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Friday, November 30, 2007

It's gardening time for a 50 year old tree called Malaysia

I have seen blood being spilled on our nation's streets and Malaysians getting teargassed and blasted with acid laced water cannons.

All these latest developments doesn't come across as being good for our country and Malaysians in general.

Yet, if we are to become a better nation, a fair place to live and raise our children and future generations, we need to look into why the people have taken to the streets and put themselves in harm's way?

Surely, there must be valid reasons why the Malaysians are starting to get frustrated more and more by each passing day.

We can't wish them away, can we?

Our country is experiencing an upheaval in the grassroots. If likened to a 50 year old tree, the roots are surely spread out by now and should further entrench the tree to grow sturdier and the primary roots probe deeper and deeper into mother earth, strengthening the whole foundation.

Yet today, the Malaysian tree is undergoing convulsions in the soil. The grassroots aren't that happy about the nutrients which are not being distributed equally from the main trunk to the roots and some roots are getting more nutrient feeds while the fine roots are shriveling at the far ends.

This situation is seeing them drying up and thus they are retaliating by causing the roots to buck up and demand more juice to come their way.

Problem is, the secondary roots that are supposed to pass on some of the juices are busy engorging themselves at the expense of the grassroots. Hence, the main tree of Malaysia is experiencing decay at the deepest ends of it's existence.

In case the Chief Gardener fails to fertilize and spray on the much needed nutrient containing juices fairly all around, the 50 year old mighty tree of Malaysia has a danger of toppling over at the slightest storm that may blow its way.

The secondary roots which I state here represents the MCA and the MIC. Failure of such secondary roots to suck and distribute equally the nutrients provided for by the main trunk budget which represents UMNO might see the eventual decay of the grassroots which if left to dry up will see the whole tree shrivel bit by bit till it dries up and dies.

Can we afford to see such a situation befall our main tree of Malaysia? No way, right?

So, Mr.Chief Gardener @ PM Abdullah Badawi, its high time to do your gardening chores. Enough relaxing on the hammock under the shade of the tree. Time to go see to it that the secondary roots are equally treated and taken care of failing which there is a considerable chance of the tree getting a new gardener.

In the meantime, the team of gardeners need to also weed the garden and remove all the lallangs sprouting here and there without fail. You need to trim the hedges and pluck out the parasite weeds from the whole garden.

Failure to do so will see the tree dry up and we might see a new state of existence when creepers climb up the mighty Malaysian tree and eventually the tree will be no more, replaced by a foreign creeper that would slowly but surely take over the entire garden and leave the tree a distant memory.

Try ponder as to what I mean by that?

News about this development of the Malaysian garden is spread far and wide by a bird called Malaysiakini which never seems to tire fluttering about here and there cuckooing to other species that are concerned with the state of affairs regarding this tree.

In the long run, all that the grassroots want is to have the Chief Gardener take care of all the tree's foundation in a fair manner and not just focus on carving his initials into the main tree trunk as a reminder that 'hey PM Abdullah Badawi was here' and leave his memento there for all eternity.

We need to see a thriving growing tree called Malaysia growing high and mighty amongst the forest of existence that we call the planet Earth and the abode of a species called Mankind.

Nothing but diligent care and sincere loving nurturing of all sections of the tree amidst the garden can help save it in the long run. Failure to do so will see the garden become a jungle.

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