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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

'Malaysian Opposition are Pondans @ Faggots!' says Nazri

I dare say that sounds like a desperate attempt by the Minister in charge of the Parliament, Nazri Aziz to stir trouble and instigate the Malaysian Opposition parties to prove him wrong by coming out in the streets and prove themselves as 'jantan's @ 'macho males'!

Tch..tch..tch...what kind of a gutter language usage and foul mannerisms is this in the Malaysian Parliament?

Is this how a Malaysian Minister especially one who has been appointed to be in charge over the affairs of the highest office concerning legal matters in the land should conduct himself?

If such is the behavior condoned by the BN government of Malaysia, then surely this administration ought to be so ashamed of themselves when they use such vile language and mannerisms in discussing or debating the issue of the recent people's rally calling for a fair and free election this coming GE!

Speaking like an uncultured, uncouth bumpkin does not elevate the minister to be someone who is to be taken seriously or even respected.

The sniping sideshow MP from Kinabatangan who joins Nazri in his tirade and the occasional heckling from the MP from Jerai is another sign of the low class mentality of the clowns we have masquerading as honorable Members of Parliament representing the BN!

I await the coming GE and wish to see if the people from the constituencies of those foul mouthed MP's will re-elect them into position?

If these fellows get re-elected, then there must be something seriously wrong with the voters in their constituencies.

What a bunch of diarrhea of the lips jokers we have there in the Malaysian Parliament fouling up the august house !

If this nation is to progress and be a fully developed nation by 2020, the people of Malaysia need to spring clean Parliament from the likes of these foul mouthed arrogant clowns in the coming GE in 2008!

A nation can't be considered cultured and developed when we have such persons fouling up our nation's highest office of governance without being censored by the voting Malaysian public.

I hope to see a decent Parliament where the government and the opposition members can engage in dialogue or debates in a manner befitting their positions as representatives of their respective constituencies.

Don't you wish for the same?


Najmuddin Yusoff said...

Quote: If these fellows get re-elected, then there must be something seriously wrong with the voters in their constituencies.

Masalahnya bukan pada pengundi. Masalahnya ialah sistem mengundi itu. Yang kita namakan ia sebagai pilihanraya itu. Sebab itulah kita perlu BERSIHkan sistem itu dahulu.

mahaguru58 said...

Jadi, dengan berarak di jalanraya dan menuntut pembaharuan atau pembersihan sistem pentadbiran di SPR, dapat membersihkan SPR?

Mudah2an harapan tuanhamba menjadi kenyataan.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Don't Be Rude With Name Calling

Even when there's nothing more sensible or worthy to say
Please refrain from habit of low down public name calling
Your time will come when you reach the not too distant day
You regret opening your big mouth leading to your falling