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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Malaysian Reality that every citizen has to accept and submit to.

In view of this latest uprising of the Malaysian Indians grassroots population whom we all have to acknowledge have not been really taken care of by their elected representatives especially the politicians in the Malaysian Indian Congress and all the other offshoot Malaysian Indian political parties, it is high time that the Malaysian Government spring clean itself from those who are corrupt and have failed to carry out their duties.

We have to acknowledge that things aren't exactly fair in areas of responsible governance by the present government that has been in power far too long for it's own good.

Yet we are faced with a lack of alternative capable candidates from the present Opposition parties to form an alternative better government for all Malaysians.

Not one Opposition figure in my current individual personal assessment seems to be suitable or capable to bring about change and replace the present BN regime. I'd welcome suggestions from you as to whom i should root for and why? Just wanting to see your point of view. Thank you.

Please do not mistake my saying so to be endorsing Abdullah Badawi's administration. He is miles away from even coming close to what the 4th Malaysian Prime Minister has achieved despite his iron fisted kick ass policies and dictatorship. Be honest and face up to the reality.

You see, when we have to compare the achievements of dictator Prime Ministers like Malaysia's 4th PM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Singapore's ex PM and current Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, both kick ass premiers have delivered to their respective nation's, progress, development, better economies, and an overall climate of change to the entire nation.

I know that they clamped down on freedom of this and that activists but look at the results of their dictatorships. Aren't Malaysia and Singapore better off today as a result of their iron fisted policies?

If you want to talk about corruption, which President or Prime Minister of any country today who has not enriched him or herself or members of their families whilst claiming to be so holy moly before their people? Not that many, right?

Let's look at Singapore.

Singapore today comes across as a wealthy island republic whose economy is much stabler than the rest of South East Asia.

They could afford to do so because they are only a small island with a population that is only 10% of what Malaysia has and could spend more on keeping the island clean and opening up job opportunities to not only their own people but also to hundreds of thousands of foreign workers including tens of thousands of our fellow Malaysians.

We could also do the same but we have one major problem. Racial based government. It is unavoidable here in this nation where race plays a major, major part in deciding who gets to be what and who is class A, B, C, D, etc.

From my observations. A = Malay, B = Chinese, C = Indians, D = Others.

Let's not beat around the bush as far as Malaysian social contract is concerned. The nation will never be any different from what is has been and always will be.

This is the land of the Malays. All who are rooting for a 'Malaysian Malaysia' utopia should slap themselves as hard as they can and wake up to the realities facing us.

It doesn't matter if your forefathers had been the very first aborigines or natives who first occupied this peninsular.

It doesn't change the fact that this nation came into being only when Parameswara, a Hindu prince from Palembang, Sumatera crossed over from the Indonesian archipelago and established his kingdom that was known as the Sultanate of Melaka, many centuries ago.

It doesn't deny that the Malays of today used to be Hindus back then. It doesn't deny that after Parameswara embraced Islam, the Malaccans who were his subjects embraced Islam as well and today, the entire Malay population save for a few apostates and freethinkers here and there are amongst South East Asia's largest group of Muslims , this part of the world.

The Malays have changed this once jungle infested peninsular into what it is today with the help and assistance from the immigrant Chinese and Indians who came here either as forced labor or on their own volition to seek a better life to escape the hardships of their motherlands in China and India, way back in the early 1800's when the British ruled over Malaya. This era was known as British Malaya.

When the British Crown had no choice but to give Independence to this peninsular, the Chinese and Indians opted to settle down here with the consent of the Malays and became fellow citizens but not as equals.

This is a fact that each and every Malaysian has to accept and submit to.

The Malays never consented to the British plan to make the Chinese and Indian immigrant populations as their equals.

They opposed the Malayan Union plan of the British and fought as hard as they could to stop the British nonsense. The British to this day do not put to practice such a concept in their own country, do they?

Can Britain accept and allow a Chinese or an Indian to be their Prime Minister?

Let them do it first before asking any other nation to do so.

Has any Western nation ever accepted any Non White as their equal way back then during the times of the British Empire era and the occupation of the American Native Indians continent by the immigrants from England who sought escape from the British Crown way back then?

Racial discrimination is part and parcel of our human existence and to this very day, many countries do practice it without an iota of remorse.

Even in present day China and India, the motherland of many of us whose ancestors came from there, racial discrimination exists and thrives despite official government propaganda that tries to paint a different picture.

Caste based racial profiling exists to this very day in many districts and states of India and Pakistan.

Compared to the violent manner by which many lower caste ethnicities are dealt with in India, Pakistan and certain parts of present day People's Republic of China, the situations for ethnic Indians and Chinese here are not that bad when we look at it from a realistic point of view.

Opportunists in the form of ethnic Indian Muslims amongst the Indian immigrant population of current day Malaysia have successfully assimilated themselves into the 'Malay' diaspora and labeled themselves as 'Malays' much to the chagrin of the economically challenged and deprived grassroots of the majority of the Malaysian Indians. Many of UMNO's Cabinet Ministers are Indian Muslims. You know who they are.

The reason being is that the Indian Muslims profess the same faith as the Malays and are able to adopt and adept to the social, cultural and religious aspects of being a Malay Bumiputera.

Some Chinese who have embraced Islam have also adopted and adapted themselves into the larger Malay community either as being a part of the Muslim Ummah as an automatic induction into the Way of Life as a fellow Muslim or as part and parcel of marrying into the Malay community.

Others such as Indians, Caucasians, Afro Americans, etc. have also become Muslims and get accepted into the realm of Malaysian Malay community. It is a fact that by doing so, they get to enjoy certain privileges accorded to their spouses and also children that is reserved for Malay Bumiputera's.

Many Chinese and Indians who have accepted the norms of Malaysian social contract that their forefathers have agreed to when they first decided to settle down here as fellow Malayans, choose to just overlook this and go about their ways, doing business, get employment or try to earn their keep doing whatever they can in this land of many opportunities.

As a result, today, the Chinese and Indians outnumber the Malays in being the wealthiest amongst Malaysians who have made it into the Who's Who in Malaysian Billionaires List.

Yet, there exists a certain part of our Malaysian Indian population who have lacked so far behind in the economic race that they languish in self pity and dire straits as a result of the failure of their elected MIC representatives to grab and share the economic pie amongst the Malaysian Indians.

Being left out of the development and progress of others in this country has only seen the Malaysian Indians harbor a deep growing resentment in their hearts and minds towards the others especially against the Malays for not giving way to their present day demands such as what HINDRAF has put forward today.

They forget that this status quo in Malaysia is not something that simply came into being. This is what their Chinese and Indian immigrant forefathers agreed to and signed to accept as part and parcel of the conditions by which the Malays of 1956 consented and accepted as a social contract in giving citizenship to the Chinese and Indians back then.

It doesn't matter that the Malay Royals we have here today are the ones who surrendered their states to the British Colonial Masters back then. It doesn't change anything for today, they hold the power and have the authority to do as they please.

Anyone who denies that is only fooling him or herself and living in denial. The only way anyone who is not happy with the way of life here in Malaysia can affect some changes to their future is to win power through the General Elections.

That is the only platform where popular choice rules the day and those who control the majority of representation in the Malaysian Parliament can call the shots, amend the Federal Constitution and rule as they wish for the 5 years term that they won by making it in the GE.

All the current political theatrics come to no avail when you do not have the authority or hold the power where it really, really matters. That's the majority in Parliament.

Nothing can change the situation here for anyone of us who is not happy with the BN, Abdullah Badawi, Najib, Samy Vellu or Ong Ka Ting or any other Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy, when we do not have the authority or power to speak up in the Parliament and get the support of the majority of the MP's there.

Yak yakkety yakking away, criticizing any bloody thing or government leader at the local Mamak bistro's, Riverside Cafe at PWTC or any other coffee lounge, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, kopitiams and warongs will change nothing for us , even if you warm that butt of yours for hours and days at end!

Political change can only be effected at the polls. Face this reality and do something about it or just mind your own business and go live as you can.

May the truth of what I have said hit full square in the mind and wake up those who have been daydreaming of their own Malaysian Malaysia utopia!

Register yourselves with the Elections Commission if you want to see change. Good luck to all!


Soffian Ali OnLine said...

my name is Pyan, i'm half indian and half malay..i couldnt agree more on what you have said..Abdullah Badawi is not a great leader at all..all that he cn do is talk.well we all know that talk is cheap..mahathir was the best of all..

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum Pyan.

Reasonable points there.

Let's just pray that we either get a better PM in the next GE or the current one bucks up and proves us wrong in saying that of all the PM's we have had, this one's a certified gone case!

Najib's got a 'backseat driver' telling him how to drive and other stuff.

Muhyidin's too solemn and 'killjoy' for his own good.

Hishamudin's too squeaky !

Nazri's the most hated BN minister.

Who else can we see being the PM?

Dear me...I have run out of candidates!

Sheeesshhh...God help us!

tiching99 said...


Reading your article has filled me with both dismay and grief.

I totally agree with your initial arguments that the dictatorial-like policies of our Tun Dr. Mahatir Mohamad and Lee Kuan Yew have brought the kind of progressive change many other countries would die for. However, you then go on to argue that because the situation with regards to corruption here is just as bad, if not better, than other countries, that we are better off. This, to me, is the kind of perpetual back-patting mindset that does not make up a progressive society. It is true that we should be thankful that we dont live in, say, Zimbabwe, where corruption is rife (among other things), but should we not also put forward criticism where criticism is due?

The same can be said of your argument regarding racial discrimination in Malaysia compared with other countries such as the Indian caste system. We Chinese and Indians know that we are priveledged to have political representation and to be able to preserve our languages and cultures. However, instead of implying that we should be grateful, we Malaysians should be working together to eliminate the need for Ketuanan Melayu.

The crux of my and many other Chinese and Indians dismay at the NEP is that it is the redistribution of wealth based on race. In other words, the NEP has in effect only been a stop-gap solution to May 13, to ease racial tensions, while not taking into account future race-relations. Could not a socialistic redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, regardless of ethnicity, be implemented? This would mean that wealth is taken from the rich Malays, Chinese and Indians, and redistributed to poor Malays, Chinese and Indians. This would, of course, cause the economic boundaries to merely shift from racial lines to that of a class-based system, which is in itself, a negative. Nevertheless, there has never been an incident of "Class Riots" (discounting the French Revolition, which was not in the very slightest socialistic) hence one could argue it is still better than the current set-up.

However, the most saddening of all, is your assertion that we Chinese and Indians should accept that the Malays will never come to see us as equals. I am now working in the UK (Please do not criticise me for "abandoning" my country, as I had never planned to stay. Alas, my marriage to a British Chinese girl was quite persuasive in the argument for me to do so). I proudly declare that I am Malaysian in all aspects of life, and feel slightly offended when people occasionally assume that I am from mainland China. I feel even more offended when I am asked why I refuse to apply for British citizenship. All this time, I have been aware that a percentage of Malays are fervent supporters of Ketuanan Melayu, but I always assumed that they would be uneducated or poor and were merely misinformed about the alleged "threat" to the Malays. However, to read that you, a seemingly educated and progressive Malay, are of the opinion that I will never be your equal, is extremely depressing.

It is encouraging that you are a fervent champion of the democratic process. However, if a democratic change in government resulted in the abolishing of Ketuanan Melayu, would you accept it as the will of the people? Would your brothers and sisters? Would the 14-million odd Malays? Distressingly, your article has led me to believe otherwise.

By the way, regarding your comment about a Chinese or Indian British PM, from my years here, I personally feel that should such a capable Indian or Chinese candidate come forward, that the British would have no qualms about having such a PM. Though, I could be wrong.

Trashed said...

Zaid Ibrahim is a moderate but outcast by his peers. That says a lot, doesn't it ?

mahaguru58 said...

Read my reply to tiching99 in the next post.

thank you.

Seong said...

Citizen but not as equals?

Such bigotry should not exist anywhere in the world. Surely you must see what you have written is similiar to the apartheid in SA?
Or are you too blind to see that?

If you a Malay, immigrated to the US, as a citizen should be treated as equals.

mahaguru58 said...

Anonymous Seong,

You really need to refrain from taking that name calling stance when commenting on my blog sir!

Unlike you, I have the courtesy to show who I am to the whole wide world and put across what I see being the reality here concerning the real deal of Malaysian life and not hide under a pseudonym and then coming in here accusing me of being blind!

It is you sir who is blind to the reality that the Malays are the ones calling the shots and the other coalition parties in the Barisan Nasional such as the MCA and the MIC have no choice but to live up to their forefathers signed, sealed and delivered promises as the immigrant population of then British Malaya to accept and to obey the Federal Constitution which the British Colonial Masters drafted themselves and saw to it that none should do anything contrary to the letter and manner in which the agreement was signed between the British and the Malay Sultans!


Yeah right. Such is the situation here in Malaysia.

You have your choices right?

Either be a Malaysian and live as what the country asks of you or just go seek the greener pastures that you seek...if you are really that unhappy and miserable about it.

I didn't acknowledge or even respond to anonymous commenter's like you before because of this tendency to talk tough but having not the gentlemanly traits to use appropriate language and engage with us true blue in your face bloggers who do not shy away from disclosing who we are and standing by what we say right here in this Blogosphere!

Should I return back to the no responding to anonymous commenter's like yourself or give you another chance to come put across your points in a manner that would be more fitting for mature rational thinking Malaysians?

What do you other Malaysians and hopefully decent bloggers and commenter's think?