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Thursday, November 22, 2007

HINDRAF's Issue - Questions from a Malaysian Indian

I refer to a string of questions that a blog commenter by the id of Anakmalaysia5 has asked me in relation to my blog article here.

I can understand the reason why many Malaysians do not dare to disclose their true identities for fear of repercussions from the ruling government agencies in form of disciplinary measures especially if the blog commenter's happen to be either government servants or students from colleges or universities regardless whether public or private.

So, I will answer this anonymous blog commenter's many questions on the basis that he or she has asked valid reasonable questions and ought to be accorded the proper responses befitting the objectives of such queries.

First and foremost, let me lay it down straight that these questions ought best be directed towards the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Badawi himself for they touch on the fundamental social contract concerning the treatment of the government of the Non Malay ethnicities.

Nevertheless, as the commenter has directed such questions to me in my position as a blogger who writes concerning all things affecting us Malaysians in the socio-political-religious category, I will reply to these questions from my personal viewpoints.

Here are the questions.
  • My question is did this Malaysian Indians (referring to Ananda Krishnan and other notable Indian captains of industry) make their fortune here in their own motherland (Malaysia) or they had to go out of the country to build their empire?
Answer :

Well, as we all know, sometimes businesspersons like Ananda Krishnan and others like the owners of Eversendai Corporation have to venture forth to overseas markets because domestic political situations and conditions aren't feasible to them to make reasonable profits for them to remain in the black.

We all know that projects especially those that involve official decisions are fraught with all kinds of regulations and requirements that border on the impossible or will get entangled in official bureaucracy, bogging down their operations unlike situations abroad.

Corruption is also reported to be rife amongst our official government departments and agencies further driving away the major Malaysian Indian businessmen to go seek their fortunes elsewhere.

Ananda Krishnan has Mahathir to thank for in giving him many opportunities to build major infrastructures such as being involved in the KLCC project and also in other mega projects such as the Binariang Measat projects and also having control of Maxis, one of our nation's major telecommunications systems.

Same goes for other Malaysian Indians who had to go abroad to make money because the doors to opportunities here had the 'bumi' ; 'non bumi' access system.
  • Can you explain to me why all this corporate figures who are captains of big corporation have to go out of Malaysia to actually start their business and make their fortune at the first place?
Same answer as above.
  • If so why is that many educated Indian professionals leaving Malaysia and going abroad to build their career ?
Because they are looking for greener pastures and bigger incomes which are offered elsewhere and not available here.
  • If there is opportunity for the (Indian) youths to study at local higher learning institution why is that just less then 10% place given at the first place ?
You have to ask the Minister of Education about this. I don't make the rules here.
  • The core of all problem is obvious marginalization and the Indians are not being given their rights. There are still many talents who i won't be surprise can even create nuclear weapons or even next generation fuel out there which is working day and night so hard and they have never seen the light of opportunity. do we have the rights to show our talents and opportunity in our own motherland ?
Well, I sure would not want to support those who are geniuses but misuse their talent to go build nukes ...hehehehehe.. I know that you are just sort of giving a broad example but I understand your points. I know that many bright sparks amongst the Malaysian Indian community are losing out on opportunities because of official government policy. Such situations are beyond the control of people like us.

Samy Vellu and his MIC big wigs need to play a more active role in demanding this and that but as you know, the minister keeps thumping his chest like a bloody silverback and says he's not scared of anybody and that he's 71 years old and doesn't give a shit about young un's who dare question him?

As long as the Indians keep voting him and his cronies back into power year in, year out, no one's gonna shake him!

Subramaniam tried and got himself skewered. The IPF chap tried to blackmail Samy Vellu by carrying a coffin, etc but no sirree... big old Samy doesn't give a hoot!

So, you tell me, what can we or anyone else do about your people when you keep voting the fella back in?
  • Even if we help our own community right now ? Do you think the government will be sitting quietly there and say let the fellow Indians help their community to develop themselves and prosper.You may say I'm narrow minded by saying so, but that is the true fact not only you or any other Malaysian can deny.
Have you helped your community? Why should you bother about the government's reaction if you have it in you to help your people? Why should you bother?

If you can help your people, just do it bro! Don't worry about anyone else.
As the Nike ad says, " Just Do It!"
  • Lets look at Singapore. Singapore's majority population is Chinese. There are Indians and Malays living there. Are they being ripped of their rights or being marginalized? Opportunity is given to every citizen. Its up to them to choose and do what is best for them. Does it work the same way here in Malaysia ?
No point in asking me something that you already know in depth.
  • Lets again talk about corporate ethics, both Indians and the Chinese who work day and night to build their business empire. Why is there such law in Malaysia that says there should be a bumiputera partner in multinational or public listed corporation although he or she might not sweat to make the company expand ?
This law is one that the Parliament controlled by the majority of MP's approved and supported, including your MIC big boss and his MCA counterpart, Towkay Ong Ka Ting. If the Non Malay MP's didn't support the bill, it would not be there, right?
  • Will you be calling me racist because i highlighted that it is a must to have a bumiputera partner to do business in Malaysia ?
Nope. Why should I? You are just stating the facts here. No objections at all. It's what the BN has been practicing since they came into power.
  • You may say that all the above mention argument is not related to the topic being discussed here.But everyone of us need to understand just one thing here, only when a citizen have his or her rights and not being marginalized. Then he or she can lead a better life and the generation to come will have a much safe and better environment to live and grow.
I won't refute what you have said for these are all actual realities for us here in Malaysia.
  • It is easy for anyone to say lets not point fingers at others, but the circumstances is the cause for us to point the fingers is the true fact.
Yup. You need to have viable reasons to fight for. Any struggle needs to have legitimate causes in order to be successful. Hence, I believe that if properly handled and for a reasonable cause, the Malaysian Indians will be able to see an improvement in their future, provided they do not transgress the rights of others in the process.
  • Whether HINDRAF might have other agenda for what it is doing should not be made an issue now,the truth everyone needs to understand is they are advocating for the rights of the people who has been ripped of their rights and being marginalized.
This is where I need to point out that asking the British to come interfere in our internal affairs comes close to endangering the freedom and sovereignty of our country, is to me not a very wise thing to do, regardless whether it is the Malays, Indians or Chinese asking foreigners for help in dealing with our domestic policies.

That ends the Q & A session as far as Anakmalaysia5's queries to me are concerned.

I will be leaving for the East Coast tomorrow and returning on Sunday. I will miss taking pictures and videos of the HINDRAF rally to the British High Commission as I will be travelling but I would like to wish all Malaysian Indians the best in your cause.

Just make sure that no one gets out of hand and ends up getting hurt or worse. Life is what you make it to be. Doesn't mean that you have to be foolhardy and get yourself in the news for the wrong reasons. Listen to what your elders tell you in not endangering your lives by acting out of the norm and follow the organizers guidelines.

May justice be upheld and accorded to all of us the citizens of Malaysia. I personally don't see the British compensate any of their former subjects descendants for what took place centuries before.

The American Red Indian natives have a better chance in getting compensation from the US Government of today as well as the Australian Aborigines or the New Zealand Maoris than the Indians of Malaysia!

Anyway, sometimes, it is pointless to try advice anyone who have already made up their minds about anything and we should just let things fall into place on their own.

I surely will be following all the developments by catching up on the latest reports and live feed from Malaysiakini.

With their presence today, providing us truthseekers, all the latest straight from the people's news and reports without the usual bull spewed by the mainstream media, at last we all have true blue news and feedback free from official censorship and news distortion or made to order news as what is dished out by RTM or even TV3!

Thank you Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran. You guys rock!

We also need to thank Raja Petra Kamarudin for having the balls to go one on one with the current regime by updating us with his news reports and latest exposes in his Malaysia Today web portal.

So, Have a good rally! Taste the tear gas and acid baths, courtesy of the Barisan Nasional's FRU!

Whatever takes place this Sunday, I sure hope and pray that no one gets harmed at the end of the day.

Make some noise but also remember that this is our country. No one can deny us that! Period!

Go here to read what the Malaysian Indians are discussing about the HINDRAF rally issue.


::Lord Apprentice:: said...

When i first heard that there would be a rally at the British embassay, and a demand of justice from the British, i thought "bloody idiots, the british won't a give a rats ass. indians should concentrate on improving themselves rather than complain about the past".

However, after reading a few articles, i've come to change my mind. Rallying at the british embassy in ingenius. Why? Because it will bring international attention to the plight of the Malaysian Indians.

I wonder how it went...

rational thinker said...


i ve noticed that you have deflected all the important questions by blaming the fact that the MIC/mCA are in cohorts with Umno as a "coalition" government. That is the fallacy of the argument. indians are beign marginalized because the majority don't care at all about the bigger picture (the welfare of the nation and fellow malaysians, be it indians, chinese or malays)...and i can safely say, this is probably because of countless and years of political brainwashing.

while it's ludicrious to see malaysians sending their petition to the UK government, i think our current state of affairs in malaysia doesn't encourage any "message from the people". all i can say is, let's vote these bas**rds out of the office.

Ahmed said...

Great blog and good work mashallah. Please take a look at my blog and and link up here if you find them of benefit.

ash said...

The things that we see here today that has taken place in klcc and batu caves proves the rally is worthy of its cause. The rally to submit the memo to the British Embassy did not succeed as it was expected however the message is definateldy conveyed to the world MALAYSIA is not what it proclaims to be!

mahaguru58 said...

Well, I just returned to KL from Kuantan after attending our grandson's @ Muhammad Isaac Al Fayed Cheong aqiqah ceremony.

His father's a Chinese Muslim, married to my wife's niece. The family function went fine and we returned to our home here in the afternoon.

At the Lanchang rest area, traffic on the LPT was channeled into a roadblock where the Police flagged down any Indians and checked their cars and vehicles thoroughly.

What a pity that things have come to this.

Anyway, whatever is due to take place will take place and history will be the chronicler of all these events.

I will blog about this tomorrow.