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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hishamudin's Keris Kissing - Don't get riled up over it!

Sometimes we Malaysians can get so traumatic for no bloody rhyme or reason over the flimsiest things!

The act of kissing the Malay keris by UMNO Youth Chief Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn at the annual UMNO Conference somehow is being made out to be an attempt to threaten the Non Malays with deadly harm!


Why the hell are Malaysians so susceptible to their inner fears over something that will not happen tomorrow or any other time in the future ....unless of course, the instigators itching for a fight amongst us laidback Malaysians succeed in exploding the time honoured spirit of 'esprit de corps' that we have nurtured here amongst us all these years!

Why fear something that is almost unthinkable to be ever allowed to take place here in this land that is a strong practitioner of the old Malay parable of 'Si Luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya! Biarkan!...biarkan!..?

UMNO will never ever go to harm it's strongest allies in the BN, the coalition parties made up of Chinese, Indians, Sabahans, Sarawakians, etc.

Neither will any of the Malaysian Opposition parties including PAS or PKR!

This unnecessary demonizing of a Malay Youth Chief simply because he kisses his keris everytime UMNO holds their annual conference is to me a childish prank by those who do not accord to the Malays their rights to practice and maintain their traditional Malay culture and norms associated with the ancient Malay warrior's practices and time honored 'adat'!

The Malays are fast losing their traditions and cultures due to the unbridled aping of Western norms and habits.

Kissing of the keris is a symbol of chivalry and a measure of a Malay's readiness to combat evil and defend his honor, his loved ones and his nation.

There is no intention to go stab and kill any Chinese, Indian or foreigner with the keris, until and unless the situation warrants it like in a climate of war or anarchy!

Let's be fair. If not the Malays in UMNO or any other Malay based party or group retains their traditions or cultures that will be lost if they fail to preserve their identities as Malays, who then is going to see to it that the future generations of the Malays will remember their roots or their pasts?

Sometimes, we tend to make mountains out of molehills with our fears imagined out of ignorance of the social and traditional norms of any one ethnicity or creed.

Traditions are our link to the past and our guide to the future. Do not go around stirring up trouble amongst the Malaysian population for nothing.

We need to get rid of the corrupt individuals robbing and ruining this nation when they fail to carry out their jobs as entrusted to them by all of us.

Learn to sift through the maze of ethnic varieties and traditional customs and social norms of any one people before blowing things out of proportion and endanger the general Malaysian public with imaginary foes and 'threats of death' upon witnessing such an act of kissing the keris!

You'd be more likely to die of a heart attack or get smashed in an automobile collision than die by being stabbed with a keris by any Malay in this land!

Wise up and let the fellow go kiss his keris as much as he damn well pleases! The only person in any danger of being harmed by the keris is Hishamudin himself if he so much as slips and splits his lips open!

Take it easy folks! The UMNO Malays aren't coming after you! They'd be plain idiots if they ever harm any of you, their tickets to another term of enriching their lot by shouting 'Malaysia Boleh!'

Let the Malays strut their stuff at their annual convention. You don't expect them to show up at the annual MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PPP or any other non Malay gathering and kiss their keris there, do you?

Focus on improving our lots first and go make money. Don't worry! Be happy!

When it's election time, just vote whom you very well please!

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