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Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Change the govt in the polls!" so infers Abdullah Badawi

I mean judging from the way Abdullah Badawi is cornered into issuing such a statement as above clearly spells doom for the way the BN run Government of Malaysia is today barring the public from gathering at Dataran Merdeka by imposing roadblocks and blocking all access to the Dataran Merdeka, clearly exposes the current regime to be what it is! A bloody regime!

Satellite photo of blocked roads leading to Dataran Merdeka this morning courtesy of Jeff Ooi.

More pictures of the current situation there are available here at Chee Seong's Flickr site.

I recall reading about how the Republic of Singapore's PAP government cleverly turned around the Singapore Opposition's influence on Singaporeans by allowing the Opposition to go ahead and speak at an allocated Speaker's Corner in the island republic.

When the people of Singapore saw through the Opposition's points as nothing more than mere rhetoric, the audience trickled away to such a stage that the Opposition saw only empty fields as none came to listen to them criticize the PAP Government under Lee Kuan Yew's mentorship.

Abdullah Badawi has screwed his BN coalition party's chances by refusing permission to the BERSIH rally to take place today.

When you go and stop someone from voicing out his or her opinion in a public rally, you create a situation where people are more curious to find out what the Opposition has to say?

Such curiosity and inconveniences in turn gives birth to resentment in the hearts and minds of the Malaysian public which will then show itself in the results of the next General Elections of Malaysia.

The failure of Istana Negara to address this issue further galvanizes my conclusion that the Malay Sultans are quite comfortable playing along to the BN Coalition's dictates that they remain mere constitutional monarchies and do not interfere in the life's and fates of us Malaysian citizens.

You can't depend on the Agong to come save your butts if you are brutalized by the BN's security apparatus. Malaysians have no one to protect them if they go ahead and try to exercise their rights to assemble in peace as guaranteed by the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

The Federal Constitution does not enjoy total adherence to by the current regime ; so do not get your hopes high that you will be accorded and allowed your rights to freedom as you wish.

When they can sideline Almighty Allah's Supreme Constitution and come up with their own watered down Syariah Laws, what the hell do we expect that they will even bother about manmade laws?

Back to the BERSIH's call for people to dress in yellow expecting the Royals to come to their defense, well, it sure seems to be a futile attempt to stir the Malay Royals into action.

The Malay Royals can't be bothered to come protect every Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy, who wants to attend the BERSIH rally for their royal selfs would not want to risk losing their privileges and perks enjoyed by them and their royal families for the sake of the common Malaysian public. Dress in yellow? Yeah..right! Nothing special about the color to me.

The color yellow spells just that! Yellow! If you know what the color yellow stands for in America, you'll catch my drift! I state it as I see it based upon the lack of reaction from the one associated with the color yellow here in Bolehland!

The BERSIH rally might not take place today but the rally is going on vibrantly in each and every concerned Malaysian's heart and mind.

Come the next GE, this rally will manifest itself in the way the Malaysians feel about their rights to assemble in peace is today being denied by Abdullah Badawi!

I for one have never believed in all the earlier promises that 'Mr.Clean' stated when he first took over from Mahathir.

We have a choice. Choose wisely when it comes to Election Day.

I am not saying that you vote for the Opposition blindly. The Malaysian Opposition has to prove to me that they are worthy of my vote and others like me.

Those whose agenda is to deny us Muslims our freedom to practice our faith of Islam as God Almighty commands us and who interfere in matters concerning the Islamic faith will find me amongst their adversaries and I will go all out to cut them off at their knees (metaphorically speaking).

Those who practice a true and fair democratic policy that cares for all Malaysians irrespective of creed or color will instead get my total support IF they practice what they preach.

All the latest updates regarding the blockage by Abdullah Badawi in restricting Malaysians from gathering at Dataran Merdeka today at 3.00pm only goes to prove to us Malaysians that the present regime needs a wake up call in the next General Elections.

You ready to slap 'Sleepy Head' awake come the fateful day?

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