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Saturday, November 10, 2007

BERSIH Rally Update! FRU have started teargassing the public!

As expected, the FRU have started assaulting the Malaysian public who have gathered at the vicinity of Masjid Negara close to Dataran Merdeka, the proposed venue of the BERSIH rally scheduled to start at 3.00pm today!

Live coverage by here.

Click here to get the latest update about the assault. I just hope that no Malaysians are killed today as a result of the current regime's brutality being meted out against our fellow citizens who just want to gather and listen peacefully to their chosen leaders.

Think the color yellow's gonna come help the public? Dream on!


Kata Tak Nak said...

Kadang2 rasa bersalah jugak kita dok marah kat FRU tu semua. They are acting under orders of their bosses who in turn act under orders of bigger bosses. Tapi come to think of it, takkan depa tak tau yang the people yang depa spray dan teargas kan tu were peaceful demonstrators? Kalau arahan yang datang tu arahan yang gila mengapa kena ikut?

mahaguru58 said...

Well Cikgu,
That's sort of an occupational risk that the FRU guys and girls have to take.

The thing is , all these confrontations between the people and the FRU are the result of executive decisions carried out at the PM's Office.

Any loss of life, any drop of the people's blood, any bruises, any welts, any concussions, suffered by any Malaysian during such confrontations is held accountable to the misdeeds of the one calling himself the Prime Minister and Imam of the Hadhari bidaah.

The FRU as well as the police or the army are all wage earners.

Our Armed Forces Generals and Commanders are not known to ever stage a coup or overthrow the corrupt civilian government ruining this country since day one.

Hence, we have this situation in our nation where the people are forced to take to the streets because of unfair measures perpetrated upon us all by the BN.

The Opposition have yet to present to us a viable lineup that we can back up.

I just don't see them united and cohesive in their BA quick fix get up.

The Opposition coalition if you can even call them that is so bloody fragile that the slightest difference in standpoints amongst them will bring down the BA like a 'house of cards'.