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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Temple Demolitions Issue - MIC and HINDRAF need to pow wow!

Generally, most Malaysians view the recent spate of Hindu temples demolitions with concern just as we feel enraged when we hear of some surau's, masjid's and churches being torn down for failing to get permits from the local authorities.

Religion is a very sensitive issue for most of us and the places of worship naturally hold a special place in our respective hearts.

As a Muslim, I would be ready to defend my faith's places of worship with my life if I have to and I believe that the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, etcetera would do the same when it comes to their own abodes of faith or beliefs.

The video above shows a mosque that was built without the permission from the Terengganu State Religious Department being demolished by the local authorities.

Surely such a tragedy could have been averted if the masjid's founding committee members had got all the permits and clearances from the authorities settled in the first place.

The particular mosque was built by PAS members whilst the local authorities were made up of the BN government especially by those from UMNO, their dire political arch enemies! Hence, the disaster!

I do however feel that it is a basic duty of whoever sets out to build and establish a place of worship no matter that it be a surau, masjid, church or temple to make sure that he or she owns the land upon which they intend to set up the place of worship and that building such a religious establishment does not run foul of any existing local laws, rules or regulations.

When a committee of any faith goes ahead and establishes a surau, masjid, church, temple or gurdwara without getting all the licences, permits and clearances from the relevant authorities, this is what the consequences are for the illegal building.

Mental anguish, heartaches, pain, suffering and even physical assaults inflicted upon the guardians of any of those places due to skirmishes between them and the enforcement squads of the local authorities!

Whom should we blame for all this unnecessary sufferings?

I say, that it is the founding committee members of such illegal establishments who should be prosecuted and taken action against!

As a result of their criminal actions in establishing a place of worship not sanctified by law, they put the life's of the religious building's attendees in danger and ought to be taken to task for failing to safeguard and ensure that they have acquired the permits to build upon such lands in the first place.

Nowadays, it has become a trend for such ill intentioned committees to willfully go ahead and build and illegal temple or other religious structure with full knowledge that when such illegal buildings get demolished, they will be given or offered a lawful reallocation site to build their religious establishment.

The government ought to investigate and stop being made into gullible fools and fall victim to such a scam.

All Malaysians ought to understand that we are living in a multi faithed, multi ethnic society.

Any new religious buildings in our already established social network and neighborhoods must take into consideration, the ensuing social repercussions that will arise if a particular religious establishment is erected in an area that has adherents of other faiths in the majority over there.

In the video above, we can see clearly that the temple was built in an area that had its adherents in the majority and thus the only thing we need to question is whether the land owner had given his consent or applied to the local authorities for the necessary permits?

To ensure that future situations do not arise, I gather that MIC and HINDRAF plus the Malaysian Hindu Sangam ought to sit together and pow wow over this temples matter so that no more controversies break out when the relevant authorities are compelled to act as a result of complaints from the landowners are lodged and reported against such illegal establishments!

No point in blaming this minister or that minister for the crimes of such illegal founding committees of whatever faith who started the whole scandal in the first place!

The founding committee members are the ones who should be sought out and charged for the crimes of endangering society and their fellow worshipers! No doubts about it!


BrightEyes said...

But what if the place of worship was built before 1957, before the laws of independent Malaya were made?

That was the case with Seri Mariamman temple in Kg. Rimba Jaya. It was there 60 years ago... long before a suburban town called 'Shah Alam' was built nearby...

multidimid said...

Hi Maha,
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alhusseyn said...

What rakyat dont understand is how come the Zakaria castle could escape demolotion?