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Thursday, November 08, 2007

A good citizen is deaf, dumb and blind to BN's faults!

I have been reading and viewing all comments and blog reports plus the latest feedback from Malaysiakini's take on the UMNO General Assembly and what Pemuda UMNO's golden boy Khairi Jamaludin has to say about the proposed BERSIH's rally at Dataran Merdeka this Saturday, the 10th of November, 2007.

From what I can see regarding this nation's citizens dilemma with regard to the 'freedom to speak up' when they see their rights denied to them to assemble peacefully and hold such rallies, I come to the conclusion that the only good citizens according to what the BN coalition government and its various spokesmen such as Khairi Jamaludin is that the opposing Malaysians cease from existence and those who remain be deaf, dumb and blind to anything that they do wrong.

A citizen wrote this letter lamenting the fact that he or she realizes their second class citizenship in Malaysiakini.

As I type, these words, the news on Astro TV are flashing reports saying that the Malaysian Police are galvanizing more than 4000 policemen to stop the proposed BERSIH rally at Dataran Merdeka!

Malaysians who attend the rally will be considered as illegal protesters and dealt with as such. The BN government has emulated what Pakistani President General 'Iron Fist' Pervez Musharraf has unleashed onto his fellow citizens there and I won't even be surprised if I hear the same treatment be dished out to the BERSIH rally participants.

Be prepared to die for your beliefs. Justice is being shanghied here in Bolehland and all citizens are hereby warned not to dare attend such a rally as the PDRM has denied any police permits to the BERSIH organizers.

As I have been saying to those in HINDRAF and their supporters in blogs such as this, the only way you can exercise your right to choose your government is through the ballot box in the next GE.

Attending rallies are part and parcel of a citizen's right as enshrined in the British designed and drafted Malaysian Constitution yet even the Brits deny their citizens similar rights to rally and protest against the powers that be.

Furthermore, what do objecting citizens expect the BN government to do? Capitulate to their demands and resign en masse?

You must be dreaming or on something that affects your rational thinking if we are to accept that such a wish to see them fold in without a fight or come up with a treacherous counter campaign to beat the attending rally goers senseless and even get to eliminate those amongst the Opposition and the noisy NGO's in one go!

Whatever it is, I am sure that the bigwigs in the Malaysian Opposition will be main targets of the FRU batons, water cannons and from what we have seen take place at Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu , even be rewarded with a bullet or two in their persons courtesy of the powers that be.

BERSIH rally? Sounds more like Opposition cleansing in store to me.

May God save you all. Ameen.

In the meantime, choke on all the swill that continues to be dished out to us through the 'main media'. That's what they do best. Apple polishing first class. Malaysia Boleh!

Hidup rakyat? Maybe only those who are in the BN's good books. Those wearing yellow and expect the Agong to come to their defense must be as I said, having had too much muruku and morru that they forget that the BN will never change its colors.

We need to stand up for our rights and at times, face such challenges in ensuring that those rights are fulfilled and upheld even at the risk of being harmed by the very government who are supposed to protect us all.

A good Malaysian is one who is deaf, dumb and blind unlike us pesky bloggers who don't give a hoot to their wants and desires. Must be in our genes, I suppose.

As far as I know, we are answerable to Allah and Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and to our conscience.

Don't you agree?


Anak Bapa said...

While you are right to say that we better change this government thru the ballot box but the reality here is that we are not going to win eventhough we have the support of the people. During the last election we the oppposition garnered almost 40% of the popular votes but we end up with a meagre less than 20 seats. The election process in Malaysia needs to be overhauled. UMNO/BN is not going to do it because it is to their advantage. Only thru the will of the people then we can do something. We have tried all sorts of thing, memos, meetings, discussions but nothing happen.

This gathering is meant to put pressure for some improvement to our election process. It is not meant to topple anybody. The people must speak ......

mahaguru58 said...

Sometimes, people never learn from past events.

Life is not something that is to be taken for granted and simply allowed to unfold on its own without taking steps to avoid falling into the same situations that many before us suffered as a result of rushing in blindly without weighing the pros and cons of any one action.

By all means, wish for the unthinkable to happen.

Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will definitely be.

Expecting a Philiphines like 'People Power' rising and the toppling over of our entrenched BN tyrants is simply akin to waiting for cows to fly over the moon.

Dream on.

Trashed said...

There must be something amiss in our system if PJ Selatan with an electorate count of some 49,000 elects one representative but Putrajaya with less than 5,000 can also elect the same.