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Monday, November 26, 2007

HINDRAF 'Demo gone crazy'. Now everyone can cry!

Thanks to for the above videoclips of the peaceful turned violent HINDRAF rally.

Well, the HINDRAF leaders must now be pleased that the whole bloody world is talking about us and the way we are moving towards 'democrazy'.

Quite an achievement, right? In the impatience of waiting for the GE to take place, Malaysia has now seen two violent 'peaceful' demonstrations that has made headlines all over the world, albeit for the wrong reasons.

I am not condoning Abdullah Badawi's BN administration. In fact, those who read my blog know that I am not a major fan of the successor to our nation's former iron fisted dictator cum architect of our nation's transformation from an agricultural based former British Empire's colony to being South East Asia's leading developing country.

The thing is, does violence change the status quo here in this multi ethnic, multi faithed country?
Violence begets violence. We all know that.

The bleeding Dang Wangi CID Sub Inspector Chew Choon Peng shown here in this photo and in this Star Online news report was assaulted with sharp objects by the 'peaceful' HINDRAF rally goers. Occupational risks?

Many other policemen and HINDRAF members suffered severe injuries to themselves in the violent confrontations.

What if he had died? Would the rally organizers be satisfied? What if any of the HINDRAF supporters had been killed in the melee? Who is to be blamed?....Think!

The major difference is that on one side, the authorities have legal rights to enforce the law by using whatever means they have at their disposal to quell unrests such as what took place yesterday in the KL city center's and also at Batu Caves, the Malaysian Hindu's major temple complex. On the other hand, those protesters or rally goers stand foul of the law.

Behind all these 'peaceful' protests, are the orchestrator's of the rally who failed to take into account, the terrible toll on humans especially those of their own supporters , the Malaysian Indian populace.

We know that people aren't happy with the way, things have been here in Malaysia. The dissatisfactions voiced by members and supporters of HINDRAF and other ethnic based parties and organizations have been vented out in street demonstrations, especially within this month of November, 2007.

The question we need to ask these rally organizers is,
  • "Is it worth the blood being spilled?"
  • "Is this the kind of democracy that Malaysians want?"
  • To inflict as much pain as possible on members of the public and those employed as the law and order agencies of this nation?
If these are their objectives, then congratulations! Objectives achieved with bleeding results.

Justice and human rights activists have a funny way of showing the nation as to how it works?

What is deemed to be a basic human right to assemble and protest is also a potential flash point of street violence and thuggery that if left to run amok can result in anarchy. Yesterday's HINDRAF rally proved the fears right.

We must remember that unbridled emotions and passions stoked with racial and religious overtones can be a volatile mix of human savagery that brushes aside any iota of compassion that we may have for our fellow man.

It works both ways. Both the law enforcers and the street protesters are susceptible to emotionally charged loss of rational thought and judgment when faced with obvious mortal dangers to themselves when driven to choose between submission or forced confrontation with whomsoever poses a threat to their lives such as yesterday's gone crazy rally!

Survival instincts kick in and the result is usually not that pretty or peaceful. The protesters were there for a reason. Dissatisfaction about the way, their community have been mistreated and also because they have to make a stand about seeing their unauthorized places of worships being demolished.

We understand that such temples were demolished by the local authorities after complaints by their respective landowners lodged complaints or reports against such illegal establishments.

Even if the land belonged to private individuals who consented to the erection of such religious places within their land boundaries, the people also need to know that there are certain guidelines and criteria in the laws of the nation that govern the establishments of such religious places of worship.

The founders of such places failed to consult and get the approvals to build such temples or other religious structures from the government authorities in the first place.

Religious sensitivities and the resulting social impact need to be taken into consideration by the local authorities before they issue approvals and permits to the building of religious places.

We must not forget that in this world, there exists many different forms of faith and religious beliefs that if left to run without exercising strict control and preventive measures can break out into violence and skirmishes against one and the other.

Even fellow adherents to any faith can have differences amongst themselves as we know exist in every major faith or belief.

Muslims have differences amongst ourselves. There are those who are followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad's Sunnah Wal Jama'ah and also those who call themselves Shia's and claim to be members of the House of 'Ali and negate the Prophethood of the Blessed Messenger and curse his Sahabah's @ Companions. Violent clashes and skirmishes between the two major groups have seen endless deaths and injuries take place over the centuries.

This is not taking into account, the various other sects and groups who fail to reconciliate with one another and return to the true teachings of the Final Messenger Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and the true form of Islam that God Almighty has revealed to us, mankind.

Christianity has its own fair share of troubles between the various denominations and just like Islam, has seen its adherents wage war against one another to this very second and kill each other for the sake of trying to prove that they are right and the others all wrong!

Hinduism, Buddhism, and all other 'ism's have their own tragic tales to tell.

Don't even start to touch on politics.

All over the world, mankind continues to kill and be killed over political issues. Human rights, animal rights, gays and lesbian rights, this right and that right all sort of put the entire human civilization into a sordid, messy , bloody blight!

It is exactly as what the Surah Al-Asr says of us.

1. Waal AAasri
1. By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),

2. Inna al-insana lafee khusrin
2. Verily Man is in loss,

3. Illa allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati watawasaw bialhaqqi watawasaw bialssabri
3. Except those who have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy(being steadfast in their good deeds).


We stand to be amongst those who will always be amongst the losers if we fail to exercise sensible and rational acts of living this challenging life here on Earth.

Malaysians of all ethnicities and faiths need to weigh the consequences of acting irrationally and fail to seize the day when the ballot boxes are opened for us to choose whom we want to represent us as our next Malaysian Government.

As the Surah says, we need to be a tad patient in clamoring for our rights.

Haste makes waste!

The future of our country and that of ourselves and our children is at stake. Do not gamble it all away by making rushed decisions.

Practice democracy by voting for your chosen representatives in the GE. Street protests do not change anything for us here in Malaysia for it has been proven time and times again that the aftermath of street demos and rallies is that, the people will still suffer when we do not have legal authority with us.

Only legitimate way to get that authority is through the General Elections. Don't you agree?


rational thinker said...

dear sir,

i am a pacifist at heart, and hate to see blood of either side to spill.

We should all have asked the question on why the police reacted so aggressively, when the protestors, in both accounts (bersih + hindraf) have tried to organise a peaceful protest? Please read that the officer was injured while trying to arrest a protestor.

If the protestors had began to riot and start burning cars or what not, then perhaps, arrest them. supposedly, they have the power to arrest anyone at sight...

what a law.

mahaguru58 said...

Well, we all know that the current regime does not truly practice a just government and has been denying the Malaysians their true rights as entailed in the Federal Constitution.

Yet the BN has been returned to absolute power by the same Malaysian voting citizens for lack of a viable and capable Malaysian Opposition ever since this nation came into being.

The BN have been enjoying total power all these years because it is the same millions of Malaysian voting public who cross that ballot paper with the BN scales on it and return them back to power each and every General Elections that this country has held.

Whom do we blame for that?

The citizens of course.