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Monday, November 12, 2007

Street protests aren't gonna topple Abdullah Badawi just yet!

I refer to the recent BERSIH rally by concerned Malaysians which was marred by the teargassing and acid laced water cannon blasting by the FRU upon the rally goers near Masjid Jamek KL and SOGO last Saturday afternoon.

The reality facing us is that no amount of protests or rallies by the common public or even by the thousands of lawyers led by the Malaysian Bar Council have succeeded in dislodging or even bring about any dot of change to the BN run Government of Malaysia.

The leaders of the Malaysian Opposition and NGO's fail to take into consideration the consequences of any of the rally goers or demonstrators safety and likelihood of anyone of them getting grievously hurt or even fatally injured by the FRU and Special Branch of the PDRM!

The General Elections are just around the corner. Why are the Opposition in such a bloody hurry to hold these demonstrations?

Street protests have never been successful in this country.

Even if the Opposition manages to get a million Malaysians out protesting on the streets, without the backing of the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces, a coup will never materialize here in Bolehland!

You want to topple Abdullah Badawi and his BN regime through street protests, hoping for a result similar to what took place in Indonesia, the Philippines or Thailand?

Wishful thinking!

Malaysians have never proven themselves capable of such passionate standing ups for their rights or capable of staging a 'people's power' revolt against the ruling BN since the day this nation came into being, back in 1963.

Opposition leaders must take responsibility over the life's of all those who turned up on the streets of this nation and be held responsible for any loss of life or harm to their limbs and persons when the protesters get harmed as they did in the recent teargassing and acid water spraying by the security forces of the government.

I do not wish to see a recurrence of the shooting that took place in the Batu Burok tragedy that was also organized by the 'BERSIH' folks.

Let's go about changing the government in the proper manner which is in the General Elections.

Unless the Opposition is capable of garnering the total support of the Malaysian Armed Forces in toppling the BN, please stop the street protests for now!

Not even a whisker of any of the BN despots have been shed as a result by the recent protests!

Are you ready to see any of the Opposition supporters lie dead, sprawled on our streets as a result of being caught in the crossfire between armed FRU and Special Branch undercover police and be willing to take responsibility over each protester who is out there, just so that anyone of you gets to be in power?

We who are writing against Abdullah Badawi and his regime, want to see change...but to see it done in a gentlemanly manner.

Not having to resort to hooliganism and other forms of crude human behavior that tends to erupt when the FRU starts whacking the living daylights out of the roused public as a result of all the goading and manipulations of those who crave for power at the expense of innocent Malaysian public!

Ponder on it if you really care for Malaysians.

Another thing. Stop daydreaming that the Malay Royals will ever come to the defense of the Malaysian public.

They are contented with living a life free from wants and worries. You know it as well as I that this is the real deal as far as the Malay Sultans are concerned.

Wake up and reflect. Whilst the Malaysian public were being assaulted by tear gas and acid water cannons, the Royal concerned was enjoying an equestrian challenge elsewhere totally unaware that tens of thousands of his subjects were being whacked with teargas and acid laced baths!

So much for wearing yellow! You'd suffer the same even if you wore the colors of the rainbow!

Makes no bloody difference to the FRU! They are just following orders!

Dare to deny that?


Im[a]She said...

well I guess there was a conspiracy in there..well you know, maybe "someone" has sent people to "menghuru-harakan" the assembly

Rauff said...

I hate to admit brother. What you say in my opinion too is 100% correct. I didn't attend on the consideration that I have responsibilities towards my family but still I admire and support the courage of those who went.

However there are the odd ones that actually went and was not really sure what was it all about and decided to have a look for themselves. Fortunately I have not heard of any serious injuries. There were also kids at the rally.

Now the opposition should be responsible if anything were to happen to children stuck in between the whole fracas. Again~ if there is another rally of such magnitude to be organized the opposition and other parties should be really cautious as to who participates in them. We would not want the innocent to get hurt.

I say the minimum age for such a protest should be a minimum of 21 years old.

Trashed said...

Ths number of people who participated should be cause enough for the propaganda spinners to be worried for the next GE.

It shows that there are alternative means to RTM and the mainstream media for the message to reach the rakyat. This blog is part of those alternative means.

Street protests will not topple the govt but voting at the General Election will. Reaching the electorate via alternate means becomes a necessity and certainly, the Bersih rally proved that information is being received by gentlemanly means.

If the police had provided a permit and worked with the organisers, there would have been no need for the water cannons and tear gas. The organisers utilised the Unit Amal for crowd control and even had clean up crews for post-rally operations. That shows a high degree of responsibility and organisation.

BrightEyes said...

The questions that haven't really been answered is... Why did the police react like this towards the crowd? What did the crowd do to receive such treatment from the police?

Indeed, the government will not be overthrown through street revolutions. This demo was not even an armed uprising at all! But the rally is an important sign to show the Govt that there are many Malaysians who are dissatisfied.

The best way to put the govt in its place (that is... as an institution to serve the citizens) is through the polls. For that, I've got my confirmation to vote last month...

Najmuddin Yusoff said...

Quote: The General Elections are just around the corner. Why are the Opposition in such a bloody hurry to hold these demonstrations?

Because the purpose of that rally is to demand for fair and free election. Not to topple anyone!

mahaguru58 said...

Well, good luck then to the people's hope and dire wish that by holding such rallies, the fellas at the SPR will sort of get a revelation that 'hello! We've got to be clean and fair to the public!'

I seriously hope that such a thing does take place.

Anyway, history tells us that the chaps in the SPR have been proven times and times again to always toe the line that the incumbents in the BN ruling coalition party have drawn since coming into power in 1957.

Rally away!