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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

HINDRAF - Between demanding Justice, Religious and Racist Fantasies

This is in reference to a comment made by a HINDRAF supporter in my article before this.

This answer is also written in general to those who wonder where Mahaguru58 stands on this HINDRAF's demands to our Malaysian Government?


First and foremost, no one can change who they are. Ethnic origins is a gift from Allah the Almighty.

I am an Indian Muslim but strongly Malay in my upbringing and my day to day life.

The only culture I have known and practiced in my life is the Malay culture.

What you say is understandable from the Malaysian Indians who support and identify with HINDRAF's viewpoint.

That's just natural.

There is however the main issue of HINDRAF's agenda.

Advocating the rights of the Hindus only. Read ' Hindu Rights Action Force'.

It's got no reference to the rights of other Malaysian Indians. What more of other Malaysians for the matter?

There is no reference at all in all these demands to fight for the rights of ALL Malaysians unlike what BERSIH stands for?

Hence, I see no relativity with what you are claiming in your last sentences with what the leaders of HINDRAF are preaching at HINDRAF's gatherings.

One needs to be clear about the realities and the fantasies here.

HINDRAF is fighting for the rights (real or imagined) of the Malaysian Hindus unlike the Malaysian Indian Congress.

The MIC was set up by Indians of various faiths and ethnic origins unlike what HINDRAF stands for.


So, for you to say one thing whilst HINDRAF's leaders clearly demanding another spells of misleading understandings of what exactly is HINDRAF fighting for?

The way the speeches are being made by HINDRAF's leaders spells a confrontational approach and attitude that promises further bloodshed in this volatile issue.

As a Malaysian Muslim blogger who understands Tamil, I am sharing with all Malaysians what HINDRAF leaders are saying in their fiery speeches.

The nation needs to know what's going on instead of being lost in the translation.

I am for all Malaysians to be able to live in peace and relative prosperity but the demands made by HINDRAF seem to me to be more imaginary than actual reality.

Hence, I have to disagree with you there about your illusions of seeing ALL Malaysians walk with HINDRAF on such a solely Hindu rights future protest rally.

I have marched with the Malaysian Bar Council lawyers in Putrajaya irrespective of my personal principles of not liaising with those who pose a threat to my faith and fellow Muslims on the account of a common ground in opposing judicial rot.

Ask Haris Ibrahim. We have our differences of opinions and standpoints in many cases especially in the matter of Lina Joy and other Apostasy cases but as fellow Malaysian Bloggers, we still acknowledged each other and marched together for a common cause.

It does not mean that we are chummy chummy with each other on the other issues. Period.

I acknowledge and support BERSIH's call for a clean and fair GE this time around.

Does not mean that you will see me rooting for DAP's Malaysian Malaysia battle cry!

I support PAS's call for an Islamic State. Doesn't mean that I will blindly rubberstamp my approval for street protests and running battles with my fellow Muslims in the FRU or even with UMNO!

I share here in my blog what I think my fellow Malaysians need to know and understand about the real deal with Islam, the only faith that I believe in and acknowledge as the true Way of Life that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has decreed for us Mankind but it doesn't mean that I can't and won't discuss and befriend my fellow Malaysians from other faiths and creed.

I even posed with the DAP leaders in many functions we attended together as fellow Malaysians and as Malaysian Bloggers but doesn't mean that we agree with each other on all things.

There are many things which we can agree and disagree about
but it doesn't mean we have to just blindly support and endorse causes that run against our principles and foundations of belief, which to me is the most important thing in my life as a Muslim.

I am not alone in thinking this way.
Even Ahiruddin Atan @ Rocky Bru feels the same way about this HINDRAF matter.

Rocky is a very liberal guy for the matter but even he isn't too gung ho about this blatantly racist and religious extremist grouping that has and still is calling for a mass confrontation of the Hindus here in Malaysia against the Government of this nation we all so love and call our home, Malaysia.

So, how would a Muslim fundamentalist kick ass blogger like me feel about these chaps rooting for the destruction of all that we have come to love and cherish here in Malaysia?

Naturally, I will stay away from being mistaken to be supportive of the racial and religious stoking of Malaysian Hindus feelings and emotions to the stage of venting out their frustrations on the roads and streets of this nation when we are just so bloody close to the legitimate General Elections of this country!

Let all those who aren't happy about the way things are here in Malaysia, register themselves as a legitimate political party and contest in the General Elections on an equal footing.

That's the only way to go about it. Not running amok on the streets and fighting each other!

When millions of foreigners flock to our nation to seek a living and earn an income, why the hell must we have Malaysians behaving like lunatics on our streets?

I say this to all who are so keen to engage in running battles with the security forces of this country who are just doing their bloody job!

What exactly would you like the Police and the FRU to do? Just stay in their barracks and let anarchy run amok in our nation?

Hell No!

No way jose!

I didn't like to see the way people got hurt on the 25th of November!

This is not the way Malaysians should behave and act!

We aren't barbarians, are we?

You not happy with the BN government? Fine! Go vote for whom you like! If the party you support wins, fine. Go rule over us.

You screw up? You will get voted out in the next GE!

This is the way civilized people operate. Not like some banana republic where the law of the jungle reigns havoc over the rights and life's of it's people!

It is as many say. Malaysia might have first world infrastructure but damn!..we still have amongst us those who don't know and understand the true meaning of the word 'democracy'.

Do we even have to wonder why the FRU have to be tough on such street protesters?

Dang Wangi CID Sub Inspector Chew Choon Peng who was viciously attacked and had his skull cracked and bloodied would have every right in the world to open fire at his attackers!

Each and every one of us in his place would have not hesitated to shoot to kill those who attacked him like that! I would! Period!

I don't like to say so but in a matter of choosing between one's own life and personal safety, I dare say that any rational sane human being in the inspector's position would have blasted away those attackers!

HINDRAF is pursuing a dangerous way to achieve their objectives. I state herewith that this blogger will not walk with them in any rally or march for they are wrong to engage in this confrontational approach that has the potential to hurt and harm many more people including the very Malaysian Hindus it says it represents.

I pray that no one dies for the political aspirations of HINDRAF's leaders in this manner that they have chosen to go.

When mankind all over the world seek to earn a living in peace and harmony, we have before us today those who won't hesitate to hurt and maim or even kill their fellow Malaysians just to achieve their Hindu Utopia, right here in this multi ethnic, multi faithed country of us all, Malaysia.

I call upon HINDRAF to reconsider their confrontational stand and go take part in the coming General Elections as rightful civil citizens of Malaysia, registered properly as a political party, equal and righteous as others.

This is the best way to seek whatever it is you wish for. Befitting your roles as seekers of justice.

The present way is only going to see more blood shed by the masses and the security forces.

I say no to such a damaging approach to seek compensation for the past and forgetting to seize the various opportunities we have here in our nation.

Sometimes , we tend to focus on the distant horizon and fail to see the luscious green beneath our feet.

Don't we?

Please check out this clarification from the Selangor State Government regarding the actual facts about the Padang Jawa squatter area clearance where the temple and surau were demolished after it's land owner asked for the authorities help .

There's a whole lot more realities that bloggers and blog readers ought to study and know in depth before coming to any conclusions about anything happening here in our nation.

Knowledge is power, my fellow Malaysians.

Lack of it will only see us fighting against one another for no rhyme and reason except that we were taken for a ride by those with vested interests in seeing us tear each other to shreds whilst they enjoy the side show and reap the rewards from their own, blinkered political agendas at our expense.

Suggestive and selective reporting or blogging can and will incite those ignorants who don't have a bloody clue as to what they are fighting for in the first place.

Unbridled anger can and will cloud one's judgments especially when it involves one's race and religion. The devious ones can easily spark off a massacre amongst us, generally peace loving Malaysians from all walks of life.

Before we jump to conclusions and start whacking the life out of each other, our neighbors and our brothers and sisters here in Malaysia, please.....please check and recheck our sources of 'news' and latest 'updates'.

Rational advice? I seriously hope so. Our life's depend on it.


::Lord Apprentice:: said...

I agree with your sentiments, but certain things you say seem to contradict your statements, and indicate you are no more barbaric than the HINDRAF

"So, how would a Muslim fundamentalist kick ass blogger like me feel about these chaps rooting for the destruction of all that we have come to love and cherish here in Malaysia?" --> Hindraf isnt rooting for the destruction of all we love and cherish in Malysia. They are simply trying to make themselves heard.

"Dang Wangi CID Sub Inspector Chew Choon Peng who was viciously attacked and had his skull cracked and bloodied would have every right in the world to open fire at his attackers!" -->arent you a bit surpised that only Mr.Chew's bloodied picture got plastered all across the newspapers, but nothing about the protesters themselves? Was Mr.Chew the only one beaten up? I dont know..but i think its worth thinking about..

mahaguru58 said...

By fundamentalist Muslim kick ass blogger do you for a second see me brandishing an AK47 blasting away at HINDRAF members?'s a figure of speech bro.

I am a bloody blogger who tells it as it is, no beating around the bush or flowery language but definitely no 'f' words.

What I or any other blogger say about what has taken place in the HINDRAF rally or as to what has happened to those who got hurt in the demo gone crazy rally is gonna change the realities we have before us.

You as a fellow blogger surely should know that.

This rally need not have ended like that but it's now part of this nation's history.

I have yet to go bash any rally goer with a brick or whatever to be called barbaric.

You ought to refrain from making ad homineum attacks against me here bro.

I surely do not wish to have to resort to that level of an engagement between us.

Bloggers like us surely should know better than to speak like that to each other.

anthraxxxx said...

While the race relations are deteriorating in our country, I am happy to see the Indians still mingle around happily with the Malays in my neighborhood. I just hope it would continue that way.

Abdullah said...

A note to the first comment.. Sympathizers of Hindraf often claimed that the group - just want to be heard.

However, the petition clearly indicates that Hindraf is beyond 'wanting to be heard'. While many Malaysian could sympathised with some of the claim, the rest are clearly unreasonable, racist, self centered, slanderous, and the points submitted are delusional rather than fact. It is clear that many Malaysian, even among the bloggers and human right activist find HINDRAF request unreasonable.

While I totally disagree with the manner of the temple demolition, I am also equally iritated with the habit of building temples without permit, as much as I despise people building a mosque without permit. If Hindraf is really honest to fight for the right of the Hindu, than they should have the integrity to provide reputable and credible facts in their petitions. Namely:
(1) total number of temples in this country, per state, per area - I am sure that the data would be available from one of the Ministry
(2) total number of permit being requested for building temples and the breakdown of approval and rejection. This must be supported by official documents
(3) The total number of temple being demolished (please identify the location) and out of this, how many were built with or without permit.

From my reading, I am inclined to think to disagree with the claim of targeted destruction of the Hindu
place of worship when the temple was built without permit. Correct me and the rest of Malaysia wrong by providing data

I am beginning to question the qualification of those three lawyers. How very stupid of them to justify their petitions using points created from their emotion rather than providing credible data.

Nevertheless, I pray for the future where every Malaysian citizen would have equal opportunity and equal distribution of every thing and no one group being marginalised. (including orang Asli).

mahaguru58 said...

Welcome back Brother anthraxxxx,

As always, your comments and opinions never fail to reconfirm my belief that there are rational Malaysians out there who are living proof that this nation is not yet that cocked up as many seem to believe.

Although the id anthraxxxx may give the authorities all over the world shivers that might shrink their gonads and run down their spine, you my friend almost always have been a panacea to me in handling the comments coming my way.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala bless you with His Taufik and Hidayah sir!


Thank you my dear fellow Malaysian for making my day. :)