nozula took offense at Zaki Ibrahim (PAS Kelaboran) when Zaki asked the BN Rep. to apologize to the Assembly for being rude to the Speaker and the general assembly.

"You are the rude one!" replied Nozula as he rushed towards Zaki and as the whole world can see in the clip above kicked Zaki in the full view of everyone in the Kelantan State Assembly without giving a damn about the consequences!

Such is the criminal gangster behavior of UMNO Kelantan's Paloh BN Assemblyman who is not only rude but needs to be kicked out of the State Assembly!

In the 21st November State Assembly session, Nozula had been suspended from attending the assembly by the Speaker under the State Assembly Rule 51.3 for refusing to follow orders and acting outrageously during the assembly.

Will RTM or any of the main television broadcasting stations have any integrity to show the Malaysian nation this outrageous 'kurang ajar' episode by one of the BN's State Assemblyman?

You can rest assured that if such an event ever take place, the Information Minister Zainudin Maidin's hair will turn blond before it does!

Thank God for You Tube and this internet for this chance for us to show you the real deal with the state of affairs in Kelantan where UMNO's Assemblyman assaults a PAS Assemblyman at will and without a care against any repercussions!

I hope this clip is shown by Malaysiakini without delay. Let the whole world see for themselves as to the quality or lack of it in their BN Paloh Assemblyman and whether the people in his unfortunate constituency would want to have such an idiot represent them again?

More news: (less)

Malaysian Reality that every citizen has to accept and submit to.

In view of this latest uprising of the Malaysian Indians grassroots population whom we all have to acknowledge have not been really taken care of by their elected representatives especially the politicians in the Malaysian Indian Congress and all the other offshoot Malaysian Indian political parties, it is high time that the Malaysian Government spring clean itself from those who are corrupt and have failed to carry out their duties.

We have to acknowledge that things aren't exactly fair in areas of responsible governance by the present government that has been in power far too long for it's own good.

Yet we are faced with a lack of alternative capable candidates from the present Opposition parties to form an alternative better government for all Malaysians.

Not one Opposition figure in my current individual personal assessment seems to be suitable or capable to bring about change and replace the present BN regime. I'd welcome suggestions from you as to whom i should root for and why? Just wanting to see your point of view. Thank you.

Please do not mistake my saying so to be endorsing Abdullah Badawi's administration. He is miles away from even coming close to what the 4th Malaysian Prime Minister has achieved despite his iron fisted kick ass policies and dictatorship. Be honest and face up to the reality.

You see, when we have to compare the achievements of dictator Prime Ministers like Malaysia's 4th PM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Singapore's ex PM and current Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, both kick ass premiers have delivered to their respective nation's, progress, development, better economies, and an overall climate of change to the entire nation.

I know that they clamped down on freedom of this and that activists but look at the results of their dictatorships. Aren't Malaysia and Singapore better off today as a result of their iron fisted policies?

If you want to talk about corruption, which President or Prime Minister of any country today who has not enriched him or herself or members of their families whilst claiming to be so holy moly before their people? Not that many, right?

Let's look at Singapore.

Singapore today comes across as a wealthy island republic whose economy is much stabler than the rest of South East Asia.

They could afford to do so because they are only a small island with a population that is only 10% of what Malaysia has and could spend more on keeping the island clean and opening up job opportunities to not only their own people but also to hundreds of thousands of foreign workers including tens of thousands of our fellow Malaysians.

We could also do the same but we have one major problem. Racial based government. It is unavoidable here in this nation where race plays a major, major part in deciding who gets to be what and who is class A, B, C, D, etc.

From my observations. A = Malay, B = Chinese, C = Indians, D = Others.

Let's not beat around the bush as far as Malaysian social contract is concerned. The nation will never be any different from what is has been and always will be.

This is the land of the Malays. All who are rooting for a 'Malaysian Malaysia' utopia should slap themselves as hard as they can and wake up to the realities facing us.

It doesn't matter if your forefathers had been the very first aborigines or natives who first occupied this peninsular.

It doesn't change the fact that this nation came into being only when Parameswara, a Hindu prince from Palembang, Sumatera crossed over from the Indonesian archipelago and established his kingdom that was known as the Sultanate of Melaka, many centuries ago.

It doesn't deny that the Malays of today used to be Hindus back then. It doesn't deny that after Parameswara embraced Islam, the Malaccans who were his subjects embraced Islam as well and today, the entire Malay population save for a few apostates and freethinkers here and there are amongst South East Asia's largest group of Muslims , this part of the world.

The Malays have changed this once jungle infested peninsular into what it is today with the help and assistance from the immigrant Chinese and Indians who came here either as forced labor or on their own volition to seek a better life to escape the hardships of their motherlands in China and India, way back in the early 1800's when the British ruled over Malaya. This era was known as British Malaya.

When the British Crown had no choice but to give Independence to this peninsular, the Chinese and Indians opted to settle down here with the consent of the Malays and became fellow citizens but not as equals.

This is a fact that each and every Malaysian has to accept and submit to.

The Malays never consented to the British plan to make the Chinese and Indian immigrant populations as their equals.

They opposed the Malayan Union plan of the British and fought as hard as they could to stop the British nonsense. The British to this day do not put to practice such a concept in their own country, do they?

Can Britain accept and allow a Chinese or an Indian to be their Prime Minister?

Let them do it first before asking any other nation to do so.

Has any Western nation ever accepted any Non White as their equal way back then during the times of the British Empire era and the occupation of the American Native Indians continent by the immigrants from England who sought escape from the British Crown way back then?

Racial discrimination is part and parcel of our human existence and to this very day, many countries do practice it without an iota of remorse.

Even in present day China and India, the motherland of many of us whose ancestors came from there, racial discrimination exists and thrives despite official government propaganda that tries to paint a different picture.

Caste based racial profiling exists to this very day in many districts and states of India and Pakistan.

Compared to the violent manner by which many lower caste ethnicities are dealt with in India, Pakistan and certain parts of present day People's Republic of China, the situations for ethnic Indians and Chinese here are not that bad when we look at it from a realistic point of view.

Opportunists in the form of ethnic Indian Muslims amongst the Indian immigrant population of current day Malaysia have successfully assimilated themselves into the 'Malay' diaspora and labeled themselves as 'Malays' much to the chagrin of the economically challenged and deprived grassroots of the majority of the Malaysian Indians. Many of UMNO's Cabinet Ministers are Indian Muslims. You know who they are.

The reason being is that the Indian Muslims profess the same faith as the Malays and are able to adopt and adept to the social, cultural and religious aspects of being a Malay Bumiputera.

Some Chinese who have embraced Islam have also adopted and adapted themselves into the larger Malay community either as being a part of the Muslim Ummah as an automatic induction into the Way of Life as a fellow Muslim or as part and parcel of marrying into the Malay community.

Others such as Indians, Caucasians, Afro Americans, etc. have also become Muslims and get accepted into the realm of Malaysian Malay community. It is a fact that by doing so, they get to enjoy certain privileges accorded to their spouses and also children that is reserved for Malay Bumiputera's.

Many Chinese and Indians who have accepted the norms of Malaysian social contract that their forefathers have agreed to when they first decided to settle down here as fellow Malayans, choose to just overlook this and go about their ways, doing business, get employment or try to earn their keep doing whatever they can in this land of many opportunities.

As a result, today, the Chinese and Indians outnumber the Malays in being the wealthiest amongst Malaysians who have made it into the Who's Who in Malaysian Billionaires List.

Yet, there exists a certain part of our Malaysian Indian population who have lacked so far behind in the economic race that they languish in self pity and dire straits as a result of the failure of their elected MIC representatives to grab and share the economic pie amongst the Malaysian Indians.

Being left out of the development and progress of others in this country has only seen the Malaysian Indians harbor a deep growing resentment in their hearts and minds towards the others especially against the Malays for not giving way to their present day demands such as what HINDRAF has put forward today.

They forget that this status quo in Malaysia is not something that simply came into being. This is what their Chinese and Indian immigrant forefathers agreed to and signed to accept as part and parcel of the conditions by which the Malays of 1956 consented and accepted as a social contract in giving citizenship to the Chinese and Indians back then.

It doesn't matter that the Malay Royals we have here today are the ones who surrendered their states to the British Colonial Masters back then. It doesn't change anything for today, they hold the power and have the authority to do as they please.

Anyone who denies that is only fooling him or herself and living in denial. The only way anyone who is not happy with the way of life here in Malaysia can affect some changes to their future is to win power through the General Elections.

That is the only platform where popular choice rules the day and those who control the majority of representation in the Malaysian Parliament can call the shots, amend the Federal Constitution and rule as they wish for the 5 years term that they won by making it in the GE.

All the current political theatrics come to no avail when you do not have the authority or hold the power where it really, really matters. That's the majority in Parliament.

Nothing can change the situation here for anyone of us who is not happy with the BN, Abdullah Badawi, Najib, Samy Vellu or Ong Ka Ting or any other Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy, when we do not have the authority or power to speak up in the Parliament and get the support of the majority of the MP's there.

Yak yakkety yakking away, criticizing any bloody thing or government leader at the local Mamak bistro's, Riverside Cafe at PWTC or any other coffee lounge, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, kopitiams and warongs will change nothing for us , even if you warm that butt of yours for hours and days at end!

Political change can only be effected at the polls. Face this reality and do something about it or just mind your own business and go live as you can.

May the truth of what I have said hit full square in the mind and wake up those who have been daydreaming of their own Malaysian Malaysia utopia!

Register yourselves with the Elections Commission if you want to see change. Good luck to all!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

HINDRAF - Between demanding Justice, Religious and Racist Fantasies

This is in reference to a comment made by a HINDRAF supporter in my article before this.

This answer is also written in general to those who wonder where Mahaguru58 stands on this HINDRAF's demands to our Malaysian Government?


First and foremost, no one can change who they are. Ethnic origins is a gift from Allah the Almighty.

I am an Indian Muslim but strongly Malay in my upbringing and my day to day life.

The only culture I have known and practiced in my life is the Malay culture.

What you say is understandable from the Malaysian Indians who support and identify with HINDRAF's viewpoint.

That's just natural.

There is however the main issue of HINDRAF's agenda.

Advocating the rights of the Hindus only. Read ' Hindu Rights Action Force'.

It's got no reference to the rights of other Malaysian Indians. What more of other Malaysians for the matter?

There is no reference at all in all these demands to fight for the rights of ALL Malaysians unlike what BERSIH stands for?

Hence, I see no relativity with what you are claiming in your last sentences with what the leaders of HINDRAF are preaching at HINDRAF's gatherings.

One needs to be clear about the realities and the fantasies here.

HINDRAF is fighting for the rights (real or imagined) of the Malaysian Hindus unlike the Malaysian Indian Congress.

The MIC was set up by Indians of various faiths and ethnic origins unlike what HINDRAF stands for.


So, for you to say one thing whilst HINDRAF's leaders clearly demanding another spells of misleading understandings of what exactly is HINDRAF fighting for?

The way the speeches are being made by HINDRAF's leaders spells a confrontational approach and attitude that promises further bloodshed in this volatile issue.

As a Malaysian Muslim blogger who understands Tamil, I am sharing with all Malaysians what HINDRAF leaders are saying in their fiery speeches.

The nation needs to know what's going on instead of being lost in the translation.

I am for all Malaysians to be able to live in peace and relative prosperity but the demands made by HINDRAF seem to me to be more imaginary than actual reality.

Hence, I have to disagree with you there about your illusions of seeing ALL Malaysians walk with HINDRAF on such a solely Hindu rights future protest rally.

I have marched with the Malaysian Bar Council lawyers in Putrajaya irrespective of my personal principles of not liaising with those who pose a threat to my faith and fellow Muslims on the account of a common ground in opposing judicial rot.

Ask Haris Ibrahim. We have our differences of opinions and standpoints in many cases especially in the matter of Lina Joy and other Apostasy cases but as fellow Malaysian Bloggers, we still acknowledged each other and marched together for a common cause.

It does not mean that we are chummy chummy with each other on the other issues. Period.

I acknowledge and support BERSIH's call for a clean and fair GE this time around.

Does not mean that you will see me rooting for DAP's Malaysian Malaysia battle cry!

I support PAS's call for an Islamic State. Doesn't mean that I will blindly rubberstamp my approval for street protests and running battles with my fellow Muslims in the FRU or even with UMNO!

I share here in my blog what I think my fellow Malaysians need to know and understand about the real deal with Islam, the only faith that I believe in and acknowledge as the true Way of Life that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has decreed for us Mankind but it doesn't mean that I can't and won't discuss and befriend my fellow Malaysians from other faiths and creed.

I even posed with the DAP leaders in many functions we attended together as fellow Malaysians and as Malaysian Bloggers but doesn't mean that we agree with each other on all things.

There are many things which we can agree and disagree about
but it doesn't mean we have to just blindly support and endorse causes that run against our principles and foundations of belief, which to me is the most important thing in my life as a Muslim.

I am not alone in thinking this way.
Even Ahiruddin Atan @ Rocky Bru feels the same way about this HINDRAF matter.

Rocky is a very liberal guy for the matter but even he isn't too gung ho about this blatantly racist and religious extremist grouping that has and still is calling for a mass confrontation of the Hindus here in Malaysia against the Government of this nation we all so love and call our home, Malaysia.

So, how would a Muslim fundamentalist kick ass blogger like me feel about these chaps rooting for the destruction of all that we have come to love and cherish here in Malaysia?

Naturally, I will stay away from being mistaken to be supportive of the racial and religious stoking of Malaysian Hindus feelings and emotions to the stage of venting out their frustrations on the roads and streets of this nation when we are just so bloody close to the legitimate General Elections of this country!

Let all those who aren't happy about the way things are here in Malaysia, register themselves as a legitimate political party and contest in the General Elections on an equal footing.

That's the only way to go about it. Not running amok on the streets and fighting each other!

When millions of foreigners flock to our nation to seek a living and earn an income, why the hell must we have Malaysians behaving like lunatics on our streets?

I say this to all who are so keen to engage in running battles with the security forces of this country who are just doing their bloody job!

What exactly would you like the Police and the FRU to do? Just stay in their barracks and let anarchy run amok in our nation?

Hell No!

No way jose!

I didn't like to see the way people got hurt on the 25th of November!

This is not the way Malaysians should behave and act!

We aren't barbarians, are we?

You not happy with the BN government? Fine! Go vote for whom you like! If the party you support wins, fine. Go rule over us.

You screw up? You will get voted out in the next GE!

This is the way civilized people operate. Not like some banana republic where the law of the jungle reigns havoc over the rights and life's of it's people!

It is as many say. Malaysia might have first world infrastructure but damn!..we still have amongst us those who don't know and understand the true meaning of the word 'democracy'.

Do we even have to wonder why the FRU have to be tough on such street protesters?

Dang Wangi CID Sub Inspector Chew Choon Peng who was viciously attacked and had his skull cracked and bloodied would have every right in the world to open fire at his attackers!

Each and every one of us in his place would have not hesitated to shoot to kill those who attacked him like that! I would! Period!

I don't like to say so but in a matter of choosing between one's own life and personal safety, I dare say that any rational sane human being in the inspector's position would have blasted away those attackers!

HINDRAF is pursuing a dangerous way to achieve their objectives. I state herewith that this blogger will not walk with them in any rally or march for they are wrong to engage in this confrontational approach that has the potential to hurt and harm many more people including the very Malaysian Hindus it says it represents.

I pray that no one dies for the political aspirations of HINDRAF's leaders in this manner that they have chosen to go.

When mankind all over the world seek to earn a living in peace and harmony, we have before us today those who won't hesitate to hurt and maim or even kill their fellow Malaysians just to achieve their Hindu Utopia, right here in this multi ethnic, multi faithed country of us all, Malaysia.

I call upon HINDRAF to reconsider their confrontational stand and go take part in the coming General Elections as rightful civil citizens of Malaysia, registered properly as a political party, equal and righteous as others.

This is the best way to seek whatever it is you wish for. Befitting your roles as seekers of justice.

The present way is only going to see more blood shed by the masses and the security forces.

I say no to such a damaging approach to seek compensation for the past and forgetting to seize the various opportunities we have here in our nation.

Sometimes , we tend to focus on the distant horizon and fail to see the luscious green beneath our feet.

Don't we?

Please check out this clarification from the Selangor State Government regarding the actual facts about the Padang Jawa squatter area clearance where the temple and surau were demolished after it's land owner asked for the authorities help .

There's a whole lot more realities that bloggers and blog readers ought to study and know in depth before coming to any conclusions about anything happening here in our nation.

Knowledge is power, my fellow Malaysians.

Lack of it will only see us fighting against one another for no rhyme and reason except that we were taken for a ride by those with vested interests in seeing us tear each other to shreds whilst they enjoy the side show and reap the rewards from their own, blinkered political agendas at our expense.

Suggestive and selective reporting or blogging can and will incite those ignorants who don't have a bloody clue as to what they are fighting for in the first place.

Unbridled anger can and will cloud one's judgments especially when it involves one's race and religion. The devious ones can easily spark off a massacre amongst us, generally peace loving Malaysians from all walks of life.

Before we jump to conclusions and start whacking the life out of each other, our neighbors and our brothers and sisters here in Malaysia, please.....please check and recheck our sources of 'news' and latest 'updates'.

Rational advice? I seriously hope so. Our life's depend on it.

HINDRAF's 18 Points of Demand to the BN Government

I came upon the list of demands that HINDRAF has made to the BN Government of Malaysia at

Since HINDRAF is in the news lately with their extraordinary demands for financial compensations from the British Government and invoking the intervention of Queen Elizabeth in our nation's internal matters, I feel it is important for all Malaysians to learn about the contents of their demands made upon the Government of Malaysia as well, in this memorandum to the Malaysian Government as worded out below.

This is not a matter between just HINDRAF and the UMNO led BN Coalition Government for it involves and relates to all of us who dwell within this nation.


50th year Merdeka (Independence) demands by the two (2) million ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia to Y.A.B. DatoSeri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Prime Minister of Malaysia on Sunday the 12th day of August 2007 at 10.00a.m at Seri Perdana, Putrajaya Malaysia.

1. Whereas:

The Reid Commission was appointed by her Majesty the Queen of England and the Conference of Rulers in 1956 with the view to Malaya (and now Malaysia) achieving independence by August 1957.Among the primary terms of reference of the Reid Commission were a Common Nationality for the whole of the Federation.

2. And whereas

The overwhelming of the 131 written memorandum submitted to the Reid Commission as evidenced by the declassified documents from the Public Records Office, Kew, London, United Kingdom which represented the will and wishes of the then Malayan population were primarily equality and equal opportunities etc for all Malayans irrespective of race or religion as follows: -

2.1 In the grant of state land,
2.2 Admission to public and administrative service;
2.3 To trade and do business, licenses, permits etc
2.4 Primary, secondary, skills Training, university and overseas university education.

2.5 No special privileges for the Malays,
2.6 No discrimination of any ethnic community based on race or religion,
2.7 The retention of all their places of worship in particular Hindu temples, crematoriums and burial sites,
2.8 Freedom of Religion,
2.9 Malaya is to be a Secular State and not an Islamic state,
2.10 Right to mother tongue education in particular Tamil schools to be fully aided,
2.11 Minimum wage for the lowest paid, and
2.12 Equal recognition as sons of the soil for all Malayan born.

3. And whereas
Based on the aforesaid proposals the Malaysian Federal Constitution, which is the supreme law of Malaysia as drawn out by the Reid Commission in 1957 was passed by the inaugural Malayan Parliament and which formed the basis of independent Malaysia.

4. And whereas
Over the last 50 years since independence on the 31st day of August 1957, the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) controlled Malaysian government with their majoritarian might, and backed by police, Attorney General’s Chambers, Judiciary, civil service and the media continuously violated the Malaysian Federal Constitution by their racist and Islamic extremist policies and which in effect have created an apartheid system ala Malaysia and especially resulting in the degeneration of at least 70% of the ethnic minority Indians to become the underclass of Malaysia who end up in the poor and hardcore poor category.

The rest of the 29% raised above the poor and hardcore poor category wholly and/or substantially through their own efforts, sacrifices and labor with no or very little assistance by the UMNO controlled government. The 1% of the cream thrives anyway.

5. And whereas
The plight of the Indians have been made worse by the racist UMNO mindset having spilled over to even almost all of the Opposition parties, NGOs’, Civil society, Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam), Bar Council, the media etc who do not take up the Indian plight for they are deemed to be lacking “political mileage” (race based) and/or no funding.

6. And whereas
The Indians having no or very little opportunities for upward mobility or hope either turn to crime (60% of Malaysian detainees are Indians though they are only 8% of population-Suhakam 2005) or end up committing suicide which is 1000% higher than Malays (Utusan Malaysia 12.9.2005).

7. And Whereas at a public forum attended by 1,000 over Indians on 28.7.2007 at 7.00p.m at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, the participants unanimously resolved to forward their 18 point demands and which this peaceful assembly gathered here today on the 12th day of August 2007 at Putrajaya once again unanimously resolves to demand as herein below outlined.

And now it is hereby demanded for and on behalf of the two (2) Million ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia from the UMNO controlled Malaysian Government their 18 point demands as follows:

(1) End 50 years of violations of the Malaysian Federal Constitution.

(2) End Racism, end Islamic extremism and end Malay privileges on the 50th year golden jubilee mega Independence celebrations of Malaysia on 31st August 2007.

(3) Call for affirmative action plans for all poor Malaysians especially the ethnic minority Indians. A Protection of Ethnic Minority Malaysian Indian Act 2007 be passed to secure and safeguard the interests of the poor and defenseless ethnic Indian Minority Community.

(4) All 523 Tamil Schools in Malaysia be made fully aided government schools with immediate effect and to have equal and same facilities as granted to national schools especially in terms of :

  • financial allocations,
  • sufficient graduate teaching staff,
  • financial allocation for extra tuition,
  • ample computers,
  • Information Technology facilities,
  • school fields,
  • sports, recreational facilities,
  • air conditioned library,
  • textbook loans,
  • kindergarten,
  • school uniforms and pocket money for poor pupils,
  • nutritional food programmes,
  • teaching aids,
  • school building,
  • infrastructure,
  • film screening room and facilities,
  • financial assistance for poor students,
  • rehabilitation classes,
  • non Muslim religious classes, etc.
A RM 100 Billion grant @ 20 Billion per year with effect from 2007 be allocated to Indians under the 9th Malaysia Plan (5 years) for refurbishing the existing 523 Tamil schools and rebuilding of the 300 Tamil schools demolished over the last 50 years.

(5) Extend and implement with immediate effect to Indians the affirmative action plans, grants, scholarships, loans etc as extended to Malay Muslim citizens with the view to providing:
  • equal opportunities for higher education,
  • university education,
  • admission to foreign universities,
  • post graduate studies locally and overseas,
  • Trade and Skills Training Institutions,
  • Science Colleges especially for each and every Indian student from the 70% poor and hardcore poor Indian category.

(6) Extend and implement with immediate effect affirmative action plans as extended to Malay Muslim citizens with the view to provide :

  • equal opportunities in acquiring wealth,
  • venturing into business, trade, industries,
  • medium and small scale industries,
  • government linked companies,
  • corporate sector,
  • procurement of direct government contracts,
  • in acquiring licenses for contractors,
  • blue chip and / or guaranteed return shares,
  • lorry, taxi and bus permits,
  • loans and licenses to venture into trade, business banking and the corporate sector for each and every Indian from especially the 70% poor and hardcore poor Indian category.
  • To this effect the UMNO controlled government allocates RM100 Billion at RM20 Billion per annum with effect from 2007 and implements successful strategic schemes in investments for the Indians as implemented for the Malay Muslims with the view to the Indians acquiring at least 10% of the nation’s equity.

(7) All the aforesaid is to be handled directly by the UMNO controlled government and UMNO is to stop “playing politics” through the “Mandore” (supervisor) system by dishing out on a piecemeal and/or peanuts basis or merely public and/or newspaper announcements and declarations by the Malaysian Indian Congress (M.I.C) who have no or very little power or say in the UMNO controlled Malaysian government.

(8) 20% of the Government top most level postings (Secretary Generals), Middle level Management (Directors) and management level (Managers) postings, and the same for the Private Sectors, and positions of District Officers; Foreign and Diplomatic Service positions, civil service positions are reserved for Indians for the next 15 years.

(9) The UMNO controlled government makes public and is transparent on all of the aforesaid affirmative action plans i.e. the aforesaid education places, licenses, scholarships, grants, loans, permits, licenses, opportunities etc by publishing the same in the official website of the Government of Malaysia as and when the same is granted and/or on a monthly basis specifying the Indian beneficiaries thereto.

(10) Stop the indiscriminate unconstitutional and unlawful demolitions of Hindu temples, crematoriums and burial sites in Malaysia.

  • All existing Hindu temples, crematoriums and burial sites be granted state land and permanently gazetted as Hindu temple reserves as has been done for all Islamic places of worship and burial sites.
  • Compensation at RM10 Million per temple be paid by the UMNO controlled Malaysian Government for the 15,000 Hindu temples demolished up to date over the last 50 years.
  • Every individual given the Right to practice and profess Religion/s of his/her choice in accordance to Standards adopted by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.
  • The State and its Authorities barred from interfering in the personal beliefs and conscience of individual citizens .
  • Disputes between Muslims & Non Muslims should be adjudicated in the Civil Courts.

(11) Stop the victimization and direct discrimination by the Police and all other state authorities of the Indians. All Malaysians earning RM 3,000.00 and below are to be fully borne by state funded legal aid for any criminal charges they face.

(12) The UMNO controlled government forms with immediate effect a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Kg Medan Mini Genocide, condemns the violence thereto, apologizes to the Indian community on this mini genocide, undertakes not to repeat the same in future and pay a compensation of RM1,000,000.00 for each and every citizen killed, permanently maimed, maimed or injured in this tragedy.

(13) Each and every Indian especially the Indian poor in the aforesaid 70% Indian poor and hardcore poor category is paid compensation which is to be adjudicated and determined by the United Nations Secretary General for the aforesaid 50 years of Constitutional violations by the UMNO controlled government.

(14) All homeless Malaysians are to be provided affordable homes and not low cost flats by law. A minimum wage of RM1,000.00 for each and every Malaysian be made law.

(15) A Royal Commission of Inquiry is initiated to report on the aforesaid constitutional violations by the UMNO controlled government and appropriate recommendations for amongst others further affirmative action plans for especially the 70% Indian poor and hardcore poor category.

(16) All forms of racial and religious discrimination, oppression and suppression of the Indians / Hindus in both the public and private sectors are stopped with immediate effect and a Race Relations Commission Act 2007, an Equal Opportunities Commission Act 2007 and a Freedom of Religion Commissions Act 2007 be passed and powerful Commission thereto be put into force to give effect to anti racism, anti Islamic extremism and anti direct discrimination practices by the UMNO controlled government in both the public and private sectors.

(17) The UMNO controlled government passes specific laws to give effect to the Independence of the Judiciary, the Attorney General’s Chambers, Civil service, Police Force, Army, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission and the Malaysian media and for the Opposition parties, NGOs’ Civil Society groups, Bar Council and the media not to discriminate and side step Indian issues but instead to voice out the same without fear or favour. The Malaysian media is also to be legislated to report the real happenings especially on the 70% Indian poor and hardcore poor without fear or favor.

(18) A minimum of 20 Opposition members of Parliament are elected exclusively by the Indian Community to represent their interest at the highest political level and also as a Parliamentary Democracy check and balance and the same is safeguarded and entrenched into the Federal Constitution and which is to be increased proportionately with the increase in Parliamentary seats.

Proposer: P.Waytha Moorthy

Seconder: V.K Regu; (Chairman, Hindraf) (Secretary, Hindraf)

Compiled by P.Uthayakumar Legal Adviser,

Hindraf based on
after 50 years of the ground reality, sentiments, pulse, blood, sweat and tears of the Malaysian Indians.
That's the gist of what HINDRAF is demanding from the Malaysian Government as laid out in their memorandum to Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi.

Transcript of the videoclip above :

A week before Deepavali, this UMNO government and Police tortured us!

Padang Jawa folks, come aboard.


All stand up! All stand up! Let’s give them a hearty welcome! Ready to sacrifice their lives. These are our heroes!

Heroes! They are our heroes! Our Heroes!

On that day when there were thousands of policemen, FRU troopers, who had all kinds of weapons but these people only numbered about 50 persons, the police couldn’t handle these people, who had only two hands, they fought, they fought!

Don’t break! Don’t break! Don’t break these temples!


These are our affected warriors from Padang Jawa. Today, they will be at Brickfields for another event at 7pm. Before they leave, I want to call one of the main affected participant, Mr. Krishnan who has two words to say to you.

These two words will be remembered by all of you. Come forward sir.

‘Greetings everyone!’


I am a small trader. Upon learning that the temple was going to be demolished, we went there.

When we reached there, all kinds of unsavory events were taking place. You have heard about these.

My wife, children, uncles, cousins, 6 persons in our family. We were all assaulted.

As a result of such beatings, today, you have all gathered.

We are very happy. Being beaten is no big deal. Such a large crowd assembled here is great!


(Unintelligible) whatever took place, we persevered. Our hearts were not with us. It is with you all.

There are people like you waiting for us at Brickfields.

I told this gentleman that we are happy to be with you. We came from Seremban yesterday. Batang Berjuntai is our place. There was a wave (of support). We saw the same wave (of support) there as well.

We came here to Penang. We went to Perai as well. We saw that the Tsunami has come and stood here! (Applause. shrieks)

This wave won’t dissipate! Won’t stop!

Nothing can stop it!

The next big tsunami is on the 25th (November)-(the rally)

Bring it up! Bring it up! (Applause)

I am ready to sacrifice my life! Doesn’t matter about others! I’m ready to sacrifice my life! (Applause)

Thank you all. We are heading to Kuala Lumpur! Greetings to all.