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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Malayans had more freedom than Malaysians today.

It's ironic isn't it that instead of progressing towards a more freer society that is allowed to engage in a fair platform of dialogue or debate with the government of the day, Malaysians today are threatened with police beatings and arrest if they choose to exercise the most basic right of a democratic nation?

What right would that be? Well, what else but the right to assemble peacefully and engage with one's fellow citizens and discuss or debate about things that affect us and need to be solved by public participations.

Sadly, this is not the case today. If one so choose to go and engage in such a discussion with one's fellow citizens and question official wrongdoings, one is threatened with police arrest and beaten to a pulp, thrown into prison and maybe even shot to death by the very ones whom we placed our trusts in the first place!

Malaysians today are expected to live in a fantasy world where everything the BN does is considered perfect and its leaders are God's gift to us! Each one of them exemplary outstanding role models, free from sin, clean as a whistle and walk on water! Hehehehehe!

Only those whose brain cells are malfunctioning will want to conclude such a fantasy world as the real deal when we all know that travesties of justice and mountainous cases of corruption brought forth to the courts of 'justice' somehow have a uniquely Malaysian way of getting lost in the process and exonerate those vicious sharks who gorge shamelessly on public funds in the name of 'Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang'!

I am not saying that things are so terrible right now in Bolehland but some things which are our rights like getting to attend public rallies like in the days of old aren't allowed by the current regime anymore!

Why? What are they so afraid of? We are being robbed of our basic rights to listen to our fellow citizens who have something to say about how things are at the moment in our country!

I envy our forefathers who had much more freedom back then when things weren't as obnoxiously restricted as today!

Even in those days when people had not much in their life's and many lived a frugal life, they had the freedom to go as they damn well pleased. Today, in our so called modern, 'democratic' nation, we are threatened with police arrest and thrown into prison if we ever dared to gather in public and condemn or criticize the 'Supreme Leader' of the BN Government of Malaysia.

Looks like we have 'mimosa pudica's' running the government here. 'Touch me not's. :P

So, scenes like this will remain in the Malayan past. Malaysia has yet to be free and independent from the clutches of our current day colonialists under guise of our fellow Malaysians ruining this nation!

Oops! Did I say ruin? I did? Well, that's what I mean actually, hehehehehe!

Anyway, let's see what is gonna take place come this Saturday at the Merdeka Square. Don't tell me it's gonna be a new 'Tiananmen Square' like massacre?

From the way, the tv news are broadcasting the latest scare tactics, more than 4000 policemen and women are being prepared to go whack the BERSIH organizers dirty! Pun intended!

Malaya O Malaya! What has become of you today? Watch for the latest news!

BERSIH is going ahead with it's rally no matter what!

So Malaysians, you decide as to whether you would want to reclaim your rights to assemble in peace or remain shackled under the present oppressors in the Be End.

If it's to be, it's up to us the people to make the change! Peace to all Malaysians.

Stand up for your rights and save this nation from being a victim of oppression as what Pakistan is facing now!

Democracy doesn't mean quivering in fright at the imposing threats of those whose life's themselves are but the Mercy of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!

Where are all the despots and tyrants of yesteryears? Dead and buried! So will all those who threaten the life's and safety of us , the rightful voting public of Malaysia.

Qullu nafsin iza iqatul maut! Everything that breathes will face death. No exceptions!

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala have mercy on us all. Ameen.


Melvin Mah said...

Uncle Maha,

Remember me? We met together sometime back and I just can't believe of how the police now behaves like. They are just the gangs fighting for the Five Corners of New York back in the 19th century.

Look, though everyone is encouraged to come for this assembly, I want to get your feedback: is it worth to go there? I mean, is there any special place chosen where all bloggers will meet for there? Someone said that they should come in more than one person instead of alone...kind of confused, really.

mahaguru58 said...

Melvin my man,

Attending the BERSIH rally this Saturday is a decision that one has to make on one's own volition.

Whether one lives to see the next day after attending the 'illegal rally' is a choice that one has to make him or herself.

You know the reality facing you! You need to do this on your own, Melvin.

Can't decide for you man because this can be a turning point in one's life.

BERSIH might call it a peaceful rally but there are folks out there who want to turn it as dirty as they can!

You know who, right? The ones assembling at the PWTC right now whose freeloading days might be over if BERSIH has their rally permitted by the police, who by now are threatening to bust the chops of anyone who dares to show up at the Dataran Merdeka wearing yellow!

They plan to turn all those yellow into crimson red courtesy of the fully armed and ready to kick ass and break skulls FRU!

You decide for yourself, Melvin.

Can't afford to have anything happening to you on my tab, man.